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What can we do?


What can we as individuals do to further the interest of woman all over the world? what can we do to stand up for our rights? what can we do to break that barrier of inequity and inequality? what can we do to be seen and heard rather than be sen and not heard?

In my personal experiences working in the area of women rights, i believe we as woman have to start by loving ourselves, loving others, being our sisters keeper and seeing the degradation of women human rights all over the world as "our problem" and not as a geographically region problem. If we can see past that, then and only then do i think we will have a foot in the door.



Corine Milano's picture

Fatwaz, what a wonderful

Fatwaz, what a wonderful conversation. I can't wait to see what emerges from this discussion!

For me, I also agree that it begins with confidence and trust in each other. Dialogueing, sharing, connecting, being inspired, and working together is the first step. I do hope that PulseWire can be this place!

Fatima Waziri's picture

Hey Corine

Seriously, i have been to women conference where women literally fight themselves, no support whatsoever. How are we going to make an impact if we cannot put over own house in order?


Corine Milano's picture

Agreed! We must do as much as

Agreed! We must do as much as we can to help women know their own strength and courage. Together we can and will move mountains!

Woman's problems spans the globe, I agree, and we all are effected by them so unity would make since, right? Global web is solving this problem, but it's not enough, but it's such a perfect place to start.
You said you are a woman's rights worker? I would love to hear about that sometime, maybe post it in a journal?
What kinds of barriers do we face? What is the process like? What area do you work in? Is there certain behaviors or some such things that appear often in the course of perusing Woman's Rights so that it can be prevented, or seen?
What was the most common problem(s) woman face, in your experience?
...Geez, this sounds like a interview. Sorry, especially if maybe you already have posted something like this and I just have not seen it yet. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Your ideas take root here, and someday they will grow.

Starland's picture

women's right to a full life

Can the women be liberated without the men being liberated also? Would there be prostitution and sex trafficking if the men were not customers? There are lots of viable pathways to female liberation, maybe one of the first begins with "What do you want?" and then help her find ways she can get it herself even through economic/political/cultural/religious barriers. Empowerment is a big key. In years of working with violent, incarcerated women I found that many (not all) were empowered by being given tools for a more peaceful personal life.(Not to mention how to stay out of prison.) When they knew better, they did better. When the women brained stormed ideas among themselves, smiles happen. Then there is the otherside: when men love themselves without ego, can they then love the women, too? Is fear greater than gender cooperation? Peace planning takes all forms - individual to global, male and female. I love the work and well worth the time and effort in my opinion.

K-lee Starland, Ph.D.

Starland's picture

True world peace

A very wise old woman told me once: "The path to true world peace begins with one individual at a time."

K-lee Starland, Ph.D.

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What Can We do?

Thanks for your post it is truly an eye opener. Sometimes we get so busy with our own lives we forget how we can empower women across the world. I had also thought that the seen and not be heard kills the spirit of women. Its sometimes a question of ignorance vs cultures too! Some people would rather not change their mentalities because to them it would seem it is better to follow the teachings they have been brought up on even when those same teachings are holding them down. Thanks Fatma!

Sanjay Dixit's picture

hello fatima, Women want to

hello fatima,

Women want to hear the voices of women.Men also want to hear the voices of women.

But do women want to hear the voices of men?Do they earnestly seek to listen the voices
of men?

Unfortunately not in the same way, and to the same extent, as men desire to listen to the
voices of women.

That is because,deep in their hearts, they know and realize that, the voices of innocent women
get silenced by the sometimes ruthless,unremitting and unforgiving realities of life, in a men
driven world.

Women prove to be too gentle and helpless to be able to handle these type of harsh and ruthless
realities of human life,and thereby, only to find that they and their voices, have been silenced for ever.

We can change this in human society, forever,if we truely desire.

sanjay r. dixit

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