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Whether the world is round,oval or square shaped,it's still one big entity that holds all of us one in our various capacities and all we have to do is work together to stay together.

No matter ones tribe,color,race or religion,only one thing called LOVE holds us together because we are all one.We breath the same air,our hearts are made of the same tissue.It's the reason what breaks someone in the north,affects one in the east,south or west alike.

We all need one anothers hands to remain afloat.Quick and rush judgement will never avail a chance to know someone in depth,their challenges,weakenesses and strength.

I come from a minority tribe in Uganda,am an Alur by tribe,from the Westnile region and somehow,everybody from the other regions thinks the people from my tribe are dark skinned,arrogant,ugly,hypocrites and can't do anything for themselves.But what surprises me most is that when people look at me,they dont associate me with my tribe.
1.because i am fair skinned,i am beautiful(they say it and i believe most in my self that i am:),my nose is fairly shaped,my english accent doesn't reflect i come from there and so guess what?I am always told i come from the famous Western region,because they are labeled beautiful,intelligent and smart.It has extended to as far as me being refered to as Rwandese because of the same physical looks.The real challenge is when i get to my own village,with the exception of those who know me ofcourse,but the rest always feel a stranger from the other tribe is among them.
I have had so many countless embarrasing incidents where someone talks about me thinking i dont totally understand my own language and they are rather shocked to hear me speak it.Most times my own people struggle to try to communicate to me in english or the other "language",another time i was thought to be a tourist in my own village...

Why am i bringing this out?because the truth is these attitudes have cost people opportunitites that could have made huge turn arounds in their lives,some have missed out or lost job opportunities because they are from the "wrong"tribe,some have had broken marriages or never even had the chance just because their tribe,religion doenst match the other.Why would these trivial things cause turmoil?i often wonder out aloud.Infact it's the reason as to why there are lots of problems in the world today.Talk of single parents,unemployment,poverty,just because someone is deemed unfit because of their race,color,tribe,religion,sex they are denied life time opportunities.

Saddly it's not just within the confines of our country,nation or continent.It's a wide spread attitude.I was on a social site and i would look at remarks labeling others superior and others inferior.Things like"i dont want anybody from Africa to contact me"are quiet a sight.So i chose to make lots of friends from all over and each one of them would tell me"hey Patricia,i think you are the most honest person from Africa"I would ask but why?and my male pals would say"All the girls want is to take our money,they are not sincere".Ofcourse i wasn't happy because for just a few individuals who are dishonest,an entire continent had to pay the price,yet at the same time i sympathised with all who had suffered fraud and conned of their hard earned money,through promises of love and other things.As i interacted more and more,they said"Oh,finally there are good people out there after all". and now i have made lots of friends,we chat,talk and laugh not caring an inch were we come from.What matters is the fun,joy and laughter we all share,if we had all drawn lines,we never would have discovered the true friendship in us.I might never meet them in person but certainly i will never forget them.

All in all drawing certain sudden conclusions cost us real friends in life.
When on World pulse i see a big wide world of strong women who have one common cause and goal and i think this is the way to go for all of us.We come from different parts of the world but we are all blowing the same trumpet,it's amazingly beautiful.

I wish for a time when these trivial differences can be put to rest.
One world,One people,One love



jacollura's picture

Keep writing

Patricia, thanks for sharing again. Keep it up. I love your posts!

patricia obima's picture


Wow..thanks Julie.
I appreciate your encouragement.Gives me strength and boldnesss to carry on
Lots of love



Monica McLeod's picture

Hi Patricia, I feel so

Hi Patricia,
I feel so grateful that I am able to have a connection with so many wonderful, powerful women from all over the world. I agree completely about all humans being connected and that we are the same and all need the same things in life. And that what happens in all parts of the world affects everyone else, if not directly than indirectly.

Equality for All

patricia obima's picture


Thumbs up Monica dear..
You are so right about it and the sooner every one in the world realizes this the better.
Thanks so much,it's equally a priviledge for me to be a part of this movement.
One Love


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