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Women rights democratic and equal

The overall women’s sociocultural including other deep-seated segments of life in South Asian countries more or less alike with each other. In Bangladesh where the majority citizens are belongs to religion Islam, the character of extreme cruelty of women is remaining one kind but another nature is in India where the greater part of people are Hindu by religion whom staying in the main stream. In everyday huge incidents of heartbreaking violence of women are occurred in both countries and a very few horrible happenings we often come to know with the help of different media sources.

It’s very tear-jerking to describe again and again hardly the brutal occurrence of violent behavior to women. Every man around the world must be humiliated when such horrible incidents take place any part of the earth. Off course an obligatory guilty feelings used to come in the face of each man when they stand in front of their women members of own family. It’s very habitual of the women members of concerned families to be afraid with the feelings to their male members a sign of those men whom did brutality to women nearer place and or far away. Man should come out from the shocking thoughts of women soonest if not the civilization would be ruined.

It is recognized that India is the biggest democratic country in the world and the democracy is running there since the nation gained independence from the British Colony. Bangladesh also once was a part of greater India sub-continent during the British colonial period. Since 1947, lots of political ups and downs happened in this sub-continent. Numerous numbers of women has devoted their infinite contributions as well as own lives during different political, social and cultural changes in the region. But unfortunately woman body is yet belonging to men’s mind-set as a living device (!!!!!) of erotic science instead of human beings in India like Bangladesh.

A very uncommon incident of cruelty to a medical student in a running bus happened in recent times in Delhi of India. Sister Amanath (her name) was the victim of mind-boggling sexual torture by 6 wild male. Under the present consumerist civilization, the above occurrence is fairly an ugly demonstration of women status socially. Very agony to mention, women now in the world is treated with very stumpy rate of admiration rather over and over again victim of optimum violence by men. It’s quite impossible to describe further about the incidents like Delhi spot. When the total India is tossing and moving due to Delhi incident, similar happening was trying to repeat further in Kolkata, India by a young.

Under the above women status in India, in adding together, a political man has passed a statement after Delhi incident that the medical student became victim due to her careless movement at evening and every woman should move carefully at evening time outside the home for their security. Is the word security of women is stand for keeping away her body from granting man’s desire of violent sexual appetite? Is it signifying a human being if woman supposed to be live in the society under obligation with her own body? Media says the dynamic democracy (?) is existed in India but democratic human rights of woman quite vulnerable.

In this sub-continent, the total cultural outlook of men towards any more powered and or less powered woman is absolutely ungraceful. An incident happened couple of days ago in Bangladesh. A graduated lady doctor was working in a reputed NGO in the country. One of her sub-ordinate male staff (Peon?) once attacked the lady doctor inside the office room to rape. He killed the doctor when he failed to materializes his ugly wish-yielding. The lady doctor was working in a very superior position than the male staff but he treated his woman boss an apparatus of fulfilling sexual desire.

Democracy and Autocracy, Culture and Freedom, Wealth and Wisdom anyone a person can be familiar with photocopies of entire sociocultural status as well as human rights of woman in comparison with man in a particular geographical area. Therefore a country to be swollen with pride based on the level of un-threatened rights as the women enjoys socially. And in order to define the whole social and cultural height of a nation, first and last identifies one and only how much rights and freedom their women’s having and enjoying.


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Stop sadistic death of women

Stop sadistic death of women

In the Indian sub-continent, marriage simply is a social and legal contact in between one male and one female to live accompanied by fairly. Though, different religion indicates marriage is fit in to practice to religious conviction. It is necessary now-a-days to complete a legal deed during the moment of marriage in some countries. However, virtually a complete wedding ceremony stands for man and woman accompanying equal needs and sharing, love and respect, pain and pleasure as well. In adding with a mutual appealing commitment has to be agreed by wedding couple to carrying out mutual responsibilities during their whole life.

Sex is an important episode of total installments of sharing of life which entirely instigate and move through love lane in between a pair man-woman. Even some other birds and animals very endearingly swim in the ocean of love before get in touch with sex among duo. But, in the name of this social contact for human beings, it does not the swallow the trade mark to a man to behave with his counter-part woman a breathing machine of erotic science only.

Universally, man and woman, each one certain have human rights to choice and sex and equal sharing of participation. Based on nourished benevolent values and behave, education and civilization, science and sense, morals and culture, in the name of wife, how a man wish violently to congregate and execute his lustful with a woman!!!! It is a strong violation of women’s human rights and the man must be punished whenever do such manner with his woman partner.

In Bengali language, the meaning of husband is Lord/master/owner/proprietor etc and the sense of each word tremendously keeps women under enemy (man) control not with a partner of life. Similarly, the meaning of wife is no more than woman. A boy and or girl become learn these meaning of words during their childhood at primary education syllabus. With the childhood learning as well as the social identity of husband, consciously and sub-consciously very unfair manners in his matrimonial life often come out from man to a woman. Here, men merely victim of social learning and under the present civilization urgently needs to change the meaning of husband in Bengali language replacing with an appropriate word for the coming generation soonest.

Daughter of India, sister Amanath who became victim of mind-boggling sexual torture couple of days ago. Only 23 years old Sister Amanath was heroically fighting under treatment to survive and to live in a beautiful world until last breathing. Finally she lay down to death and went far away intensely hatred the men and the wild man of a discriminated earth. In the meantime numbers of gang rape occurred in different provinces of India. The rate of rape in India has shockingly increased 873.3% during the period 1971(no of rape was 2487)-2011(no of rape is 24206). The data indicates very undoubtedly women are living in India unsafe and rate of violence obviously beyond imagination.

Across the world, every body knows well the established definition of Rape and no division and sub-division of rape. Rape is rape whether it is marital and or non-marital. Rape always represents is an optimal legal offence and the rapist is liable to be punished.

In recent time, the High court of India has given a judgment that marital rape is not a punishable offence at all. By this verdict, the court of India has ignored the Sex rights of women. Sex right of women is a fundamental human right. Weeding not at all stand for one and only authorization to man as he likes on a woman’s body and a woman by no means slaughter her fundamental rights to a man by wedding. The verdict directly would be stimulated the rapist attitude of men at home and outside equivalently in India as well as other South Asian countries than present facts of rape. Therefore, marital rape must bring under punishment similarly.

The world peoples let knows a few of incidents of rape (Delhi spot) and or cruelty to women (Dr. Sajia Arefin of BRAC in Bangladesh) or Malalama (Pakistan). Large number of similar incidents is remaining behind information. Lots of brutal violence to women frequently occurred in every moment in everywhere and difference is only geographical area, date, time and entity.

Sisters and friends, you are not alone; don’t think you are criminal because of woman, don’t cry. Sadistic manner to women is the shame of men, failure of present consumerist civilization of the world. Come forward to be together we all to transform a better world man-woman both friendly.

We would let say goodbye to 2012 and welcome 2013 couple of hours later. A new sun will rise soon and illuminate the earth with genuine equity and humanity, true hope and happiness, real love and respect and love and love.

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