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Date: 07/07/2014.

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SUBJECT: The PHILOSPOHY OF ADVANCED CIVILIZATION (PAC) - Humans Planet Earth and Advanced Civilization under the aegis of the Advanced Civilization Management (ACM) - The new ACM Paradigm.


The writer is an independent promoter of the Philosophy of Advanced Civilization (PAC). The thoughts and ideas mentioned over here are the writer’s original thoughts and nothing in this document has been drawn from any person (s), body, association, institution, organization, etc from anywhere in the world.

The writer seeks global support for implementing the Philosophy of Advanced Civilization for solving global problems and for the advancement of human civilization in the direction of AC (Advanced Civilizations) that we consider are/or were far more advanced in development than the current humans civilization on earth.

This path of progress in the direction of AC must have been an extremely difficult, nearly impossible but not an impossible one. However, it is also important for humans from Non-AC civilizations to trace the probable path that may have facilitated progress on the lines of AC. They may have considered it necessary, essential, worthwhile, profitable, beneficial and advantageous to progress on AC lines.

This effort began after the death of human beings who died due to ruthless exploitation, injustice and inhuman treatment. From a generic point of view these types of patterns prevails in human society all round the world to a lesser or greater extent [between mild to extreme] having different types of consequences.

Definitely the world would want to prevent the brutal, cold-blooded, callous assassination of human life and of human innocence, in future.

This effort is being made for finding new, innovative and creative ways for addressing and solving global issues that are mutually inter-related and interdependent in complex ways.

Truly fundamental to Advanced Civilization is REASON AND JUSTICE/JUSTICE AND REASON; in this context the following -

Hopefully, under the aegis of the ACM (Advanced Civilization Management) many of the currently intractable problems of the world, as they appear to be today, foresee a possibility of being resolved with relative ease.

Every human being has the right to live with dignity in the society in which they live, and humans and society, do not have the right to attack the Integrity of Life (Human Life).

The philosophy of the Advanced Civilization is dedicated to gradually and systematically integrate the world in order to harness the talents, skills, abilities, qualities, creativity and the positive energy of humans for solving global problems in order that there is sound development of human society in all its dimensions around the world.

There will be an exponential boost in global trade, make the global economies a lot more resilient to the vicissitudes of business and of life and prove to be a very powerful platform for solving the myriad of the really difficult impending global issues and problems.

Under the aegis of ACM, concepts and activities that defile and degrade human dignity, undermines human health (mental and physical), and which comes in the way of natural existence of any person, will not be unacceptable under ACM.

Concepts and ways of working that undermine integrity and dignity of human life ought to be abolished from the surface of the earth.

There are things in this world that need not currently exist (which will become clear in the later part of this document)/ or even have existed in the past, in this world. There are things in this world, at present that need not happen or exist. The aim is not perfection; the aim is naturalization of human existence. How far have humans deviated from natural existence and what have been the consequences of that in human society, in the past, at present and what could be the possible consequence of that in the future?

Today we see a disintegrated world as a result of unnatural existence of humans in this world, which is the legacy of the past. As a result of this we see the existence of such things as –

a) Poverty and Hunger
b) Disease
c) Ill health
d) Ignorance
e) Militarism
f) Human evolutionary problems
g) Borders irresolvable disputes
h) Corruption
i) Violence against women
j) Extreme imbalance in human development
k) Retrograde forces on human development
l) General apathy and neglect of problems of planet earth
m) Large scale extinctions in non-human life forms, Etc

This, in the midst of the vast array/myriad of global problems, for which humans seek solutions that everyone hopes would be robust and durable but are only fragile and transient at the moment.

The natural world says that these things need not have even existed and these things need not have happened, in the first place - that this is the consequence of the unnatural and an excessively disintegrated world – the resultant effect of divisive forces.

But why did these things happen in the first place? - Because of a disintegrated world and the tendency among humans to disintegrate. This is the legacy of the unnatural component of human existence, which needs to change. Thus we see a ‘Disintegration Adapted’ world, which is contrary to the AC world.

But why did the world disintegrate? – Because there does not exist/has never existed in the past, a globally independent (with respect everything) a centralized body of the planet earth to which all humans belong and which is responsible for handling/solving/managing, in a rationally defined manner, specific human activities and problems such as

1. planet earths problems caused by humans
2. problems of humans caused by humans
3. problems of non-human life forms caused by humans
4. problems of humans caused by non-human life forms and natural forces (such as earthquakes, malaria, avalanches, volcanoes, tornadoes, etc)

The imbalance with respect to global centralization and decentralization and the negative consequences of that come into existence due to the lack of optimization (correct balance) between the Centralized and Decentralized powers of the world.

Therefore, humans have fallen back in balanced development (presence of very high obliqueness – imbalanced development) and advancement from what they could have easily been if this centralized agency, the central agency of our planet, were to have existed, which is not the case as of now. By now humans could have progressed to the extent of being able to travel in advanced space ships to and fro from planets, at least the not very far ones.

Also, and most unfortunately, our planet Earth does not currently enjoy the vibrant and healthy state in the same way as Nations, organizations and people achieve/strive to achieve for themselves. This is because the central power of the planet is weak which is due to a disintegrated world that we live in. Humans who rule the planet are disintegrated at the moment. Therefore, the sum totals of all the efforts to improve planet earth conditions are very weak from planet earth’s point of view. So, say, if a person needs 1 Kg of medicine, the person gets only 10 grams of the medicine for treatment, which is far from sufficient. This is what happens when addressing and treating the earth’s problems – grossly insufficient treatment. And this in turn adversely impacts human life and also rest of the other life forms. Therefore, whatever is in the best interest of the planet ought to be considered to also be in the best interest of humans. Therefore, it is very important to integrate and maintain the consistency of self-interest of Nations, organizations and people in line with that of the Earths within the framework of a central agency of the planet. At the moment, for humans their own rights and interests are more important, and also the dominant factor in decisions, and are given a higher priority in relations to that of the earth’s interests. From AC perspective, the planet earth’s rights and interests are/should be of equal importance to that of humans. The current magnitude of efforts for solving global and planet earth problems verses the required magnitude of efforts for solving planet earth problems reflects the deficiency in efforts. So, if 100% efforts are required, humans may be able to deliver only about 0.5% from planets point of view. If this deficiency is to be filled and if humans sincerely wish to deliver solutions to the planet, then that would require major transformations in the way humans currently work on planet earth. There is a lot to profit and gain from this. By doing this, humans will definitely see a major reduction in the “power of problems” [the global problems] on earth. In future, this will be required. We are strongly dominated by “Global Problems”. Humans will certainly want to see a major reduction in the “power of problems” not only for solving the myriad of current global problems but also for travelling to and from other planets/satellites back to earth.

The question is: is there a body, agency, which is owned by earth for addressing and solving its problems – currently No. All the organizations, institutions, etc on the planet belong to only humans, for their own benefit. Human interest comes first. The planet may or may not benefit or may even be a looser, but that is secondary to human self-interests. From AC perspective, it is fundamental to maintain as equally important the interests of humans, the rest of other life forms and the planet, simultaneously.

