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Introducing myself and my journal: National Coordinator

About Me:
Born in a middle income family of three boys and three girls, raised up in the main city of Freetown ghettos in a densely populated area, with a broken state economy, one is no stranger to the harsh realities of life as the most deplorable conditions affecting human development are always evident within these communities. The daily occurrence of violence emerging from injustice, gambling, poor education facilities, intoxicants, poor implementation of policies, usually from political and administrative heads and other unethical practices which are responsible to cripple a country’s economy both natural and human resources, are always prevalent in these areas.

For people who know Sierra Leone and have live In the central and east end parts of the main city {Freetown}; they knows precisely what I am talking about here, as they must have got a slice or firsthand experience of the actual situation prevailing in these areas. I am not saying in any sense that these areas are the only areas that suffers gravely from the corruption instituted by state authorities in Sierra Leone, as there are many other areas that lacks basic human amenities as well throughout the country. But since these areas are closer to the seats of power, by all indications one is expecting them to enjoy basic amenities of life, but this is completely contrary to the status of these people when you visit the scene. Been raise in this community I sincerely believe I have much too positively pay back to this deplorable society at least to turn the situation around positively in order to get sustainable economic development which will change the status of these people. In my quest to change this odd situation at all peaceful levels I determined to use the power of the active labour force {Yiouth} to effectively and efficiently meet to this challenging task. I am quite certain that for a country like Sierra Leone to turn it financial taps on the youth who form the bulk of the country’s population but remained largely unemployed, have to take the bull by it horn to realise this goal.

Hence, I decided to rally the necessary maximum support to form an organisation responsible for the protection of youth welfare at national level called National Youth Coalition. Setting up such an organisation in a corrupt system is not an easy task by any standard, as the forces of the corrupt doers are always ready and determined to lash out, intimidate, harass and threatens such pressure groups particularly when they are formed with the requisite power of the youth. The pressure of the corrupt forces is not just what one have to think about here, also how can you cope with the huge financial challenges involved in this course, taken in to consideration the fact that majority of the members are unemployed and came from very poor homes as well.

The challenge here is how can you pass on a significant message to an hungry man who desperately needs cash to get food and filled his stomach; when you lack the financial might to do so; and the corrupt forces are ready to buy their rights with huge cash already in the table to get them quiet so that their secrete will remained unexposed? Pressure was mounted from all quarters of the ruling authorities to stifle the organisation as there was never before in the history of Sierra Leone an organisation of such nature. We called for the National Youth Act, National Youth Policy and National Youth Commission with a Commissioner to handle youth activities at national level. I was at the thick of the situation at all levels been the organisation National Public Relations Officer by then, and the city was urgently turned a police state for positively minded youth that were calling for positive change to meet with civilised global standards. A banned was issued against our organisation and it was declared illegal and our certificates which legalise us to operate as a genuine organisation within the shores of Sierra Leone were withdrawn. I never considered this as set back to our course it was well anticipated and not a surprise, but a test to our determination to get the system positively changed from within.
I summoned meetings and raised the dampen spirit of colleagues and I made no mistake to do that, as there was renewed zeal all over the country to get the system peacefully challenged in a magistrate court of law. Again there was no money to hire the service of very good lawyers who often privatized their professions as the services available in the state council are nothing to write home about. I was offered a dell laptop computer by a charity organization here in Sierra Leone as a price for a competition I won which we were using by then to write our documents, and we decided to put it up for sale to get the service of one of the best lawyers in the city. We successfully challenged the issue and the ruling was in our favor, however this happened only after I was summoned in a parliamentary meeting to defend the course of our action. At the age of 16 years of age I was put in front of the parliament of Sierra Leone to face a section of those that are responsible for the action that we rise up to defend. By the time I left National Youth Coalition I was promoted to the position of National Secretary General and we achieved some of our targets like the passing of the National Youth Policy in the parliament, an established youth Ministry was set up and a partial recognition of our presence, as an organization representing the welfare of youth in the country.

