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Don't Forget her.

Malala Yousufzai was shot at for daring to want an education.

We stood by her side. We roared in anger at the atrocity. We said she was our hero. We said she was a strong fighter.
Then her father said that Malala will not cower, and will fight back.

We applauded his bravery, and his daughter’s bravery. And then we dedicated a day for Malala. The UN applied her example to the world crisis that gender based violence has come to be. Popular demands have risen to a feverish pitch, that Malala be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

And yet, the situation closer home to Malala is bleak.

Malala’s achievements in the face of the Taliban despotism have not been received the way they should have. On the one hand, some religious parties call the whole thing a drama, a fiasco, and some other religious parties call the attack a product of the drone attacks, hinting at a weaker responsibility of the Taliban. On the other hand, political parties and the army have supported the cause of the education of women. And then there is the third side that deems the whole event a conspiracy by the Afghan Intelligence and the US Military – a grim reminder of the difficult relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

A time can come when the world will move on, and Malala’s shooting will be but a distant memory. But, we, as a people must fight every propensity for such a time: for Malala stood for a cause, fought for a cause, and bravely stayed put when there were threats aplenty hounding her. Malala may have made the cause for women today, for the deprivation that many of her global sisters face. But Malala has left behind a legacy, an epoch making one at that. She showed the world that defiance in the face of tyranny is bleeding courage. She showed the world that one cannot be too young or too old to demand her rights. She showed the world that no one can deprive her of her courage or her will, try as they might to strike her down.

Just imagine - One young girl taking on a terror outfit that dented a superpower and wiped out two buildings in its Skyline. Awe-inspiring, to say the least.

Malala is the symbol of courage that the rest of us need to learn to have. We write, we talk, we applaud, we curse, we shout, we scream. But how many of us question? How many of us demand where we are denied, ask where it hits, fight where they dictate, and stand strong when adversity slaps us in the face and deprives us?

Eleanor Roosevelt tells you to do one thing a day that scares you the most. Malala showed you not to let that fear exist, at all.

There is a Malala in every one of us. The least we can do to truly respect what she did, and the path she carved for us in these dense woods is to fight, and keep that path sustained.

This story was written for World Pulse’s Ending Violence Against Women Digital Action Campaign.

World Pulse believes that women's stories, recommendations, and collective rising leadership can—and will—bring an end to gender-based violence. The EVAW Campaign elicits powerful content from women on the ground, strengthens their confidence as vocal grassroots leaders, and ensures that influencers and powerful institutions hear their stories.
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Aurore's picture


it's true that we should not forget. I try to check regularly how is she doing but the info is becoming more rare on Internet about her condition (on the other hand, it's somehow positive since i guess that, at least medically, she is doing much better). I hope it will not pass along with the other news. I especially hope for her and her family that in the future they will be safe and more protected. And that she can grow old peacefuly to become a world-class leader!

Thanks for your article anyway. It reminded me of this, once more. I especially like your last line: indeed, we have to keep that path sustained!


kirthijay's picture

Thank you, Aurore! I

Thank you, Aurore! I completely agree with you - Malala's news on the internet is slowly dwindling to nought :(

William's picture

Standing up for her rights

Dear Kirthijay, Thank you so much for the inspiring story about Malala, the woman who stood up for her rights to live as a women. I will share your story with other people in the U.S., as it is proof that tyranny and those who embrace it, will not have the last word about human rights. Of course, women and girls are equal with men and as such deserve an education and their place in the government of their native country. I encourage you to keep writing and sharing (in safe places like World Pulse) so you can shine a light on the actions of tyrants and terrorists. May God bless you richly.

kirthijay's picture

Thank you, William! May God

Thank you, William! May God bless you richly, too. You are one of a kind, recognizing the quintessence of a woman's freedom isn't something every man does. Kudos to you!

William's picture


Kirthijay, have courage and hope. The world is changing, due to young women like you who are unafraid to stand up and speak. There are dangers in doing this, so be careful, but courageous.

kirthijay's picture

Thank you William!

Thank you William!

aimeeknight's picture

Thank you Kirthijay, for

Thank you Kirthijay, for sharing your thoughts. When you are inspired, the story carries on. I agree with you, the mainstream media lets the important stories die out, in search of the next big headline. One of reasons I enjoy visiting World Pulse, is that every day, the headlines are stories like yours.

"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella

kirthijay's picture

Thank you, Aimee! <3

Thank you, Aimee! <3

Nicole.Staudinger's picture

Keeping the spirit alive

I wanted to share this article with you, because I think it will give you hope.

This is a direct quote:

"At this time of year, we tend to look for milestones and symbols to represent the achievements of 2012 and inevitably we hope for better things to come. One such symbol is Time Magazine's Person of the Year award for which nominations and voting have just closed. It is looking promising for Malala Yousufzai, the courageous 15 year-old Pakistani girl who stood up against the Taliban for education for girls."

Can you believe it? One of the most prestigious magazines in America is considering Malala for a huge public honor. There, in itself, is proof that the world is waking up. Malala's bravery is being recognized on a global scale. We can only hope that this is indicative of awareness that will result in actual change.

To a better future,

kirthijay's picture

Absolutely, Nicole! Thank you

Absolutely, Nicole!
Thank you for sharing!

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