Therefore, there is the critical need to have this truly and genuinely centralized body of and for the planet, which the writer calls the Central Agency for Advanced Civilization (CAAC) [or any suitable name] - The one and only one centralized body for our planet that has ONLY a global/planetary view of the issues involved and does all the necessary activities to solve them. The future of our planet earth will depend on its Central Agency, CAAC. CAAC will do all the activities that are in the interest of the planet and for maintaining natural conditions. The global/planetary view considers the planet earth’s original natural state [of a planet that supports life] as the paramount state that must exist at all times without excuses, negligence, laxity or compromise. Adapting and working to this fundamental understanding, as a uniformly global philosophy/policy, will be the first step in the direction of Advanced Civilizations [AC]. Otherwise humans on earth will only move backwards in development when compared with the Advanced Civilizations [the so called intelligent civilizations that we consider as existing somewhere in the universe].

Therefore, CAAC views planet earth as everyone’s family member.

In this context, say, for example, the following questions –
1. Even if we have some machinery and technology, for example, clearing obsolete components of artificial satellites (commercial) in earth’s orbits, who is going to purchase the machinery, implement solutions and maintain the solutions? It’s only a cost to whosoever genuinely wants to clear them. So, who is to profit from activities for this purpose - only our planet earth
2. Pollution – suspended pollutants and gases in the atmosphere. It’s only a cost to whosoever genuinely wants to clear them. So, who is to profit from activities for this purpose - only our planet earth, ETC

This purchasing activity will be done by CAAC for planet earth - likewise for solving problems of global warming, climate change and several other factors that represent the deviation from the erstwhile natural conditions prevailing on the planet and now are adversely impacted.

Therefore, CAAC is also about Planet Earth Rights in the same way as humans have Human Rights. Earth does its duty of providing the atmosphere, food, living conditions and the basic materials for human and rest of other life forms existence; this duty our planet earth has done in the in best possible way since eons. Earth is the most powerful planet in the universe because it has the ability to support “life” that no other planet that we know of has the ability to support. Therefore Earth is the supreme planet of the universe that resides in the infinity of the universe - rests of the planets have their own excuses for not being able to support life on them.

The Earth has intrinsic and extrinsic rights[internal and external]; the intrinsic right to retain the natural conditions for supporting life as they have existed for eons and the extrinsic right to “force” other planets/satellites to support life. This, in the same way as people assert to fulfill their rights. Also AC is about giving planet earth a dominant position in the universe - this in the midst of hostile and inhospitable conditions of rest of the universe.

Dominant because, if we were to compare the hostility and in hospitability of the universe a tank full of water then one tea spoon of hostility and in hospitability of the universe permeated into the planet, which earth could not resist, then the consequences of that we witnessed. Such is the extent of domination of rest the universe on planet earth. The question is: To what extent can we drive back the effect of this domination and get other planets to be of use to humans and planet earth?

There is another way to view AC. Planet earth is 100% right for life - the fundamental standard for life to exist anywhere in the universe. In comparison what life supporting conditions do other planets/satellites have to offer to humans for supporting life on them? Can something for life from practically nothing be built on them? Our ability to confront such types of difficult and complex challenges is dependent on our ability to maintain [and now to restore and maintain] the natural life supporting conditions on planet earth. Elsewhere it is about working from nearly 0% upwards, if there is some scope for it; else find different ways to use those planets/satellites.

So if humans are unable to settle human life and/or life forms on other planets, it is as much a planet earth’s problem, as it is of humans. Currently, no life on earth can live/survive on any other planet/satellite. And this is precisely what AC’s strived to achieve and succeed to do as a philosophical objective – finding breakthroughs to the seemingly impossible. We know that earth is a lonely planet in the universe because it is an extremely rare planet. That’s why it’s vital to solve the internal and external problems of the planet. Planet earth is dependent on humans to solve planet earth’s problems. Moreover, humans are the only living entity in the universe capable of solving the planets problems. Also the earth does not have the capability to solve problems caused by humans. It is only humans who can solve earth’s problems. Certainly all human beings would want to contribute in direct or indirect manner for attaining this goal.

The problems OF the planet and ON the planet are interrelated. The planet has its own temperature / environment conditions that the planet has been maintaining since beginning. Since the last 100 years or so, humans have made truly astounding progress in all the different fields. However, the negative (adverse, detrimental) side effects of that have been experienced by our planet.

As we all know, the planet now appears to have lesser control on its natural environments since its threshold of resilience has been violated/broken (to some extent) due to human activity, and continues in the same manner. The primary and secondary effects of that are well known to us. The time has probably arrived for humans to intervene on behalf of the planet - to help and support the planet for restoring and maintaining its erstwhile natural conditions on which all life depends. We cannot take things for granted (and for how long can we take things for granted?); the deviation from its erstwhile natural conditions is only increasing and humans are currently not in a position to solve them for whatever reasons. Our callousness, or helplessness or having disregard for these issues reveals our weaknesses and our inabilities. This is important to mention because Advanced Civilizations manage their environments well, without exceptions and excuses, since they know that life and the quality of life depends on it. So, this is precisely where a new opportunity emerges for us, if we see in this as an opportunity for us to learn something from the so called Advanced Civilizations(AC’s), and decide to move in that direction.

The deviations to the natural environmental parameters of the planet (Earth) are the problems OF the planet and the consequences of that are the problems ON the planet.

So, with respect to my document, humans and other life forms will start deriving benefits from the benefits that we as humans are actually able to deliver to our planet. This is obvious - reduce global pollution levels to acceptable level; solve problem of global warming and climate change; solve problem of deforestation at global level; solve problem of space junk; handling the issue of large scale extinction in non-human life forms that has already taken place; plus the several other issues that are in contention. And these are precisely the areas where global human, financial, technological, scientific, material resources need to be applied.

You may probably feel that I have a tendency to see the negatives. That is not the case. When I see things only from the planet’s perspective, it appears that the planet receives/gets ONLY the negative consequences emerging from human activity. And this is where the problem arises - thus the need for an agency (the planets agency) to restore and maintain its natural environments was felt by me. You will be surprised if I tell you that we as humans are not to be blamed; we are innocent and helpless.

So, in spite of the fact that humans have made extraordinary achievements and advancements in all fields, where is the snag?

The snag lies is in the fact that we almost completely neglect, ignore, and set aside as unimportant one simple thing that we are all inside the planet and belong to the planet. This is we consider as a trivial fact so we ignore and brush it aside, but ACM (Advanced Civilizations Management) DOES NOT.

There is the Insider and Outsider View. Our Outsider view is very strong. We know which country we belong to and which not to; which place we belong to and which not to; and so on. But our Insider view is very weak.

