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Mother, I want to live: Delhi gangrape victim

The super swank Delhi, Capital city where the country’s political, intellectual and feudal elite converge, is shocking in its rape records. It has the highest incidence of rape among the cities in the country and the numbers are rising by the year.
On an average, two women get raped every weekday. The city’s rapists, ranging from lumpen bus drivers to spoilt brats, don’t spare anybody: diplomats, tourists, school girls, migrant labourers and even infants.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau figures, which document only cases registered with the police, the national capital had 453 cases of rape in 2011. Mumbai, the city with the next highest incidence, had only half this number.

If one takes into account the rapes that go unreported – at homes, workplaces and everywhere else – the numbers could be shamefully staggering. It is a known fact, not just in India , but across the world, that rape is the most under-reported crime.

It took the Delhi Police less than 24 hours to track down the main accused in the horrific gang-rape and torture of a 23-year-old medical student in Delhi on Sunday evening. Three men have been arrested and three others have been detained.

Six men repeatedly raped the woman in a moving bus, beat her brutally with an iron rod, beat a male friend who had boarded the bus with her and then threw the two out of the bus, stripped of much of their clothing, on a flyover. They were found unconscious there and were taken to hospital, where the woman has undergone multiple surgeries and is now on ventilator support with what doctors have described as "irreparable damage" to her abdomen and intestines.

Even as Delhi's 23-year-old gangrape victim's condition deteriorated, she has shown immense spirit to live.
According to television reports, in a written communication to her mother, the girl has said: "Maa, main jeena chahti hoon" (Mother, I want to live)

It’s not surprising that even with all the resources of a capital city, Delhi hasn’t been able to do anything, at least partially, to wash off its rape-taint. Instead, the numbers are increasing and the rapists are getting bolder.
Our laws do tell them, but they don’t work. Beating them up or sending them to jail don’t work either because more than the desire of testosterone, it is the cultural ideas or social norms that they have grown up with, which drive them. Our culture should ask them to stop. Or we have to change our culture.

Where do we start?

We have to start with our men – in politics, in popular culture, in community and at home. There is an increasing acknowledgement of the role of men and boys in reducing violence against men. Studies show that boys who grow up watching gender-based violence, whether at home or in society, tend to be violent against women.
The men who exercise dominance over women, whether in parliament, khap panchayats, public places or in movies, set the norms for other men to exercise power in a similar way. Kids who grow up watching this tend to be like them.
These role-models have a pathological problem, whether they are our politicians or film-stars.
It has to change.

Next time, when India’s criminal-politicians block the move to reserve 30 per seats in Parliament for women, don’t forget they are indirectly fostering violence against women.
Understanding why such violence is happening is not to excuse the perpetrators. The aim is only to eliminate the causes of these crimes. Our past may damage us, but it does not let us off the moral hook.

The world has changed again, bringing more complex problems to the forefront to be solved, but because of the internet there are also more voices to join the conversation who add their ideas for solutions. Even the most marginalized in society, poor, indigenous women are fighting for their rights.

I refuse to take violent acts as normal. I do not want to be desensitized towards all the manifestations of violence. I want every heart with a burning fire in it to raise the voice against this brutality. Each time a voice is registered i believe there will be a change.



olutosin's picture


I cant describe how I feel now, but its a shame if OUR INCREDIBLE INDIA CANNOT PROTECT HER FEMALES.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


Sharontina's picture


"INCREDIBLE INDIA" - a mere title dear Olutosin.

Incredibility in its true sense lies in the legal system and its practice to protect our women.

Hope and love.

Merlin Sharontina

Dear Sharontina, I am beyond horrified at this recent crime. I am so very sorry for the young woman and her friend. It is beyond imagination that another (so called) human being, six of them in fact, could do this to another. It is not befitting to call them animals as that would insult the four leggeds. There is no name for them and their actions are incomprehensible. I am so very sorry.
I hope and pray that justice is carried out swiftly and that the punishment for rape is changed so that no man will dare to do such a thing, ever. And yes. Please. May we do something to soften and educate the boy children and the menfolk so that they learn to treat women with respect. And as equals. May we all live to see that day.

My prayers are with her and her family. And all the women in India and elsewhere who have suffered in such a way. May this never happen again.

With love,

Laura R.

Celine's picture

Dear Sharontina, I read this

Dear Sharontina,

I read this news and somehow it was unbelievable that a lady should be raped right before her male friend and in a moving bus! What a corrupt world.

Thank you dear for sharing this situation in Delhi, which tends to be on the increase with each new day. My heart goes out to all women around the globe who have suffered in such an atrocious way.


Shristi Bajracharya's picture

Her words are more cutting

Her words are more cutting than anything else as I read through your message ... "Mother I want to live" .... She has the most incredible sheer will to live. She is one brave girl. Salute to her!! To have gone through such horrific incident and still have the will to live is amazing ... she is a fighter ....
I heard about this incident while I was surfing through the channels at my home on TV... It was early morning when I found out about this .... My whole day when by just thinking about her.... All my thoughts and prayers are with her ... May she live to see that something drastic is done to change the culture we live in ... Male dominant society that we still live in have us being hypocritical because as we keep saying to ourselves, we live a free life, we are somehow affected by this pathetic notion that we still haven't had the right tools to completely eradicate ...
I only hope and pray for her life ... May she be able to live her life despite the agony she had to endure ....
And those demons need to be punished brutally to teach all those offenders out there of the consequences of their actions ...

Osai's picture

The Will to Live - Unsilenced

Dear Sharontina,

India's daughter has finally lost the battle to stay alive but her will to live and the powerful messages in the last few weeks show that the silence, crimes like rape hide under can no longer hold. We remain unsilenced for her and other sisters. Fighting against rape, sexual abuse, violence of any sorts continues and we demand change and action by our leaders.

May her soul rest in peace. Amen.

Warm regards,

Twitter: @livingtruely

Cali gal Michelle's picture

I don't know...

...If I myself would want to live after such horror. May her voice rise to become even stronger than imagined, and be a catalyst for change. May those who committed this atrocity be fully punished. What can be done to make change from the inside out? What needs to happen so that men's and government's paradigms can be changed? Because laws and actions can't change until minds, hearts, and views see things accurately!

I am sorry to hear about this, Sharontina, but am grateful that you are taking such an active role here. Thank you for standing up for those who can not stand themselves.

Love to you in this new year!

Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


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