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Ending Violence Against Women - A lesson to be learnt by women from the brutal murder of an Israeli Youth

This story I write on behalf of an Israeli youth. If he were alive, he would have told his story, his experience. But he is no longer alive – murdered in a brutal way.
He was also the son of a woman. Violence against him was violence against women; against women of his family – his mother, sister, and other women who happen to be his blood relatives.
What needs to be done to remedy this, so as not to happen again?
This clearly shows, ending violence against women is about ending violence between men.
Just a few days back there was a photograph in the newspapers with its description in which a suspected Israeli spy was shown dragged on the roads of Palestine by four Palestinian motorcyclists, riding on their motor cycles, with a rope tied to his leg. With his body soaked in blood from head to toe, he was a dead boy.
Sitting on motor cycles they do this; savage killers. Savages/Barbarians who sit on the back of the products (motor cycles) of human genius and do this. But the genius has to kneel down and touch his head on the ground in front of savages because they, the savages, have money, who knows from where, and the geniuses need the business orders to earn their livelihood.
A technology upgrade provided by modern civilization? Yes – during the ancient times, men have done this activity by sitting and riding on horse backs, to an enemy intruder. The genius of modern technology provided the technology upgrade to the savage for him to conduct his activity.
But evolution is no charity business. The savage remains where he is, in space and time, for he did not have the conscience, the moral and the mental ability to mend his ways for improvement in civilizing himself and his society. He still does not have, even to this date, because he never ever made any efforts in that direction. So, evolution says, sorry, I am not here in the business of charity.
Let us all send our condolences to the family members of this Israeli boy who was killed by Palestinian boys in a savage way and share in their grief. Hope he gets justice and his soul rests in peace.

This story was written for World Pulse’s Ending Violence Against Women Digital Action Campaign.

World Pulse believes that women's stories, recommendations, and collective rising leadership can—and will—bring an end to gender-based violence. The EVAW Campaign elicits powerful content from women on the ground, strengthens their confidence as vocal grassroots leaders, and ensures that influencers and powerful institutions hear their stories.
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LauraB's picture

Violence between men

is violence against true

I would like to hear more from you about how the violence in the Isreali/Palestian conflict affects women. It is great to have a man posting on World Pulse and I hope that you can be a personal voice on behalf of women that you know. In the U.S we continually get news about the violence in Isreal/Palestine, but the voices of real people are often missing.



Hello Laura,

At the local level, if I have to say something about Violence against women then this violence
emerges in the following ways -

(a) Wide spread use of Alcohol - Too much of Alcohol consumption to the extent of spending
most of the salary money on alcohol and also demanding money from wife for further consumption.
If she does not give, then there is wife beating and further domestic violence. This is a common
feature here. The woman I know of over here is our domestic help (servant). Her husband is
a complete drunkard. He, however, abstains from violence because he is aware that his wife
is like a sister to me.

(b) Female Foeteide

(c) Dowry Deaths

(d) In general, women not treated with reasonable dignity, equality and respect

In the Israel/Palestine conflict, women suffer in the following ways -

(a) On the Israeli side, Israeli women suffer due to Palestinian Rocket/Missiles attacks.
Women are killed,injured or loose their loved ones - sons,brothers,husbands,and other
male members leading to deep emotional and psychological scars.

(b) On the Palestinian side, Palestinian women are killed,injured or loose their sons,
brothers,husbands,and other male members. On the Palestinian side, of the Arab-Islamic
world, women hardly have any say or control over the actions of their men. There is
fundamnetal and profound inequity in these societies with respect ot the man - woman
relationships in these kind of societies. To what extent these men are worth loving
is only know to these women. Women in thse socieites are nothing more than reproductive
machines. All the emotional clamour in that part of the world, where the conflict is,
appears to come from palestinian gun men and Hamas, who seem to have reserved the sole
right to the expression of their emotions and feelings of hate and only hate.

Best Regards,


sanjay r. dixit

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