Insider View is also related to Centralization [OF the planet]
Outsider View is also related to Decentralization [ON the planet]

So, why is it that the most Advanced Civilizations of the universe do not neglect, ignore, and set aside as unimportant the Insider View? This is because, by doing so, there does arises the imbalance between the centralization at planetary level and decentralization at the human level on the planet, in an otherwise seamlessly integrated natural world. Thus, there arises the lack of optimization between centralization & decentralization in the human context, and the consequences of that are well known to us – all of them negative; OF and ON the planet.

That’s why ACM never ignores this simple fact. The best advantages from centralization & decentralization must be monitored and maintained by minimizing the disadvantages of both centralization & decentralization.

The Insider View gives all human beings the correct and complete knowledge of all the issues OF planet earth and ON planet earth. Due to a strong Outsider View on our planet the correct and complete picture is not available to all human beings and they respond accordingly. Also the Insider View facilitates me to know what corrective/remedial measures/solutions are being implemented/applied and the results there from, at all times. Thus, the Insider View is integrative and the Outsider View disintegrative. ACM requires an integrative approach.

One of the fundamental premises for progressing in the direction of Advanced Civilization(AC ) is that if Man chooses not to rely on Military powers/prowess then only he has the chance, the possibility, of moving/progressing in the direction of AC.

Typically, for example, the degree of difficulty for abandoning/relinquishing/quashing of Armed Forces, their warfare equipments, weapons (nuclear, non-nuclear), chemical and biological weapons, machinery, gadgets, personnel etc [Also includes weapons used in civilian life] from human civilization altogether depicts the magnitude of difficulty and a measure of deviation of human civilization, here on earth, from the so called Advanced Civilization (AC) that we imagine/consider exists in thse universe.

So, what really is AC?
We consider that people in UFO’s, Aliens, come from an AC that is some unknown number of light years away from the earth and they possess the intelligence, societal and technological powers to visit earth from far away distances in some extremely advanced Space Ships, enter the earth’s gravitational field and atmosphere, go around the earth or may even land on earth, stay here for some time, and leave the earth, probably to return back to their planet or to some other planet. The machinery, in which they travel, a technological marvel, appears to be like a bird that flies, sit on the branch of a tree, and flies away. Imagine if today humans had Space Ships to travel to distant planets in the solar system and return back to earth. This could have been a reality had the world been strongly integrated.

Now coming back to earth -

All life forms have the Natural Dignity of Life Forms (NDLF) state as an integral part of every life. Behavior and evolutionary patterns follow through the NDFL state. NDFL is one of the fundamental requirements of life. NDFL is to life what axioms are to Mathematics; the fundamental building blocks on which further advancement depends. NDLF is one of the premises on which life is built and evolved. If a life’s NDLF is sound then there are no health problems, life energy is strong and positive, the integrity of life is excellent, evolution is excellent both for females and males.

NDLF is preserved in nature because nature does not violate itself because they remain consistent with natural existence. But humans violate their own NDLF and thereby create problems that would otherwise not have existed if NDLF were to be intact. But ONLY humans on earth have this problem - rest of the life forms don’t. This happens because humans have cultivated the habit for seeking short cuts or the easy way out of problems that they confront, rather than finding and implementing genuine solutions to problems in line with the natural way, probably because humans may be lacking in the natural abilities (when viewed within the framework of the domain of aggregate human life on earth) to solve the problems.

In this regard we can say that use of Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, irresponsible behavior, etc is a manifestation of this.

View in another way -

Suppose if 5 persons are requested to respond to what they think about the need to solve the problems of Global Warming, Climate Change, Ozone Layer depletion, Space junk, gross Human rights Violations, gross Planet Earth rights Violations Etc

They respond as follows –

a) Laugh and Ridicule
b) Consider it to be not serious
c) Does not respond (ignore)
d) Say, nothing can be done about it
e) Consider it serious and that there is a genuine need to do something about it

Then cases a), b), c), d) depicts what is mentioned. Case e) represents the ACM desired pattern. If such a survey is extended to a large number of people [that represents a statistical sample the population], then the percentage of a), b), c), d) and e) will reflect the percentage of people who find it easier to avoid solving problems the natural way since it’s convenient.

Thus human life globally witnesses a vast array of NDFL violated human conditions.

Thus, to the natural world, human society is a highly NDLF violated world, possessing tremendous imbalances and gross injustices, which are of truly staggering proportions and undesirable, which is what humanity has witnessed worldwide, through several millennia. And this needs to be resolved.

NDLF state is not automatic. NDLF state can only be preserved by leading a natural life, which may not always be easy. Other life forms have worked only in the natural way for their existence and living and become Updated Evolutionarily through continuous improvement/betterment in the art and science of living through the passage of time.

If NDLF state is sound then life feels like worth living, self-esteem is high and natural state of human life and society is well preserved and evolution is sound. Natural life sustains this state, which is the true art and science of living for different life forms in their specific domains of existence.

Impacts of NDLF violation are, for example –

Recently there was gruesome killing of two soldiers in a way that violates the Geneva conventions using torture techniques. There was beheading and their bodies badly mutilated. This happened due to enmity and hatred that springs from the complete absence of reason and justice of a NDLF violated world, and truly is the antithesis of AC.

Basically the cause for these phenomena to arise is due to the impact of a disintegrated and divisive world on human society. Moreover, it is girls and women who have in the past, and who presently suffer due to this.

Now, again coming to military and use of military weapons -

Nation A sells Fighter jets to nation.
Now, what is the function of these Fighter Jets – To kill and destroy – to perform the kill and destroy military function in which, of course, many innocent civilians also die, and accordingly, the following conditions apply -

Now suppose, if these fighter jets, during their effective service life, did not kill or destroy anything at all, then they have proved to be useless since they never performed the intended function for which they were created. Then this is like civilian airliners that have never carried even a single passenger during their service life, but only travelled from one airport to another – which is a complete waste of fuel, production costs, operation’s, maintenance, and staff salaries. All the money that was spent on them was a total waste, which otherwise could have been used for human and social development plus rest of other developments and problem solving.

If these fighter jets, during their effective service life, killed and destroyed, then the next question is whether the some persons killed in the process were innocent or not and whether materials and property destroyed, as a result of such actions, belonged to persons who were innocent or not.

If innocent person(s) gets killed, then the sale and purchase of these Fighter Jets and such types of machinery are only doing and will continue to do crimes against humanity, since they killed innocent humans and destroyed properties of innocents. This collateral damage in most cases is unavoidable and therefore leads to persistent crimes against humanity on a recurring basis regardless of the rationality of those actions.

Now as regards the death of persons killed, who are perceived as guilty – the guilt is relative. Side A, that killed and destroyed persons and property of Side B, will say that they killed those who were guilty and that they did their national duty. The Side B, will say that the persons killed became martyrs for their nation and for their cause. Persons who are viewed as cowards and criminals on one side are viewed as courageous and sound persons on the other side of any conflict or divide.

