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NO!! Women and Men are NOT Equal, Their RIGHTS are equal

If a man stands side by side with a woman, you will easily see the difference: testosterone. We've been told that we can do anything men do, and we misunderstood. We thought we HAD to be equal physically, but by standing side by side, you can clearly see the physical difference. Man are taller, stronger, they need to work hard, otherwise they become shadows of themselves. That is what testosterone does to them. We need to understand that WHAT IS EQUAL IS OUR RIGHTS. Yes. Our rights to be the persons we want to be. The right to say what we mean. The right to give what we want and take what we want. That is REAL GENDER EQUALITY. So, what we have been trying to do in the las 50 years has been to be physically equal, when that is the only DIFFERENCE that we cannot help.

Us women, with the best intention of fighting for gender equality, have taken over men's main task: to work twice as hard than us PHISYCALLY. They were built to do that, and when we don't let them do it, As a result they use their left over power against themselves by beating up women, getting drunk, getting high, drinking to death or searching for the 'most unbearable pleasure'.

What I state now is NOT that we are less physically or mentally or in any way at all. What I mean is that we have gone through so much to be equal, that we forgot to let men BE MEN. And that we are NOT less, we are only different physically, and we need to BE WOMEN, not superwomen heroins that take over everything, from the housekeeping to the jobs at every level.

Women, get your freedom the way you want it. If you want to work your lives out, fine, do it. But it would be nice if you urged your men to spend their awesome strength on working the best they can to put the bread on the table of your children. Anything you do, DON'T let them have their lives the easy way. Make them work hard at home too. They actually CAN.


pearld's picture


Hello again,

I am happy to hear you bring this topic to light as you bring up a valid point; we as women are not "equal" to that of a man, physically, mentally (in the "way" we may think, I am not speaking about intelligence) and we will continue this fight that separate us more until we accept it. Fighting anything, never tends to make things progress forward.

Men have testosterone, women have estrogen and other hormonal differences (along with the mere fact that physically, we are just different). But, from these different hormones that we each carry, our thinking and processing is different at times and when we meet on an intelligent level with the mind, this is when we are human and no longer male and female. This is where equality can really happen. When we take each others strengths and weaknesses and balance each other. I never want to be or act like a man. I am very happy with being one-hundred percent female and feminine, absolutely no shame in that, it makes me more confident to be who I am. This does not mean that I accept unfair rights or to not be heard or to accept abuse just because I am a woman. I am not weaker as a human being, I am just not a man in strength.

I was married to a very successful, intelligent Belgian man who mentally and physically abused me. Me a successful, intelligent woman who comes from a loving family who are very strong and knows better, experienced the unfair part of what a man and woman can be together. This can happen to anyone and as women, we need to fight this unequal treatment and allow our voices to be heard, unashamed. (I guess this is what I am doing now as I have never admitted this publicly). In the end, I was the one made to feel ashamed both emotionally and on a professional level as we worked together. He went on being forgiven, while I carried the burden of shame and anger for many years from his abuse towards me. In such a situation the differences are not a coming together, but instead are treated as inequality. The man using the differences in strength in a very shameful manner. It was based on control and this act of unfair treatment needs to stop on a global level.

I have also experienced very much the unequal behavior that is assumed within the work place with men and women and it is not based on strength nor intelligence. It is simply because he is a man and he is paid more for his services. This is where the unequal act of fairness plays out and we need our voices heard and over the years I have seen it start to happen. In my field of design, I have witnessed the male dominated field becoming more and an more equal with women becoming more confident with their roles. But, in this "intelligent" country of mine it is still very much alive and known that men are paid more for the very same job and the work done. It is why they say on NPR that through this financial devastation that we are experiencing, women have a better chance at keeping their jobs over that of a man because she usually makes less money.

So, in my mind, these are just a couple examples of the "differences" between men and women that I would like to see fought. Not that I need to proclaim that I am a feminist and that I do not respect men and our differences. Accepting our differences and using them make the whole of the sum seems much more rational to me, but we have a lot of work to get there. I think it is all about understanding and communicating and standing up for our rights as a human being to be treated fairly. Men and women have different needs to fulfill in their lives and when we come to this understanding, we can hopefully figure out a way to make it happen equally between us. Thanks for sharing this viewpoint with us. I have always admired the women in Europe for their ever-feminine yet extremely strong personalities, especially the women I knew in Brussels.

jap21's picture

Feminism and women today

Dear Pearl:

I liked to read your reply very much. In fact I think women of today are the heiresses of the roots of feminism in the 50s and 60s. There is nothing we can do about what we have inherited, but there is a lot of work to be done to make it better. The first step is to realize that it might have been necessary for our mothers and grandmothers to show themselves as capable of doing it all at the same time: being moms, spouses, leaders of the community, and professionals ... all at once.

Thank God this is not the case anymore. As time went by, women have realized that their husbands and other men in their lives are actually meant to work with them to secure their achievements, and that men are physically built to cope with much harder work than them. So let's loosen up a little bit and let them do what they were built for: hard physical work.

When we take over their duty of being the hardest working one outside the home, they get to have a lot of free time, and this makes them willing to spend their spare time in activities their spouses would not approve. At different levels and stages, this happens in Africa, America or Europe, all the same. After so much I have been through, I finally realized that men are men everywhere.

It's not our fault that they are as they are, but it is our fault to let them think we can substitute them. They have a place on earth that we should help them fulfill. Ask your men to be the main providers and they will love you more. It doesn't matter if you are really making more money than them, as long as you don't tell them. Let them be the men of the house.

I also admire european women for their strength and endurance. I don't know many european women, but the ones I have met have become precious and reliable friends.

Warm regards,


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

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