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Are you wallowing and drowning in pain,regrets,anguish for the mistakes in your past?it could be just about anything,may be you brought it upon yourself or someone made you go through it ,that each time you think about it,the ghost of your past haunts you,shivers run down your spine.Ever stopped to wonder why you are still living and breathing even after that horrible and regrettable thing happened?Well i have an answer,that you are here today because whatever it was wasnt strong enough to kill you in misery,you are here because life has given you another chance to re-do things right,you are breathing because that particular story of survival is meant to be told to lots of souls out there caught in the same struggle as you or are at the verge of going that dreaded path.You are their only redeemer.

I dont know know your story,but it might have been anything.please wake up,dust your self.strip your self off of the garment of mysery,regrets and pain,and wear the clean garment of victory and truimph.because there's no other way to live this life but in absolute joy,remember the past has no power over you,the future holds you right in her palms and is only waiting for you to open that door and walk right in and be who you are and were supposed to be.

whenever things go wrong,remember there's just as much power to turn them round for your good.Nothing is as strong as the power of forgiveness,it starts with you,dont hold grudges,resentments,or even judge anybody,forgive them and when you do,it helps change them,they realize their mistakes even if at first it will appear like a foolish thing to do on your part,it's worth it.

This is how i managed anger,i learnt not to hold onto resentment and it paid off.Sometimes when people wrong me or say some harsh things to me,they expect retaliation from me but usually they see me have a lovely approach and they wonder out aloud they go like"Patricia,i expected you to lash back at me"sometimes they ask"do you hate me?"...and my answer is always very simple,i tell them this..."MY HEART IS TOO SMALL TO HOLD GRUDGES OR RESENTMENTS YET SO HUGE THAT IT'S ONLY FILLED WITH LOVE,IT'S WHY I DONT HATE"...this simple answer has made some really hard and resentful people become lovingly soft and nice,the monster in them just suddenly runs out and they are friendlier than ever,they open up so easily making me realize that sometimes it's their past that turned them into violent people but that deep in the inside,they are sweet people..

Lets all look forward to the future with hope and expectation of the great things ahead and before we know,we'll have no more ghosts coming to haunt us,to remind us that we can't make it,that we are nobody,because the will power is solely in our hands to be all we ever dreamed of.


jacollura's picture

Thank you for sharing!

Patricia, thank you for sharing your beautiful life philosophy!
In peace and love,

patricia obima's picture


Hi Julie
It's the way to go,it's the simple attributes to life that makes it all worth it.
Peace and love too dear


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