This only hardens the conflicts and, as time moves on, man will only develop and acquire higher and higher, and more lethal cold-blooded technological capability for killing and destroying, which is what we have witnessed as time moved on. Conflicts will only become more difficult to resolve over time or probably never be resolved at all. And this is precisely what we have observed over several centuries – from bows and arrows to Nuclear Missiles and their launch equipments. It’s been a very long journey in this direction, and a truly unnecessary one from AC perspective. This is necessary to mention because if we observe, for example, a military conflict wherein surface-to-surface missiles are being used, the damage and destruction done to the region [to the plants, tree and other life forms] in which they are used, is tremendous. So, although they may not be used during peace time, their presence reflects human attitude that shows no concern for the rights of the planet and other life forms, if the need arises. This works contrary to the direction of AC.

Therefore, the current world will be a far more advanced world without the Soldier, the Guns, Machine Guns, Nuclear/Non-Nuclear weapons, Missiles, Army, War Ships, Navy, Air Force, Biological and Chemical warfare material/weapons, staff and machinery; etc, without the military command structures. AC does not require and seek their use, and therefore, does not have these in their civilizations by virtue of being AC.

The presence, possession, manufacture and the intention, if need be, to use these things is a clear reflection of a disintegrated world, which is the legacy of the past. The goal of ACM is to forge a strongly integrated world and to work against this legacy of disintegration and of a disintegrated world.

Getting rid of this will release financial and human resources for human intelligence, health and abilities development, technological development and for making human society as strong like the most advanced civilizations that we consider exists or had existed in the universe.

The natural world, other than of human life forms, is a perfectly integrated world; the human world, to the extent of the unnatural, is a disintegrated world and the myriad of negative manifestations and effects of that have been experienced and seen by the world in the past, in the present, and will be so in future also.

The unnatural aspect of human life (but not so in other life forms) points to the imbalance in the relationship of human male and human female. All the above conditions and those mentioned later in the list of global issues also bring to the forefront the Oblique condition/state prevailing between man -woman, whose negative effects have transmitted and permeated in the fabric of human life, over the ages, all over the world - this because of serious NDLF violations between human female and human male, which is not the case in other life forms, therefore, they do not have the kind problems that humans have.

Obviously and unfortunately, woman was/is at the lower end of the slant. Underlying this slant/Obliqueness in the relationship between man and woman is some ancient discord because reason and justice (absence of injustice) were not strong and could not prevail as expected. Tangible and Intangible, direct and indirect, strong and weak, divisive forces came into existence - because from natural perspective it is ONLY in the human life form that there exists this unnatural imbalance between human male and female, which was because of a relatively (to rest of natural world) weak NDLF in human natural world.

An “unjust rigidity” got set with reference to this slant condition came into existence and manifests itself through ‘Male Domination’. This only served to aggravate the problem. Divisive and Conflicting forces became very active over the ages and therefore we see and inherit a disintegrated world. Conflicts, violence and vice sharply increased and escalated to wars that we see in human history. Some of the wars were really huge ones among others – the mega wars that were unnecessary.

With conflict came concept of military and lead to highly divided societies. Woman is nature and due to this, nature, the woman, was profoundly debilitated due to unfair and rigid inequality and imbalance in natural world of humans.

All this is due to a rigid and non-optimized oblique/slanted/unequal relationship between men and women worldwide. The degree of Obliqueness varies from place to place, from nation to nation and the global Obliqueness is the resultant multi-dimensional Obliqueness (with respect to financial conditions, health conditions, intelligence, etc) of the world.

This imbalance has to be set right. Because this imbalance is the reason behind the sensitivity for generating disintegrative forces, that easily tends to supersede reason and justice for solving conflicts.

The Horizontal line is the Natural Line
The Slanted line is the Oblique variable line
The Vertical line is the perfectly Imbalanced Un-Natural Line

VI – Vertical Imbalanced
HB – Horizontal Balanced
AO – Angle of Obliqueness

Obliqueness is multi-dimensional. Obliqueness has several dimensions.

A) Obliqueness for Intelligence

Max IQ = 160
Min IQ = 0
Obliqueness Calculation =160-0/160 = 160/160 x 100
Percent Obliqueness = 100%
Remarks = Perfect Obliqueness

Max IQ = 160
Min IQ = 160
Obliqueness Calculation =160-160/160 = 0/160 x 100
Percent Obliqueness = 0%
Remarks = Perfect Absence of Obliqueness

Max IQ = 160
Min IQ = 38
Obliqueness Calculation =160-38/160 = 122/160 x 100
Percent Obliqueness = 76.25%
Remarks = Very High Obliqueness

Max IQ = 160
Min IQ = 125
Obliqueness Calculation =160-125/160 = 35/160 x 100
Percent Obliqueness = 21.85%
Remarks = Low Obliqueness

B) Obliqueness for Salary Earning Strength

Max Salary/PM = 100000
Min Salary/PM = 3000
Obliqueness Calculation = 100000-3000/100000 x 100
Percent Obliqueness = 99.7%
Remarks = Extreme Obliqueness

Max Salary/PM = 100000
Min Salary/PM = 5000
Obliqueness Calculation = 100000-5000/100000 x 100
Percent Obliqueness = 95.0%
Remarks = Very High Obliqueness

Max Salary/PM = 100000
Min Salary/PM = 8000
Obliqueness Calculation = 100000-8000/100000 x 100
Percent Obliqueness = 88%
Remarks = Improved Financial Condition Obliqueness

Max Salary/PM = 100000
Min Salary/PM = 12500
Obliqueness Calculation = 100000-12500/100000 x 100
Percent Obliqueness = 75%
Remarks = Reducing Obliqueness with better economic conditions

Max Salary/PM = 100000
Min Salary/PM = 27000
Obliqueness Calculation = 100000-27000/100000 x 100
Percent Obliqueness = 63%
Remarks = Much stronger financial condition with acceptable Obliqueness for a society

The objective is not always to work towards a perfect absence of Obliqueness – that may not be practically possible or required. The question is whether a given Obliqueness is rational, acceptable and sound or not, and if not, then what really have been the repercussions/consequences of that on human society; what have been the manifested effects of that in and on human society and what needs to be done to resolve them? The presence of Obliqueness is not necessarily harmful. It is practically impossible for every citizen of a nation to earn as much as the richest person(s) of their nation or to be at par with the best IQ in the world. It’s only about optimizing Obliqueness.

The Obliqueness with respect to human development has been, extreme.

Humans have evolved in the earth’s Temperature – Environment conditions (TE Conditions).

Temperature – Environment conditions (TE Conditions) vary on planet Earth in a highly contrasting way with respect to temperature and environment conditions, and so has human development seen extreme variations in development with respect to them. This needs to be resolved. Human development has not remained invariant under variations of temperature/environment conditions. Development variations have been extreme and this definitely is a matter of concern for humanity.

