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The unknown strength and rights of women

The unknown strength and rights of women

The women in general vulnerable for any sorts of victimsation right from physical abuse till to the end of their wealth and properties. Even at the domestic levels at home the petty savings of women are forcibly taken away by the vindictive men and spent lavishly on racing, gambling, drinking and dancing in clubs and in their extravaganza and the hard earned and saved money of a woman under the sky has been used for the sake of somebody and not for the sake of her self to meet herself needs or the family needs or so.

When she raises her voice for securing her petty savings then the domestic quarrel starts and ends with a grievous injury to the innocent women and extended to the innocent children of the family also. This is one side of the show and on the other side the immovable properties and wealth of women also finds the same type of perpetrations by the male and female partners in the family and the women are definitely at loss on their civil rights over their properties.

In India the joint family system was in practice in the social systems and it has its own advantages as well as disadvantages besides the dowry system in their marriage customs and the women were sent to the matrimonial home with sizeable amount of money, wealth and materials etc. and over a period of time the small gifts given to the women in marriage has been created a situation that women are exploited in the name of marriage and their civil rights have been ruined and the women are simply sold to the buyers called the so called bridegrooms and naturally the status of women after the marriage is diminished and then onwards the suffering for her till she goes to the grave yard.

Even after a long fight against dowry and marriage systems in Indian society, the women could not find their space in the society and the unfair treatment for women in the society continues for generations and the women liberation has not taken the real Philip and the women in India has to come out without any fear and voice for their rights under the sky.

The women property right in India is the absolute right under the Indian constitution for a woman and no one can empower the property or claim the same. In order the gain the property out of law the male counterparts using the vulnerable points of women and grab the same with muscle support, physical assault, damaging the mental and physical health of women or damaging their properties or creating encumbrances over women properties and committing the women properties for the male liabilities etc.

The close relatives including husbands, in-laws and some times the parental relatives and the neighbors are the first line perpetrators and the real estate brokers , the hasty investors who have surplus money and safeguard their lucid money in immovable revenue bearing properties for their future benefits and the politicians who aim for a large sized landed properties for their future business activities are the some of the groups in the society deliberately attack the innocent women and their properties both at the rural and urban areas and with the support of the local real estate broker who are un organized and mostly engage in manipulating the documents and credentials of the lands along with the officials at the registration departments simply involve in cheating acts and attitude on women rights over the landed properties.

In most of the cases the properties of women are perpetrated by unauthorized occupation over the vacant lands, forcibly taken way by the governments for the development of economic zones or airport development and highway road development etc.

It is done on collective methods with the help of revenue officials and the money paid to one powerful member in the family, preferably the male member and paved the way for the denial of the consideration money or the compensation amount to the real property holder say the woman and the doors of Law is also closed for her plea if any in such cases.
This is a deliberate act on the part of the government and the officials and such acts are the real human rights violations and needs stringent actions under the land law and the women are unfortunate and find no forum for their voice and restoration of their civil rights over their wealth and properties in India.

The government registration department officials and survey officials are government servants who daringly collect a booty of amount as bribe and work against the interest of women in property related cases and the governance for vigilance and anti corruption is not effectively working on them and hence there is no way for combating the corrupted officials at this level.

The second and major act and attitude of the registration officials is that manipulating the guide line value either reducing or increasing the guide line value of the property and for the difference gained by the buyer and the seller from the registration duty is collected as bribe and by this act and attitude both the government and the public are being cheated especially the women land/ property owners.

The advocates in most of the women issues including marriage and property related cases attempt on cheating the victims and jointly work on foul palys with the opposition parties and try to deprive the rights of women under the Indian constitution. Many a times the judiciary also bribed and the justice is denied for innocent women.

There is a time duration given under the law for representing the matter on sale of properties and related issues where the advocates of either parties jointly play foul palys and do not allow the women to make plea in higher courts or counter the decisions and in such cases the women lose the chance of representing the matter to the next level of courts and the justice is denied for women.

Sometimes the judicial staff take out the “land and property documents” out of courts and create encumbrances over the same by using the documents and source out for loans and further for finance business during the period and enjoy the marginal benefits over the said properties. Therefore the safety and security for the civil property in general is deprived by such act and attitude of the officials and authorities is obvious in every case of women related and their civil rights related issues.

The partied who in particular on investing women properties try to involve in all types of unlawful activities including attempting of the women owners of the properties for retaining their interest over the same and attempt on violation of human rights over the innocent women.

A long time research is required in studying the field of victimization on women and their properties and the legal procedures in restoration of the civil rights of women in this country veymuch laborious and tedious and the delayed justice is denied justice in the case of women and their property related issues.

Therefore I request the women of India to voice for an immediate settlement of pending cases on civil issues related to women and their absolute rights and the cases need to be settled with suitable compensations to the victim women of any sort. They need to get back their rights over the properties and their civil rights need to be restored at once.

I call upon women voice for the restoration of their civil rights in this country by settling all the pending civil cases against women immediately with suitable compensation to them so that the women could get their civil rights established in this country .