However, this never stopped the bullying we used to face since the National Youth Act which would have guaranteed our rights effectively and efficiently as a serious force to reckon with in the development of the country was never encouraged to pass via parliament. This means we were operating with our hands tied with lot of landmines and missiles hovering over our heads waiting for us to make the slightest mistake so that we can be trapped. The meaningful noise that I caused during my time in the National Youth Coalition earned me the credit to form another Youth Organization called Youth Alliance for Justice and Peace, this organization main objective is to rebrand the mentality of youth by taking them out of narcotic drugs and engaged them meaningfully in positive activities that will enable them pay back to Sierra Leone positive things, rather than being a burden to the state. The activities of this organisation among other goals include getting youth actively involved in Mechanised Agricultural activities with proceeds realized from the sales of their produce used to change their status and revamp the country’s economy. I must confess here that this goal is yet to be successfully realized as there is less financial might to effectively cope with the growing demand. As most of you who runs organizations in corrupt systems would agree with me here.

My challenge here is to change the system round by using the active labour force and this involved whatever way one looks at it, huge financial strength to get the effective result. My plea here is, we would like to partner with any organisation around the globe that is highly determined to help the poor change their status effectively to partner with us genuinely to reach this goal. I have also worked with other organisations in Sierra Leone that are sincere towards peace within the shores of this land, among them are Sierra Leone Multi Religious Council for Peace and Unity, an organisation whose activities are geared towards religious tolerance in Sierra Leone. I also advice many organizations in peace and unity within Sierra Leone and I am also a current adviser to the Sierra Leone Ministry of Youth and the newly established National Commission for youth. I am also a presenter of Hard Talks Youth, a program I always present in the national television were youth put issues they deem sensitive to their welfare to various heads in Sierra Leone. These opportunities were granted to the youth of this nation by the newly elected government of Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma President of the Republic of Sierra Leone who is desperate highly to cooperate with youth to change the deplorable situation of Sierra Leoneans.

I have also worked in the Mano River Union Youth as Assistant Secretary General, an organization that promotes youth welfare in Sierra Leone, Guinea, Ivory Coast and Liberia. I also worked in the West Africa Youth Network as Public Relations Officer, an organization that protects youth welfare in the West African sub region.
Currently I am highly determined to advance my career to other parts of the globe were peace is not evident or where peace is too fragile and see how best I can use my experience and skills to promote peace in such volatile situations.

However, I will be grateful to anyone who can afford to partner with me in salvaging the plights of the young generation and other vulnerable Sierra Leonean; by changing their current deplorable status. Please this has to be genuine change which will lead to sustainable economic prosperity to turn the financial taps on for effective changes to take place in this post war country.

My story continues next on what it takes to establish an organization in a deeply corrupt society like Sierra Leone, Guinea Conakry, Liberia and Ivory Coast. It will come from both local and international firsthand experience.
Mahmud Tim Kargbo.
National Coordinator General,
Youth Alliance for Justice and Peace,
14b Williams Street,
Sierra Leone.
Tel: +23278138722 / +23277219385 / +23233583318

My Passions:
Is to ensure justice for all irrespective of race, color, gender or geographical location

My Challenges:
Lack of the necessary financial might to efficiently salvage the plight of the poor and vulnerable around the globe

My Vision for the Future:
Is to ensure that i play a significant role in providing basic amenities for the poor and vulnerable

My Areas of Expertise:
Principles of Accounting and Communication


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Hello Mahmud,

Welcome to World Pulse! Thank you for this great introduction to you and to the situation in Sierra Leon.
This is one of the amazing thing about World Pulse, you get to hear stories from all over the world!
Thank you as well for all the amazing work you have doe with your organization and for sharing the process here on World Pulse! This is another great thing about World Pulse's online community, we get to learn from each other!
I am sure you will find many women to connect with here!
Welcome again!

Delphine Criscenzo

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Hello and welcome!

Welcome to the World Pulse community! I look forward to hearing more from you.
Best wishes,

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Hey there! Welcome to

Hey there! Welcome to PulseWire!

It’s so exciting having you with us, I am sure you will have a fabulous time with your new online friends as well as find this to be a very positive experience. I encourage you to take advantage of the numerous resources and features available through our vibrant online community.

Welcome again to our global community and I look forward to hearing more from you here on PulseWire!



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