The TE Conditions (TE Conditions) –
From both the North Pole and South Pole, we begin with say, TE(0) on both poles, then as TE Conditions start changing, as we move in the direction of the equator moving away from the poles, we have TE(1), and so on, till the equatorial region, say TE(N). At TE(0) it is extremely cold; at TE(N) it is very hot.

So, between TE(1) and TE(2) there needs to be a statistically significant variation in temperature – environment conditions.

If a person is to walk from the North Pole up to the equator in a straight direction, then the NTE(0) band height will be say nk(0) kilometers, and likewise nk(1) km, nk(2) km, ….up to nk(n) km. Now, nk(0) + nk(1) + nk(2) +……..+ nk(n) = the distance from the North Pole up to the equator. [having NTE(0),NTE(1),NTE(2)……..NTE(N) conditions].

If a person is to walk from the South Pole up to the equator in a straight direction, then the STE(0) band height will be say sk(0) kilometers, and likewise sk(1) km, sk(2) km, ….up to sk(m) km. Now, sk(0) + sk(1) + sk(2) +……..+ sk(m) = the distance from the South Pole up to the equator. [having STE(0),STE(1),STE(2)……..STE(M) conditions].

So, there will be TE(0) up to TE(N) from North Pole to equator
And there will be TE(0) up to TE(M) from South Pole to equator

The North Temperature – Environment (NTE) conditions may not be the same (exactly identical) to the South Temperature – Environment (STE) conditions for equivalent TE conditions – such as for example NTE5 may not be equal in band width to STE5. Also similarities and variations in life forms, if any, need to be analyzed in order to find out why such variations occurred in identical conditions.

Form Obliqueness standpoint, the key question is: What are the reasons for the extreme variations in human development when we compare human development in terms of intelligence, health, education, science and technology, etc, etc with respect to (North and South) TE(0), TE(1),…TE(N or M) conditions? And what can be done to solve this problem of extreme proportions?

In the non-human life forms, Obliqueness could be 0.5% since each one of them and their internal variants are equally well evolved in the domain of their existence, however in the case of humans the Obliqueness could be to the extent of 99.5% !!!!, in spite of humans living in the same temperature/environment variant conditions along with rest of the other life forms.

This is a matter of concern because humans differentiate themselves from rest of the life forms on the basis of intelligence only but there is excess (sometimes tends to extremes) obliqueness in this.

So, the question: Why is there such a very high degree of Obliqueness in the human natural world as against rest of the natural world? - All this because of a disintegrated world.

And all this because the CAAC did not exist in the past and currently does not exist.

Therefore, the lack of optimization in Obliqueness between Man and Woman has had its fallout and manifests itself in myriad of ways. And the consequence of this has been that -

Obliqueness is dependent upon the degree (or extent) of presence of objectivity, reason and judicious assessment. And since objectivity, reason and judicious assessment had been compromised / weakened due to rigid state of imbalance in the human natural world, the Angle of Obliqueness (AO) dipped further away from balanced horizontal to imbalanced vertical.

Advanced Civilizations would require that the Angle of Obliqueness moves away from the Imbalanced Vertical (IV) and moves closer to the Balanced Horizontal (BH). The creation and use of military occurred due to sociological forces pushing the AO (Angle of Obliqueness) in the direction of IV (Imbalanced Vertical).

Therefore, the world today requires a globally centralized body that is independent in all respects.

The rationale behind the existence of THE centralized (central) agency is that when humans travel for settlement to other planets there will be the central agency that will manage activities to be done on another planet. The central agency WILL manage all activities related to the survival, living, development, expansion of humans and other life forms by doing the necessary changes to atmospheric conditions and environment of the planet and creating favorable living conditions and ALSO for being able to return back to earth – in the same way as AC does. Therefore, such centralized agency is also required on Earth with respect to the scope and manner of functioning as would be required on another planet where humans settle in future with other life forms. Thus the CAAC for planet Mars, CAAC (Mars), will be engaged all in the essential activities for achieving Mars objectives. There will CAAC (Jupiter), CAAC (Venus), etc for seeking various ways in which to use these planets for human and other life form benefits.

For the evolution in the direction of AC (AC – Advanced Civilization) on earth this centralized agency/body is required since it is THE indispensible body for the intended goal of becoming and working as an AC in line with some already existing AC’s, which we imagine/consider as existing or previously existed in the universe and who are exceptionally well evolved, and advanced, in all respects. This is the planets Central Agency for our Earth, CAAC (Earth).

The Central Agency of the planet is at the heart of, is fundamental to the resolution of problems of existence of life on a planet/satellite or for the utilization of a planet/a planets satellite for human benefit.

Hazards of existence on a planet do vary on a planet, as seen on Earth. Conditions could be less or more hazardous; human and other life forms evolve and are affected accordingly. In the human context, hazards have taken a major negative toll on human developmental [with respect to social, economic, intellectual, physical, psychological, Etc] due to the varying temperature environment conditions. Since CAAC of the planet did not exist for the Earth, the people who lived in the hazardous conditions of the planet, got neglected. They simply could not develop to the extent required due to having to live in hazardous conditions for all their lives. Had the CAAC existed, CAAC would have taken care to address and minimize the impact of the hazardous living conditions on human life, since CAAC belongs to all humans and all humans belong to CAAC.

All human beings at any given point of time simultaneously belong to the CAAC body. They have issues to address and resolve. Humans will have issues related to intelligence, health, education environment, job opportunities, plus the myriad of human problems that currently exist.

They will seek CAAC guidance and support. But CAAC is an Advanced Civilization body. CAAC knows very well that evolution in the natural world is based on the right kinds of efforts only and evolutionary advancement (human development) is strictly dependent on human efforts. So, for CAAC, self-reliance is a fundamental way of living that CAAC promotes, encourages and considers it strictly mandatory.

All non-human life forms have issues with CAAC.
They don’t have the clean environments to live, which they once had; they are over exploited by humans; there is alarming extinction and recovery/replenishment of their populations is not done by humans, due to which they cease to exist and, they can do nothing about it; this due to ruthless and callous human domination, and exploitation of them.

Earth has issues to address and resolve such as – pollution, deforestation, climate change, global warming, mass extinctions due to destruction of natural environments of our planet, Etc

Solar System and Universe belongs to the CAAC body.
The current issues are the difficulties with space travel to different planets in solar system, and the unsuitability of their environments to support life forms.