Ms.Bagirathi Ramanathan – a voice for women and restoration of civil rights of women in India / Women in solidarity organization from Coimbatore in India


Bagirathi Ramanathan's picture

why women need extra voice ?

The social supression of women is endless and to put an end we need collective voice. Under the sky the nature has given every right to live and die for a woman too and why the discriminations and atrocities on women alone?
Both men and women are the equal partners in a home and the same with the society also. Society is the extension of love and mutual respect and why not the women are mututally respected at home and beyond?
Human being is a grigarious animal and why the men frequently attempt women in expelling them from home and workplace? It is needless to say that women are supressed and the male partners attempt on empowering on women and their rights. The space for women in the mental and psychological plane is not widened for women and hence the generation atrocities on women. A single woman can not fight for her rights and her sustained survival within the family and the society and hence we need collective strength to fight for our equality and equity in the social and personal spheres of womanhood in the society.

The entire women folk should raise themselves with out any fear and come out of their shells and fight for the rights of women in every country and stop the atrocities on women. Women should never feel that they are the weaker sex or gender at any point of time in their lives. Every human heing has limited life years and why should we live in dark or supressed life during our shorter life period?
Fighting for the rights is the natural quality of every living being and why not for women? Women should thrive with clarity in thinking, maintaining good health and wealth, educate well find jobs and make economically worthy and empowered so that we will be respected in the society.
The next perspective need for women justice is the mutual respect in the society and at home and everywhere under the sky. Therefore the entire national wealth should be owned by women and shared through them down the line and every one of the society will be benifitted.
Sharing of wealth and the equity are the two perspective aspects in women life is supressed in one way or other in the name of culture, violence, atrocities, injustice, human rights violation and what not?
Therefore I call up on all the women under the sky to raise yourselves and voice in helping your sisters who are supressed and set to life time sufferrings. Let her live in any other country. Please attempt in voicing for her raising up psychologically and come out of her shelled life.

This is a core voice from Ms.Bagirathi Ramanathan for women in supression
Your sister Ms.Bagirathi Ramanathan

jadefrank's picture

Women's rights in India

What an interesting and thoughtful account of the situation of women's rights in India, especially in regards to property and wealth in Indian society. Thank you for explaining the situation in your country. By bringing awareness to this situation, you are certainly helping your sisters to be empowered and for society to allow them this justice.

Warm regards,

Bagirathi Ramanathan's picture

women's rights in India

Dear Jade
Thank you verymuch for your reply to my thoughts and hope to contine to get your mails in this connection

Warm regards
Ms.Bagirathi Ramanathan

24th February,2009

There is an umblic card connected to every baby when she or he is shelved in the womb of a mother and like wise there is a live connection to every woman under the sky with her land and living rights and it is but natural rights for every woman in any country. The society is a psychological format for a peaceful sharing of wealth and emotions of the land and it is a tough competition among the people to own the game in their favour and hence the discrimination, deprivation, separation, supression, lessening the deginity of women and making the women as a weak gender.

Why women need to be degraded? It is mere a social practice for generations that women need to be kept within four walls and depend on men for their emotional and economic sustainability. In Indian society, since the conservative community heads till date punish the women for intrcaste marriages, matrimonial choices and other social reasons and even throw the women out of the village for the said reasons. Marriage is more personal and it is attached with the civil Acts of this country and a woman has every right to marry a person of her choice and even the ancient Indian society had the choice of marriage for women as she is the root for a stable society and assures a quality of the society.

The caste system was prevailing in the later centuries and in the name of caste the atrocities on women is too much now a days and even with Human rights voice and Statutory Laws the social practices could not be controlled or eradicated totally from this society.

There is a consolation that atleast the efforts of the social reformers could bring in a drastic changes in the minds of women for remarriages and again many young widow women are afraid of remarriages on the grounds that they will be treated properly by the second husbands and their children and the close relatives at one end and the fear on loosing the property right of her first husband and any shares of her parental properties. Therefore she could not decide on her re-marriage and resettlement in marriages and she decides to live on widow hood looking after her children.

The property is a source for any woman in her life and she gets a psychological and emotional attachment on land and property which helps her for right decisions in case of distress and she need not run between post and pillers in case of failures and period of difficulties. The woman hood is nothing but personification of mohterhood and self sacrifice. Any woman for that matter will never leave the husband or children at any condition due to her natural instict powers and she will some how manage to face the situation and safe guard the interest of members of the family in the situation. But in case of property, wealth and means the women are less considered and the men are attempting on over powering on womens' property and try to perpetrate on women for the sake of the properties, wealth and enjoyment on them.

It is unfair on the men to overpower the womanhood and women properties and wealth as the property is not less than the value of a womanhood. any property of a woman is to be perceieved as woman and her life and treated with diginity and even an iota of interest of her in the property should be protected by the land law. Women need not stand on any sentiments other then due rights and sahres in the lands of their country.

Women should hold property and the land laws need to be amended in favour of women with reference to their civil rights and fundamental rights under the sky.

Voice for women and thier due share and rights on the lands.

Ms.Bagirathi Ramanathan

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