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sometimes we violate against our own selves,lets treat ourselves first before we point fingers-this is for the youthful woman

Yes the violence,abuse and injustice against us is on record but have we stopped to look at our own contribution to that?that perhaps we let our own selves down?that we contributed to it in one way or another?am talking about our individual conduct,do we have self respect,dignity,and high esteem?or have we stooped low to the names society brands us,"the spoilt girl,the harlot/slut,prostitute and then as brand names,we carry them around our necks and soon they are tagging along with us?

Most times we have named and listed almost all things that have made girls stoop so low or become what we see or waste away but take a minute to think of the girl next door,who has it all,drives the best car,has the richest parents,lives in the best apartment,goes to the best school/university but is still found doing drugs,addicted to alcohol,involved with gangs just like the girl from the impoverished slum,who comes from a poverty stricken family,drooped out of school or even never stepped in school at all,owning a car is a long distant dream.....,who is to blame?the parents for not playing their role or is it the individual for being negligent with life?

In a world where drugs are the norm of the day,it's almost a normal habit,let alone drug cartels forming their own governments and the youth are the target of recruitment and girls are no exception,in a world where sex is a norm,chastity and virginity are viewed as primitive and back ward and girls are under pressure to sleep with just about anybody because it feels right,how can the youthful woman escape all this?

At the youth stage is where we are strong and energetic not to be a pain but a blessing,not to die but to live onto the next level of our lives but sadly it's the most dangerous stage,the cross over involves high tides rocking our boat.

We can say no to this and it starts with us,it's never too late to relive our lives and dreams,lets front the fight as we call for backup and support.
I said no and it has worked for me,i told my self i would never drink alcohol and it's been 4 good years of my life,am sober and strong though the decisions cost me my friends yet when i look back am glad am not down where i used to be,i talked some out of it but others have stayed,i hope my continous plea helps them out.
I told my self the next time i sleep with a man he will be the right one,i chose to abstain and not just get into relationships for fashion 1year 5months down the road am healthy and living my life

You can make it,am no exception than you,it's the attitude and approach to a self cry,dear girls,lets champion the change and it begins with us

Thanks for listening
Patricia Obima
Joy for Children Uganda


jacollura's picture

Patricia, thanks for sharing!

Patricia, thanks for sharing!

patricia obima's picture

Hello Julie

you are most welcome.i think this a very important piece too,when the change starts with us the victims,it becomes easy to confront the issues because we know our selves better and it takes some bull fight within us to get out of the mess
thank you


Wendyiscalm's picture

I hear you

Dear Patricia,

Just finished reading this article. It speaks so much to who you are. I am proud to know you. when WP designed the term "Voices Rising" they must have been thinking of you and people like you, who are gutsy, clear and not afraid to be authentic. Thank you.

Ubuntu (I am who I am because of who we are together),


Wendy Stebbins
I AM ONE IN A MILLION Non-Profit Organization focused on helping street orphans and vulnerable children in Livingstone, Zambia Africa.

patricia obima's picture

Thank you Wendy

Hello Wendy,am very humbled by your thoughts,that gives me more strength.
all i know is that sometimes we can be our own poison that kills us and just in the same way we can be the antidote,it all starts with us to push for revival and that desired change
Thank you very much



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