So, CAAC has four primary functions that operate simultaneously and related to -

a) Solar System and Universe

1. Settlement of non-human life forms on other planets where humans cannot survive but there is a possibility of some other life forms to be able to survive in the environment of those planets
2. Ascertaining which way other planets where there is no possibility for any life form to exist could be used for human benefit
3. Environment, temperature, atmospheric transformation/changes/modifications of planets for sustaining life (human and/or non-human) on some other planets
4. Search for extra-terrestrial life, Etc.

b) Planet Earths

1. Maintenance of natural conditions on earth
2. Solving problem of global warming
3. Solving problem of Climate Change
4. Solving problem of Pollution – suspended particulate matter
5. Solving problem of Deforestation
6. Transformation of deserts for cultivation, life settlements and creating living conditions [Elimination of Deserts]
7. Transformation of arid/semi arid lands for cultivation, life settlements and creating living conditions
8. Maintenance of clean, natural and healthy living conditions for human and non-human life forms globally
9. Solving problem of rising sea levels
10. Solving problem of diminishing ice caps
11. Rising temperatures of Oceans and Seas
12. Deviations in atmospheric conditions from natural specifications
13. Solving problem of ozone layer depletion
14. Solving problem of artificial orbits having millions of broken/damaged/obsolete components, small, and large going round and round the earth endlessly and uselessly, ETC

c) Human Life Form

1. Abandoning/relinquishing reliance on Armed Forces – Army, Navy, Air Force, Nuclear and non-nuclear weapons, chemical and biological weapons, military hardware and systems, etc.
2. Justice and dignity for farmers and farm labor
3. Justice and dignity for construction workers and farm labor
4. Addressing and solving the problem of humans living in hazardous living conditions, and have been adversely/severely negatively impacted by them
5. Solving problems of multi-dimensional extreme Obliqueness in human development – associated with intelligence, health, knowledge, environment, economic/financial conditions, ETC

d) Non-Human Life Form

1. Preventing extinction of other life forms – birds, animals, plants, insects, fish, etc and letting them survive and live in the natural way as they existed before
2. Bringing back into existence again extinct life forms (as many as is possible)
3. Preventing exploitation of other life forms to the extent that drives them to their extinction and ensuring healthy recovery of their populations after use by humans, ETC

Therefore, a), b), c), d) are a pointer to Planet Earth’s Rights violation and with respect to this is the world sincere & honest in restoring & maintaining them. If humans are able to restore, maintain and remain sincere to Planet Earths Rights, then many of the global problems will certainly see major reduction.

There is a saying “Truth is bitter”. This is not true. Truth in the real sense is a friend of humans. Truth is honest and simply because truth tells humans the real state of affairs in human society does not mean that truth is bitter. Where there is respect for truth, from there only is the path to dignity and justice.

Basically from ACM perspective, humans engaging themselves in specific types of activities may lead to, conceptually -

a) Position A - Higher status, respect, dignity, and financial condition in the human society in which people live. People, who strive to make positive contributions to human society, are an asset to human society and strive for continuous improvement and represents positive conditions in human life.

b) Position B - Equal status, respect, dignity and financial condition in the human society in which people live. These are people in the self-development phase in life, such as school and college going people, house wife, etc

c) Position C - Lower status, respect, dignity, and financial condition in the human society in which they live. This represents all the negatives of human life that manifests itself mainly through progressively serious NDLF violations.

Position A and Position C are further sub-divided into -

The positive/creative side of life (A) [Efforts to improve this by increasing this percentage]

The degree/extent of positive accomplishments.

A+(5), [Excellent]
A+(4), [Very Good]
A+(3), [Good]
A+(2), [Satisfactory]
A+(1) , [OK]

Humans currently in self-development for future utility to society; non-negative side of life (B)

The negative/destructive side of life (C) – poor health(mental and/or physical), disease, poor financial conditions, crime, poverty, intelligence issues, laziness and refusal to work, drug use, negative effects of global warming and climate change, high alcohol use, violence, killing, pollution Etc. [Efforts to improve this by decreasing this percentage]

The severity level of the negatives.

C-(1), [Bit Bad]
C-(2), [Quite Bad]
C-(3), [Bad]
C-(4), [Very Bad]
C-(5).[Extremely Bad]

Therefore moving from the negatives to the positives will signify efforts and success at restoration of human NDLF.

So, there may or may not be dual conditions, for example –

1) A scientist having serious heart problem – A+(4)/C-(4)
2) Student with learning disabilities – B/C-(3)
3) Intrinsic value of all military equipment to human society – C-(5)
4) A scientist without health or other problem – A+(4)
5) Nation(s) that created the technology for clearing obsolete material of commercial satellites in earths orbits – A+(5)
6) A Doctor – A+(3)
7) A successful businessman with some mental problem – A+(3)/C-(2)
8) A person having damaged liver due to alcohol and can no longer work – C-(4)
9) A person involved in war crimes – C-(5)
10) A soldier – A+(2)/C-(5) [For the nations needs]/[Involves killing another]
11) A Soldier who killed a dreaded terrorist – A+(3)/C-(1)
12) A fighter jet that killed innocents – C-(5)
13) A politician involved in some corruption – A+(4)[Make contribution to society]/C-(3)[Also do corruption which is not good for society]
14) A factory worker having moderate alcohol abuse problem – A+(2)/C-(2)
15) A quarrelsome housewife – B/C-(1)
16) A drug peddler who is wealthy – A+(3)[His money has contributed the society]/C-(5)[His actions have serious negative repercussions in society]
17) A person with HIV/AIDS – C-(5)
18) Beggar – C-(4)
19) A truck that gives out exhaust smoke – A+(2)/C-(3)
20) A cooking stove that gives out lot of smoke – B/C-(3)
21) Current Pollution Effect – C-(2)
22) Memory of loss of loved one in accident – C-(4).

There will be the aggregate distribution of A, B, C in terms of number of instances of A, B, C conditions in human life. So, the total for each category A+(5), A+(4), A+(3), A+(2), A+(1), B, C-(1), C-(2), C-(3), C-(4), C-(5) taken individually and the grand total of each category.

The current natural non-human life form world (rest of all the life forms other than human) is at A+(5).
[They don’t have health and evolutionary problems in their respective domains of existence and their activities do not lead to pollution, global warming, climate change etc]. Taking reference of this, we observe that -

The conditions of(related to intrinsic conditions of humans) and from(those arising from human activities) human life ranges from A+(5), A+(4), A+(3), A+(2), A+(1), B, C-(1), C-(2), C-(3), C-(4), C-(5) at global level.

C-(1), C-(2), C-(3), C-(4), C-(5) represents the consequences/effects/manifestations of the deviation of human life from natural existence. C-(3), C-(4), C-(5) are really serious.

All this has to be upgraded to -

B, A+(1), A+(2), A+(3), A+(4), A+(5) for human life to be consistent with the natural world.

Percentages are only for illustration.

So, let us say currently,
A+(5) = 0.5%
A+(4) = 1.5%
A+(3) = 9%
A+(2) = 10%
A+(1) = 12%
B = 27%
C-(1) =17%
C-(2) =10%
C-(3) = 4%
C-(4) = 4%
C-(5) = 5%

In AC, using Advanced Civilization Management (ACM), one of the targeted, desirable patterns could be as follows –

A+(5) = 15%
A+(4) = 17%
A+(3) = 21%
A+(2) = 22%
A+(1) = 5%
B = 18%
C-(1) = 1.5%
C-(2) = 0.5%
C-(3) = 0%
C-(4) = 0%
C-(5) = 0%

However, under Advanced Civilization, it is mandatory that C-(3) = 0%, C-(4) = 0% and C-(5) = 0%, globally.


