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crying souls

crying souls

The women are sure that they are derived of their rights in social and economic spheres and the other side of women is not relishable where in the case of my innocent brother who is a victim of fire accident and became disabled living with poor means and a confirmed job. He is married and has two children and the son is the elder one and he is aged 22 years just started earning his livelihood in overseas country since a couple of months. My sister in law who has gained new face out of her son's recent status in earning huge money made her to think low on her husband and she started nagging him for his humble status.

She even attempted on his life with poisoning in his food and many a times she attacked him with broomstick and kitchen knife and with the God's grace he could escape from her atrocities and live on his meger income on his own.

Since her marriage she was sending to his maternal home for claiming a property share of his maternal ancestral properties and she utterly failed on her continued attempts on the said family property and she fixed the responsibility of meeting her family debts over her father-in-law and mother-in-law where the innocent and poor couple could obey the order of their daughter in-law out of fear that she would do any harm to the life of their son, say my brother, and till the end of his life my father has paid them off from his old age pension amount and educated the grand son who is now well earning at a foreign land.

The said girl hails from a thickly populated family of 12 children and her father is the person behind to the perpetration on the sons in-laws to his family and he was managing the economics of his family with the means and sources of his sons in-laws. If there is any short of supply of fund flow from the ends of sons in-laws he would attack the parents of the sons in-laws and forcibly get the funds to run his own family.

It looks funny but the real situations we have faced were really panic and tyranny. We could not find any help under the land law as the attempts by the family members of the perpetrator is some thing black magic and superstition based activities on us our properties. Not only in India around the world the black magic activities are working behind women and giving threats to their life leading to a fear psychosis and melancholy to them.

It is a situation where the girl could get the community and Political support due to the linguistic affinity and influence and the boy will get no support and even he will be killed with food poison or any arsenic materials. The women are also perpetrators by their deliberate acts and attitude and cause domestic violence or attempt on their husbands.

In such a humiliating attacks and attempts our mother could part with her exclusive property twice and all the two times the woman some how managed to convert the property value and take the consideration out of my brother and transferred the same to the benefits of her maternal family members. That is living at the cost of others wealth is a practice for some people and hence the women and their properties are victimized in various forms and ways under the sky.

All the above opportunities are due to what reasons? Because of their
averishness and satisfying the temporary and material benefits by their
self -centered and selfish attitude in the minds of both the genders. They go with the materials and not with the humanism.

The civil cases demand for a proof and by the time the case is settled or taken to the knowledge of the civil courts, the properties are transferred to number of hands and finally due to the delayed process of the Indian courts on civil matters will end in a loss of civil rights including the properties and which will be never returned to the original owners, say the women.

Our souls cry for our innocent brother who is living in pressure and pains at the atrocities of his wife. She is not mentally ill or damaged but it is the practice of her family to create deliberate disturbances to the husband and live on others wealth and means. Some how our brother is pushing his days with this lady and waiting for a day to come for his natural justice under the sky.

Yes there will be a day of justice for us and for our innocent brother and I am sure the almighty God is hearing our silent cry and voices. I am not going to simply sit and cry for him. Yes I raised up myself to voice for him in the courts of law and seek justice. I started calling for equal voice from my friends and others and moving towards the justice.

Solitary cry will defuse before an energetic and huge voice of people like us in any community and arrest the injustice.

I call upon your voice for my brother and protect his interest in licfe.

Ms.Bagirathi Ramanathan

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