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Stolen Identity! Name and Shame

Adhaalath Party

I only get distorted information. Not sure what to believe or what is true. Yet, when I saw facebook updates requesting to check the political party that we are registered and providing how to do it, I got curious and checked mine on 09 March 2013. I was sure I will not belong to any party as I am a proud independent siding with justice. I shocked but not surprised to see my identity stolen.

YES! My identity was stolen by a political party that I would never want to have any affiliations with. I got angry and quickly updated my facebook as below;

“A Political Party in Maldives have stolen my identity. May Allah punish the ones who stole my identity and give me justice. They are not worthy of leadership. Please check where you are registered!” A few of my friends replied that theirs was stolen too.

The Political party that stole my identity has caused me inconvenience. I was hoping that the Election Commission will act once I report to them. I have to send a letter to the Party and request to them to remove my name form their registry. If the party does not remove my name form their registry within three days (I live in Australia and it will take at leas 10-15days for the letter to reach Maldives) I am then suppose to inform the Elections Commission in Maldives. Instead I have emailed both organisation, on 11 march 2013, a copy of the letter I posted. I am waiting for an acknowledgement of the email I sent. To get justice I will have to put effort.

Will I get justice? What does the law say! How would the party be made accountable for this deceitful action? These are questions I need answers! This will be a learning process. On 12 March 2013, Election Commission has expressed concern due to the complains about the “stolen identities” and asked people to check. It was surprising that there was no mention how Elections Commission would address this issue.

Maldives held first democratic elections in 2008 and since then about 16 political parties were registered until 12 March 2013. Now, to be a legitimate political party it must have a minimum of 10,000 members. With this law in place now Maldives are down with 5 political parties. Among them includes the identity stealer's too.

In the current situation it is really hard to learn the truth. Every one speaks with such conviction the listener for a moment will think “this must be the truth” until one meets another speaker of the same nature. If I know the persons characteristics and actions then I can discern the level of honesty otherwise it is all murky water.

Maldives is now in the midst of campaigning – This is a very dirty business. Selling the votes to the highest bidder. The principles of democracy is lost and people are working for immediate gratifications and self interest while the political leaders have their own plans.

Rich businessman’s are now turn towards politics. Religious radicals are doing the same! The 5 political parties will play they game of politics hard with their own interest. Shame and name each other during their campaign speeches. Attach personally and abuse verbally. I feel sad to express these negativity of the most Maldivian leaders and people. Yet, if I look around the democratic leaders around the world do not set a better example either.

With the natural beauty of Maldives I dream of Maldivians in a similar way with beautiful smiles, filled with happiness and in pure balance. I am not sure whether any party has the sincerity to lead the country with justice and compassion towards the dream I have.

I have hope.... and more reason to sign the petition. please take a minute

Dhivehi Raiyithunge Party
Jumhooree Party
Maldive Democratic Party
Progressive Party of Maldives



Corine Milano's picture

Amei, thank you for

Amei, thank you for continuing to keep us updated on the situation in the Maldives. In the US, we are not hearing much about the political situation there. Your posts keep us aware and informed. You are doing courageous work by speaking out!

Amei's picture

Thanks Corine

I emailed to the party and the elections on 11/3/13. No response from either! I will have to waite to see if I get a response when they get my letter.

There will be many Maldivians who may not be able to check to see if their identity has been stolen. What has become of Maldives is very sad.

When the current "coup" President started his race to find enough people for his party, I quickly checked my status on the elections commission website. I too, am a neutral who has no desire to belong to any party. But I know where my loyalty is taking into consideration all that has happened over the last few years.

The next few months is going to be full of empty promises such as bringing the twinkling stars down to the ground.
And unfortunately, there are people who are going to believe that.

Back to the stolen identity. I hear that it is easier to register for a party than removing yourself from another.
When you register, for instance for A party, you will be automatically removed from the current Adhaalath Party.
I know there is very strange logic behind that arrangement. But yes, this is Maldives, and that is how things happen :)

Wish you success in your efforts to disassociate from the most hateful political party in the Maldives. All they preach is hatred and creating divisions.



Amei's picture

It is really sad ....

I have send emails to the party responsible and to elections, however, have not received any response yet.

I do not hate any of them. I must say they do not know any better. I do not want to belong to any party I want to be an independent to see, listen and assess to make my own decision or opinion. I wish to be removed and I hope I understand the reason why someone had decided that I must be in that particular party. Allah knows what I don't know. In the right time my name will be removed form the party,

The situation in Maldives is not good. Yet, we have to learn to listen more and learn to negotiate and find a middle ground peacefully. We are intellectual beings and we should act and reflect that intellectuality.

You take care. All the best.


Osai's picture

Sad and Shocking

It is a very desperate act for a political party to fill its register of members with non-members or fictitious names. It just shows that the system as to change or amended to deal with such corruption and deceit. It is truly a shame that this has happened and that you are still waiting for justice from those who should know better.

Please keep us posted once you have succeeded. And thanks for sharing your story.

Best regards,

Twitter: @livingtruely

Amei's picture

Efforts leads to success

I am glad you commented, Osai, I could report my little success.

I emailed and sent letterd to all relevant departments. I kept checking and after weeks my registration from the party was removed. However, no acknowledment was done by any group that I contacted.

This is the state of my beloved counrty. The leaders have vetsed interest. I am hoping and pleading the international community to impress the Maldivian Government to run a fair election this year in September.

Have a great day.


It is nice to see that you got your name removed at leaset that show there is a system underline and we need to guard our rights .
Keep up the good work your voice count

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.
Sudanes Women Building Peace

Amei's picture

Thank you Ola

I feel if we take the right path to obtain our rights acknowledging our responsibilities the world would be a better place. I feel some people just do not know any better.

Thank you for the encouragement and will keep expressing my thoughts.

Have a lovely day.


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