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The Californian Octuplet Mum


I want us to share our thoughs about Nadya Suleman. She has being criticized all over the world for having Octuplets plus her six other children. She has even received death threats from people. Some people think she did it as a publicity stunt, others think she did it to make money and get book deals or a reality show.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts.



Corine Milano's picture

I am shocked that this story

I am shocked that this story made it all the way to Nigeria! It has been all over the news and media here in the states. I am saddened that this woman felt that she needed to have so many kids to feel whole, as she herself has admitted, but I also feel that it is not our place to judge her circumstances and decisions. They may not be healthy ones, or ones that are best for her and her children, but it is an isolated and personal struggle. I wish her and her children well, and hope that all fourteen of her children are happy, safe, and healthy.

Fatima Waziri's picture

Rightly stated

I know it is not in our place to judge her but i believe she put herself first before her Children. She has always wanted a large family, noted. There is nothing wrong with having a large family as long as one has the means of sustenance and can effectively care for them and not neglect them. In Nadya's case, she is a single parent, living with her mother, without no income. She collects food stamps and disability checks for three of her children but how far can those checks go? she keeps bragging about her not getting a cent from taxpayers money, food stamps is not manna from heaven, it comes from peoples pay checks. How does she expect to survive with 14 children? seriously, that sound like a very selfish, selfish woman. For me the interest of the child is paramount!


JuliaH's picture

My issue here lies not with

My issue here lies not with Nadya Suleman personally, but with the multi-million dollar fertility industry and the egocentrism of the wealthy hoping to create a dynasty.

The greatest environmental and social issues we face today are deeply rooted in the overpopulation of Earth. As an excess of human beings encroaches on land, sea and atmosphere we deplete resources as evermore babies are born crying out for more. Overpopulation can be attributed to many things, among which is women's lack of control over their own bodies and fertility.

Are there not already millions of children around the world -- and not just in the South -- struggling to access basic human rights like clean water and safe shelter? If only the fertility-challenged could look past their obsessive vision of ‘her eyes, his nose,’ their money and effort could certainly enrich the lives of disenfranchised daughters and sons.

Contemporary North American society thrives on an ever deepening schism between humans and nature. Those who can afford fertility treatment are already detached from primal survival instincts. Alienated from food sources, standing atop the food chain and all but dominating the environment, can we not also surpass the urge to reproduce?

My hope is that those faced with infertility can move beyond their so-called biological clock. That they can take an orphaned, hungry or ill child under their wing and devote to that child the love and compassion they had reserved for a DNA match.

Fatima Waziri's picture

Rightly stated Julia

Where bring more children into the world when we already have million who need a family, someone to hug them and love them? I have an adopted brother and sister both of whom are 13 years old. My parents adopted them when they were 3 months old. They both are blessings from God.


pearld's picture


I have to say, I agree with what Julia says about blaming the fertility system, to a point. When the story first came out, I felt it was almost all about the fertility clinic and doctors success story who all made it happen more so than the mother. As if she was a test trial to make them famous. Any responsible doctor (I have a brother who is one) would not allow such a risk; health wise, financially nor mentally with this sort of woman. She obviously does not have the means nor the mental stability to care for all of these children alone like this. She is now asking others to donate money to her to fulfill her unrealistic goals of an unusually large family that she needs to fill an emptiness and insecurity inside her. Other human lives are not meant for this. Yes, I understand the wanting for children, it is innate for most women and natural. And, a large family is fine if you can provide for all of them, but it has to be rationally thought out. There are many things I want, but I would not act irrational to obtain them, especially when knowing it will effect another living being or count on the system in which I live in to provide for my unrealistic dreams. It's not fair to anyone involved and it does not help her with her deep insecurities in the end. It's like telling a shopaholic to go our and buy more clothes to fill the wanting of having more stuff. She needs help, long-term mental help to seek out the source of this insecurity inside her. I found her very disturbing when watching her on interviews, but I also find the threats against her just as disturbing as this does no one any good. It's too bad it was ever encouraged to happen.

Nikiniki's picture

I feel worried for her, with

I feel worried for her, with all of the aggressive feelings people have expressed towards her family. I would worry about the safety of herself and her children. What will school be like for them? Will they be targeted for violence and harrassment?

I know how hard it is to be a full time student and a mom, and that is with only one baby. I can't even imagine how she will do it. There is no way that these kids will not face some degree of neglect.

She's got some hard times ahead and I hope that her family is safe and well through those times.

apalmeira's picture

The result of being irresponsible

Nothing else to say other than that.

Adriana Palmeira - MPA
Executive Director
Brazilian Alliance

Camille N.R's picture

Don't Judge her!

we have no right to judge her by that woman situation.

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