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Its funny how people call me by my second name and when they need the official full name they ask me, ‘what’s your second name?’ I tell them the one by which you’ve been calling me, is my second name. Some get shocked because the mother-tongue which I speak differs from my name. To others, apparently my appearance says different too. Names in my country, Kenya go hand-in-hand with the tribe one hails from.

NB:- Just because one speaks a certain language, it doesn’t mean they hail from that particular tribe. A person can learn a language.

I remember during the 2007/2008 post-election violence here in Kenya I scratched my head wondering, if I walk into the middle of this violence and those killing others due to tribal differences ask for my Identity Card, what shall I say? It was an issue for me, for I am not of one tribe; I speak one language, my name bears another tribe and my slender sort-of-long neck tells of another tribe. The generations before me were created from 3 different tribes and I am of a 3rd generation that still bears this result.

Today am left to wonder, what identity do I pick? Do I identify myself as of a certain tribe? If so which one should I pick and which one(s) should I dismiss? Why do I even have to pick any if I do not identify myself as of either tribe?

My answer; I choose NONE!

See, when one is in Christ, one acquires a NEW life (Ephesians 4:24) and identity (2nd Corinthians 5:17). As a Kingdom citizen, I choose to pick the new identity found in Christ; I choose to speak Heaven’s language and no other. By this I mean in whatever language I speak, it does not matter, but of whom and what I speak of. You and I may speak different languages, look different, but as long as we professing the same Christ who has cleansed us of all our sins, we are ONE. So you ask me which tribe I belong to…my answer; I belong to tribe of Jesus Christ!

As I write this, my thoughts flow towards the song ‘we are on in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord….’ Sometimes, I feel that as Christians, we do miss a piece of the cake. Yes we are human, but shouldn’t Christ be our EXAMPLE if we are truly His followers? If we speak the same language, then why do others in our midst feel like they do not belong, yet they are part of the family; God’s family? Why do we at times act as if we pray a different God from one another, as if our God is not ONE?

The word ‘tribe’ doesn’t have to mean difference in languages; it could connote different things:-

 Tribe of the social elite class {how we speak/act}.
 Tribe of the high-end fashionistas {how/what we put-on}.
 Tribe of same skin-color.
 Tribe of same opinions.
 Tribe of the church we attend.
 Tribe of the same body size etc.

Most of us identify ourselves with the some of the above and other many more categories.

Questions are:-

 Which ‘tribe’ do you identify with, as a person who professes Christ?
 Why will you not fellowship with ALL our fellow brothers/sisters in Christ, break bread together?
 Why do we let ‘tribe(s)’ get in between us and bring a division amongst us?

Acts 2:42-47 should be our guide of how to live as ONE, a people that speaketh one tribe, the tribe of Christ. A tribe whereby as long as my clothing is decent (Romans 14:21), it doesn’t matter if it’s shabby, whereby it doesn’t matter if my English is broken or whether I can speak it or not, whereby it doesn’t matter where I live or how much I earn, whereby my body-mass index isn’t an issue etc, but Jesus Christ is the glue that has brought us together.

I speak so, not because I am perfect, but because I am guilty of belonging to some ‘tribes’ and passing judgment by it, which is WRONG and so unlike Christ. As I choose to speak one tribe, I pray to BE one tribe; live like Christ, love like Christ, till Christ SHINES through me.
May the Lord open our eyes that we may see which ‘tribe’ ails us. May we not be all words and no action. May we all gear towards speaking ONE tribe; the tribe of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour. Amen!

Grace and Peace.



Bienvenue chère

juste vous informé que la notion de conquête des tribu est partout dans le monde,les gens sont discriminés par conséquence de leur tribu,nous autre nous sommes aussi victime et par fois nous nous discriminons dans des organisations;mais comme nous croyons en Jésus -christ,qui avec lui nous traversons toute détresse, avec lui nous espérons,;

neema weza

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