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More PRIMA FACIE Documentary Evidences of -Police CRUELTY to Me, my Son & my Mentally Challenged Daughter - My WP # 1857 of 2012

More PRIMA FACIE Documentary Evidences of -Police CRUELTY to Me, my Son & my Mentally Challenged Daughter - My WP # 1857 of 2012
by Mohini Kamwani on Monday, January 7, 2013 at 7:14pm ·

07 January 2013

Kind Attn: Hon. CJI Hon. Justice Shri Altamas Kabir ji Hon. Supreme Court,

Hon. CJ Hon. Justice Shri Mohit Shah ji Hon. Bombay High Court

HUMBLE REQUEST-APPEAL - From 77 Year Sr. Citizen Mohini Kamwani

The Hon. BHC Justices Hon. A S Oka ji & Hon. S S Shinde ji,

Bombay High Court.

Subject: My WP # 1857 of 2012 – More PRIMA FACIE Documentary Evidences of -Police CRUELTY to Me, my Son & my Mentally Challenged Daughter

Your Honours,

Please Note: This is a HUMBLE REQUEST APPEAL …I am Grateful to Your Hon. Justices for passing 2 ‘Honest’ Orders dt. 20-11-12 & 23-11-12 on my captioned Petition….I have Repeatedly said on Record that… I Respect the Hon. BHC Justices & have Full Faith in the Indian Judiciary…& I am sure Full Justice will be done to me by the Hon. BHC Justices in their Final Judgment.


Azad Maidan Police gave me a Notice on 23-01-12…which clearly states…that I was sitting on a Peaceful Protest Hunger Strike at Azad Maidan from 16-01-12 for my Grievances…& sought Meetings with Hon. CM, DyCM & HM…BUT BECAUSE THEY DID NOT GIVE YOU ANY MEETING…SO YOU GOT UPSET…& you sent a Letter that if they Don’t Meet me till 26-01-12…then you will Commit Suicide…( I wish to Show this Notice to Hon. Court)

Your Honours…this is a Clear Proof stated by Azad Maidan Police + I gave them an Undertaking on 24-01-12…Exhibit ‘E’ Page 43 of my WP…that I am a Freedom Fighter’s Widow, I have Not Broken any Laws in my Life & will Not Start it at age 77

+++Your Honours…Hon. High Court also sent a letter to Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner dt. 21-01-12… Exhibit ‘D’ Page 42 of my WP …+++…Hon. President of India also sent a letter to Maharashtra Govt. dt. 19-01-12 (I wish to Show this to Hon. Court)…BOTH ASKING THEM TO LOOK INTO MY GRIEVANCES ADDRESSED IN MY LETTER DT 18-01-12 & TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION …

Even after this…Vashi Police…Arrest me & my Son Illegally & Falsely on 25-01-12 !!!

2. My Daughter, Kanta Kamwani…is Mentally Challenged…but…Police is telling the Hon. Court…that she is DISABLED !!! …I want to Show the Hon. Court… Certificate Issued by Sion Govt. Hospital + her Treatment Documents…dated 31-05-91 & 06-06-91…Clearly Stating that she is Mentally Challenged + I will Bring my Daughter to Court to Show to Hon. Justices…that she is NOT DISABLED !!!

WHY ???...What is the MOTIVE of Police…for saying that she is DISABLED ???!!!...

Because…IT IS CLEAR CRUELTY… TO LEAVE A MENTALLY CHALLENGED GIRL …ALONE AT HOME… FOR 4 DAYS…WITH SO MANY RAPES + ROBBERIES + MURDERS TAKING PLACE… As Police Did Not Inform Us That They Were Arresting Us + Nor Gave Us The Opportunity To Make Arrangements For Her Stay With Our Relatives In Mumbai !!!

Your Honours…can Imagine the Mental Trauma…I + my Mentally Challenged Daughter & my Son underwent in Jail/Home for 4 Days…WORRYING to DEATH about my Poor Daughter !!!


4. On Page 10 Point (13) of my WP...Police did Not Allow us …to carry extra set of clean clothes, Towels, Toothpaste, Soap, Bedsheets, etc…SO WE HAD TO SLEEP ON THE FLOOR + STAY IN OUR DIRTY CLOTHES WITOUT BRUSHING OUR TEETH + NOT TAKE BATH FOR 4 DAYS !!!

5. On the Completion of our Judicial Custody…we were taken to Hon. JMFC Vashi Court on 27-01-12…& Hon. Magistrate Released us IMMEDIATELY around 12.30 pm…BUT POLICE PURPOSELY TOOK US BACK TO KALYAN JAILAT 8.00PM (BECAUSE Jail Officials leave around 6.00pm)…SO WE HAD TO SPEND 1 MORE DAY AT JAIL & WE WERE RELEASED ON 28-01-12 !!!