Benchmark Advanced Civilization that exists in the universe whom we consider to be the most highly advanced in terms of intelligence, technology and societal strength = 100% (theoretically)

(Figures are not actual values; but only for illustration)
Pre-industrial revolution human civilization on earth = 34.8% AC,
Current human civilization on earth = 54.6% AC.
[Global mean AC percentage].

Moving from say 34.8% AC to 54.6% AC must have been a difficult process of advancement for human civilization here on earth.

In future, when moving from 54.6% AC to say 75.0% AC, planet earth and global problems will be at the centre for resolution.

So, CAAC (Earth) has in view the C conditions -
The C-(3), C-(4), C-(5) prevailing on Earth, for resolution.

Global financial requirements (in millions, billions, trillions of units of money to be determined), the time lines (how many months, years the projects will go on), how the money will be raised through a global taxation, investment system, money generation system, for solving the problems, has to be determined, and as accordingly the following problems resolved by CAAC(Earth) –

This by forming a globally independent centralized bank for planet earth, the CAAC Earth Bank – All money/finance collected for planet earth, only every honest money earned, to be used for the benefit, well-being, good health and survival of our planet, the super planet of the universe, the eternal Earth for solving all its issues and problems that humans have created.

This is required right now and from now on till infinity.

1. AIDS/HIV and sexually Transmitted Diseases
2. Wars
3. Crimes
4. Murders/Killings
5. Drugs – All harmful drugs [Heroin, LSD, Cocaine, Marijuana, Morphine, Cannabis, Crack, Opium, etc]
6. Extent of usage Alcohol above maximum allowable limit
7. Women and their issues do not get the importance and priority required by them for resolution
8. Tobacco usage
9. Soil Erosion and ecological degradation
10. Manufacturing and Stock Piling of Arms and Ammunition (Instead the money could be used for human, social and infrastructure development)
11. Lack of respect and dignity for human life
12. Imbalanced social/human development
13. Climate Change
14. Behavioral Problems
15. Glorification of Violence – False courage perceived in using weapons to kill, maim and destroy human life.
16. Beauty Pageants (All human beings can, and should look beautiful and attractive)
17. Deficiency and defect in human psychological (mental) and physical development
18. The emergence of the underworld and mafia
19. Loneliness
20. Psychopath mental conditions
21. Distrust and misunderstandings
22. Ruining human life
23. Inferiority / superiority complex
24. Self abuse
25. Human Trafficking
26. Terrorism
27. Global Warming
28. The orbits of satellites in the earth’s atmosphere now have about a million obsolete, damaged, broken, disintegrated and now useless, small and large components and going round and round the earth at very high speeds, endlessly - all these needs to be brought back to the earth and reused.
29. Female Foeticide (Female fetus is deliberately removed using doctor’s services because girl is not wanted – boy is wanted).
30. Unnatural Behavioral problems
31. Imbalanced and Declining Male – Female Population Ratios: Lesser number of females per 1000 males. Should be statistically not significant difference, which is not the case.
32. Creation of Artificial borders between nations and states and fighting over them
33. Big Frauds related to huge embezzlement of public money
34. Extinctions of plants, marine and animal life forms due to over exploitation, and being indifferent, ruthless and callous to their right to exist along side with humans.
35. Hunger and Poverty
36. Violence and disharmony.
37. A disintegrated world (based on how tightly or loosely cohesive the world is - based on integration index)
38. Physical and mental Health problems
39. Lack of love and care
40. Psychological and personality disorders
41. Damages to the earth that occur due to nuclear and non-nuclear explosions done only for Military testing, which is totally unnecessary and a waste of money and time.
42. Slavery
43. Caste System in India – What is caste? Why caste? Reasoning and justification behind it is unknown – most probably there is no rationale behind it, therefore, has only proved to be cold-blooded, ruthless violators of human rights and dignity.
44. The planting of mines, hundreds of millions of them, in the earth’s surface, that were planted for military purpose, to inflict death and injury on humans, needs to be removed.
45. Pollution – that is beyond (or even much beyond) max allowable limits and governments and their municipalities are callous and indifferent.
46. Gradually diminishing size of Polar ice caps and increasing sea and ocean levels.
47. Non-availability of jobs and business opportunities
48. People who work in city sewers (gutters) die due to inhalation of poisonous and lethal gasses trapped in city sewers
49. Untreated city waste waters are flown directly into rivers, oceans, seas, ponds, etc. Also non-degradable waste such as plastic is also dumped into seas and oceans. The poisonous liquids flow into rivers, oceans, seas, ponds, etc. This pollutes very badly the rivers, oceans, seas, ponds, etc, which is must be resolved
50. Deforestation and the adverse effects on climate
51. Arid and Infertile Lands and how to make them fertile for cultivation and human and live stock settlements.
52. Ozone Layer Depletion
53. Rising Sea Levels
54. Suspended particulate and gaseous Pollutants to be removed from air globally which is a health hazard for everyone
55. Infertility problems in men and women
56. Use of torture techniques for military/non-military purposes
57. Religion based Conflicts
58. Marginalization of the value and worth of human life for some percentage of humans, globally
59. Lack of/absence of justice and respect for farmers and farm laborers
60. Lack of/absence of justice and respect for construction workers
61. Corruption
62. Human communication problems
63. Deserts – [How to modify desert lands so as to enable cultivation, human and live stock settlements]
64. Chemical Warfare material
65. Biological Warfare material
66. Presence of Slums
67. Compartmentalization of the human world
68. Human Rights Violations
69. Ignorance
70. Excess competitive forces cause alienation and conflict between humans that could have very harmful and destructive consequences for humans and is amply testified by reality.
71. Fake Currency Notes
72. Using the process of “quan jue” or execution by dogs. In this process live humans are fed to hungry dogs who are kept starving for 3 days, in North Korea.
73. Moral Turpitude in human society
74. Rising temperatures of Oceans and Seas
75. Deviations in atmospheric conditions from natural specifications

And the list goes on and on…

ACM Men and Women, therefore, apply themselves to solving problems that appear to be –
Very Difficult to solve
Nearly Impossible to solve
Extremely Difficult to solve

The rationale behind saying this is that when we say aliens had visited the Earth, they must have taken up the challenge of solving such types of problems and solved them, that’s why, they acquired a position and the ability to travel light years away from home and still be alive, and in good condition, to return back to their home.

So, then the question is: Why do humans on earth struggle with problems that are relatively much easier to solve?

All these issues are referred to the CAAC body for resolution. CAAC has with it an exhaustive list of current human and global issues that need to be resolved satisfactorily to upgrade human civilization to 75% AC through balanced centralized and decentralized processes. CAAC being the independent central agency of the world is involved in the solutions and their implementation from the Technical/Technological and Managerial perspective and is responsible for the successful results from the proposed solutions.

