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Introducing myself and my journal: Fed Up

About Me:
I am a Caribbean-born woman. One who often wonders therefore, whether her dauntless instinct for feminist activism did not come by way of Birthright. An inadvertent heritage; one originating due to the fact of having been born into a region that was itself once victim to resource-rape. Historically “normalized” pillage as practiced by the British in their self-appointed role as ex-colonial "Masters," while being in fact merely The People Who Came and Took and Took….! Callously and greedily. Took in essence the very little wealth native to a small island, in order to put the "great” in the Incomparableness that is supposed – today – to be Great Britain. Sounds familiar? It should! This self-assigned “freedom” to take what one (alone) desires, in order to fulfill one’s desires (alone), with nary a thought – far less care, for the Desires of the One Bereaved?

Yes; ladies: it should sound familiar. For the agenda conceived and deployed by the Empiricists – ostensibly of bygone days, almost exactly informs the agenda under which MALE-GENDER PRIVILEGING – despite all of its flagrant abuses, arrant excesses and obvious Inhumanity, yet manages to thrive and flourish within global societies today.

Why? In much the same way that NATIONAL-RESOURCE COLONIZERS sought – and still seek – whether under the ancient guise of Empiricism, or the neo-empiricist mantle of World Trade, to unilaterally APPROPRIATE & EXPROPRIATE what was NEVER THEIRS to take in the first place, so TOO do the Male of the specie find their own rationale for globally perpetuating and socially sustaining MALE-GENDER PRIVILEGING within their individual societies.

Women, therefore, need to WORK-BACKWARDS from this lethally-consequential, if rather basic – even childish- equation of “ONLY ME.”

How? Moreso today than ever, Women are being DE-HUMANISED VIA THEIR SILENT AND CONSEQUENTLY SUSTAINED-VICTIMHOOD TO MALE-DEPLOYED SEXUAL, PHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL VIOLENCE. For Women are, indeed SOCIALLY "SILENT" in the face of, and under the hands of their MALE-ABUSERS. One example is all that is needed to validate this argument, namely: when YOU, Gentle Reader, engage a male-discussant in a topic about RAPE, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE or GLOBAL WAR CRIMES: do you GENDER-IDENTIFY THE PERPETRATOR in the discourse? For example: which of the following Statements are YOU more likely to make, as you stand there, all warm and socially-included amongst your Male peers by the UN-ROCKED BOAT that is your office water cooler:

1. “It sickens me how Men are continuing to rape in the Home; to rape in the Workplace; to rape in Society; to rape in the Church – even to rape in the Field.”

2. “ It worries me how the incidence of Incest, Sexual Harassment, Rape, Pastoral Abuse and Bestiality remain on the rise.”

Ever wondered, ladies, WHERE such TRUTHFUL Gender-ascription of Blame would LEAD – for both WOMEN and MEN? The way I see it, Today’s Woman….standing there all warm and socially-included by her Male peers in her national/social/intellectual/financial/ married/blonde/well-endowed/etc., etc., etc. UN-ROCKED BOAT ……appears to have neither the WILL nor the DESIRE to even TRY.

My Passions:
Music, Literature and Cultural Entertainment that fulfill my need to be entertained, without sacrificing my right not to be offended.

My Challenges:
Engaging/Infusing Women globally with my passion for WOMAN-DEPLOYED CHANGE in Fighting the Gender War...without emotionally estranging my sisterhood.

My Vision for the Future:
One where HUMANITY triumphs over the INDIVIDUAL. Men have forced the World to endure a sufferance called "Life" by dint of MALE-GENDER PRIVILEGING. Women must reciprocate ONLY AS NECESSARY TO RISE ABOVE.

My Areas of Expertise:
Analysis: both living human and dead script hold no secrets from me.


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Hello, Sister World

Hello, Sister World Citizen.
We'd love to hear from you again. Only together can we define solutions.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


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