6. Please see…EXHIBIT ‘F’ ON PAGE 47 1ST PARA OF MY WP…SPI Laxman Kale has made various False Submissions to the Hon. JMFC Vashi Court…& Your Hon. Has CAUGHT them & passed Strong Order dt. 23-11-12…on Hon. SC Violations…but Please see…1 More Proof…he says OUR MEDICAL CHECK UP HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE !!!…I want to Show to the Hon. Court the PRIMA FACIE Proof of Vashi NMMC Hospital Receipts CLEARLY with Time of OUR Medical Check up as 5.05 & 5.06 pm !!!…after we were Jailed by Hon. JMFC Vashi Court In The Evening…

IMP: I, 77 yr Sr Citizen, Weak & Mentally Harassed, was Sitting on Hunger Strike at Azad Maidan from 16-01-12 to 24-01-12 …+…on 25-01-12 Police came to my House at 9.00am & I had not even had my Breakfast + No Lunch…because Police made us Wait at Police Station & then Produced us in JMFC Vashi Court at 4.45 pm !!!...+ I SUFFERED AT JAIL WORRYING ABOUT MY MENTALLY CHALLENGED DAUGHTER, ETC…ANYTHING COULD HAVE HAPPENED TO ME

PLEASE NOTE: Your Honours…These are Not Additional Matters or I am Not seeking Additional Reliefs…as alleged by my Lawyer who wants a Discharge…Thes Matters are Listed in my WP …as I have mentioned Page Nos. + Exhibits above !!!

Your Honours…All I am seeking is…Exemplary HIGH Fine on Police & Govt. …Due to DELIBERATE Police Cruelty as cited above of our Illegal Arrests, Handcuffing of my son & Jailing…a 77 yr Sr. Citizen COMPLAINANT for 4 Days

+ Early Final Judgment…on my other Prayers of my Writ Petition…Suspension & Prosecution of concerned Police Officers***, Quashing of my Arrest Case & JC…

*** Suspension & Prosecution of concerned Police Officers…is Very Important in my Case…Because…when they can Lie to the Hon. Court, Arrest, Handcuff & Jail us ILLEGALLY…then Your Hon. Can Imagine …WHAT THEY WILL DO TO US …IF SAME OFFICERS REMAIN IN DUTY IN NAVI MUMBAI POLICE – After Final Judgment!!!

+ Action of Recording of Statement of my Main Accused Manoj Karani not recorded since last 2 Years !!!...since 24 December 2010…for Threatening me, asking for my Bank A/C No. & Signature…& Complain/FIR/Action against all my Accused…when I have Severed my Relation with them…Prima Facie Documentary Evidence of Police Served Legal Notices TWICE to all my Accused EXCEPT Main Accused Manoj Karani for Threatening me REPEATEDLY even after Police Notice & Police taking No Stern Legal Action against them for REPEAT Offences !!!

►►►I Respect the Hon. BHC Justices & have Full Faith in the Indian Judiciary…& I am sure Full Justice will be done to me by the Hon. BHC Justices in their Final Judgment.

I am Writing to the Hon. Court…Because:

I am 77 & undergoing High Mental Trauma, Tension & Treatment for same…since last 2 years…so ANYTHING could Happen to me ANYTIME…that is why I want to Put Everything on Record to the Hon. Court
Even after Complaining to Higher Authorities…& 40 Letters from Hon. President, HC, PM, Sonia Gandhi, MHA, Governor of Maharashtra…POLICE JAILED US ILLEGALLY !!!…If I had Not done this…MY FAMILY WOULD HAVE BEEN WIPED OUT BY NOW…BY RICH & POWERFUL ACCUSED/Police/Govt. !!!

SO TO PROTECT MY FAMILY…I have been writing to about 100+ National & International Authorities/Media/Human Rights Organisations, etc. – Including Hon. SC & Hon. BHC

Your Hon. …I am 77, Poor & Not Well…I Request to Please give me an Early Final Judgment…or URGENT Interim/Ad-Interim Relief…till Final Judgment.

With Highest Regards

Mohini Kamwani – 77 yr Sr. Citizen

MOB 9920412577 - TEL 022-27823443 …EMAIL

Address – 101, Mauli, 1st Floor, A-Wing, Plot No. 29-C, Sector 4, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400703
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More PRIMA FACIE Documentary Evidences of -Police CRUELTY to Me, my Son & my Mentally Challenged Daughter - My WP # 1857 of 2012►


Aurore's picture

good luck

I read many of your posts. I do hope you will get a response from this government office and that things can get better for you and your family.
Wishing you the best of luck,

mohini's picture

Mohini Kamwani

...Thank u…God Bless u…for your Kind Concern for a Poor & Helpless 77 year Freedom Fighter’s Widow (who went to Jail with Mahatma Gandhiji) facing Police/Govt INJUSTICE…I was Jailed on India Republic Day 26 January 2012…mark my words...GOD shall REWARD u wid FULL PROSPERITY NAME FAME for ur Family for Helping a Poor Widow even with your Kind Words & Concern...Blessings…

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