Therefore, CAAC of planet Earth recognizes the “Planet Earth Rights” and is engaged in ensuring that the planets rights are satisfactorily in place. This includes the right of planet earth to expect other planets/satellites to be of some use to humans and planet earth and support life, if possible.

Therefore, it is important and vital to leverage the philosophy of Advanced Civilization. Under Philosophy of Advanced Civilization, so say for example, the number of instances of HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted diseases is made equal to 0.00% at global level.

Similarly, for example, the satellite wastes and obsolete components orbiting earth’s outer orbits; millions of mines planted, are made as close to 0.00% and maintained at that.

Therefore, Human ability to respect, restore and maintain Planet Earth Rights will go the distance to see a major natural decline (or an exponential decline) in global issues that the world community so earnestly seeks to resolve. This by retaining and maintaining the equation Planet Earths Rights = Human Rights.


the mean AC percentage again is a composite of a number of individual percentages. Nations may be 60.2%, 58.3%, 55.7%................31.5%, 25.1%, 10.2%, 7.1% AC and their average (mean value) say 54.6% AC. Each individual nation’s duty is to formulate the road map for attaining a progressively higher AC percentage from their current state. So, from ACM perspective, say, a nation marked at 25.1% AC will have to improve to 25.2% AC, 25.3% AC….and similarly for other nations, thereby improving the National and Global mean AC percentage as time moves on.

So, with all the above issues resolved, human civilization becomes 75% AC.

From, 75.0% AC onwards is for settlement of life forms, human and/or non-human life forms to be able to survive on other planets and be able to return.

Intelligence and investment / funding have to be done for building Advanced Civilization Machinery and Spaceships. Actually, only law and order by Police has to be maintained globally.

So, what really is humans, planet earth and advanced civilizations about?

There are two sides to this, our planets and human.

Firstly, it’s about the resilience of planet earth –
a) Can our planet resolve on its own global warming? NO
b) Can our planet resolve on its own climate change? NO
c) Can our planet resolve on its own ozone layer depletion? NO
d) Can our planet resolve on its own large scale extinctions that happened in non-human life forms? NO
e) Can our planet resolve on its own rising ocean/sea levels? NO
f) Can our planet resolve on its own, rising temperatures of /ocean/seas levels? NO
g) Can our planet resolve on its own pollution? NO
h) Can our planet resolve on its own, the ongoing reduction in polar ice caps? NO, Etc…so, there will be several more questions of these types that are required to be asked.

Secondly, the human side –

Humans, since the time they became aware, started acquiring knowledge and gathering data about the universe, have realized that firstly, it’s really very difficult to go to other planets/satellites and to return back, secondly, the atmospheric and environmental conditions on other planets/satellites are hostile and inhospitable, thirdly, the inability of humans to be able to transform atmospheric and environmental conditions of other planets/satellites to be made suitable for sustaining life, or otherwise are of some other use to humans, fourthly, success or failure in this matter is in the domain of only one type of life on earth, the human.

The human developments and conditions that exist on earth, at the moment, is the resultant consequence of the resilience of planet earth and the aggregate strength/weakness of human intelligence.

Why ACM?
The concept of ADVANCED CIVILIZATION MANAGEMENT (ACM) for solving human problems based on the
Additive Collaborative Integrative (ACI)
model that is based upon Reason and Justice, for improving global integration and eventually evolving a highly integrated world, for solving individual, national, international and global problems as against the current
Divisive Competitive Disintegrated (DCD) model – The outdated model.

The question is that, in a DCD world, do we really have the possibility for finding permanent, robust, persistent and durable solutions to human and planet earth problems? The answer is, NO.

From DCD to ACI could be the new paradigm shift for future generations from ACM perspective.

This is because on Space ships that travel to far away distant planets, contributing to each other, collaborating and having the indivisible tendency to stay to gather will be the key to success. This will be mandatory on Space Ships. For this the fundamental input will be the human experience of having solved human problems while moving from 56.4% AC to 75% AC on Advanced Interstellar space ships, to and from distant planets. This has to evolve on earth first.

So, we can say that planet earth is a space ship that carries the multitude of life forms in the endless expanse of the universe and sustains it.

So, across the globe, only the temperature (intensity of heat) and environmental conditions vary other things remain fixed. That is to say that uniform global standards that are a common factor to all humans need to be formulated and implemented regardless of other considerations in order to gradually solve multi-dimensional Obliqueness conditions in human societies at micro, national and global levels-

Example: People from different nations perform cultural programs in different other nations that adds to the knowledge and enrichment of life experiences to the base culture of a nation and its people who previously did not have exposure to different cultures of the world.

Similarly, sharing indigenous science, technology, art, language, culture, etc

Therefore, at CAAC, planet earth’s wealth/assets are in additive state. The scientific achievements, the religions, the technologies, the arts, the commerce, the global finances, the languages, the cultures, Etc that exist on earth are in additive state. So, there is a plus (+) sign between all the achievements - All this for planet earth.

Again, at CAAC, planet earth’s impoverishment/poorness/poverty/liability is in additive state. Global warming, climate change, poverty, military, imbalanced and under development of humans, religion based conflicts, Human NDLF issues, border disputes, large scale extinctions in non-human life forms, Etc (as per list given) that exist on earth are in additive state. So, there is a plus (+) sign between all the impoverishment/poorness/poverty - All this against planet earth.

CAAC, is about maximizing planet earth’s wealth, therefore, the need to resolve global problems.

Example: We require Space Ships like the ones we consider have been developed by current AC in the universe. That would require collaboration between all the current nations of the world altogether so that all humans are involved in the process.

Global efforts for solving problem of Global Warming and Climate Change – implementing the solutions and monitoring results - technology development for reversing the process of global warming and adverse climate change. That would require collaboration between all the nations of the world altogether so that all humans are involved in the process.

Example: Once humans travel on space ships, they will have to works as an integrated unit. Typically not to have ego problem that was responsible for a disintegrated world on earth - addressing problems of disintegration and its effects in human society.

Solving problems of and from artificial (unnatural) disintegration.

Bench marking the best standards on the following factors to be followed/targeted/ aimed at every human being, for every human being uniformly at the global level.

These standards will remain uniform (exactly the same) everywhere in the world.

CAAC’s (or BAC’s) ACM will independently perform all the managerial activity for achieving results in the direction of AC.

Conflict Management
Elimination of Weapons for Human Destruction
Elimination of Harmful Drugs to Humans
Elimination of Poverty
Handling Injustice, Exploitation and Crime
World Cultures
World Languages
Science and Technology for human benefit and solving human problems
Job Opportunities
Business Opportunities
Waste Management and Recycling

Sincerely hope that the ideas mentioned in this document prove useful for solving the myriad of planet earth, human and non-human life forms problems here on earth. This is my duty for my planet Earth, which I have done.


(Signed by me)
Mr Sanjay R. Dixit
Mumbai – 400053, India.


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