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Chakra Rising, Women Rising: 7 Reminders of the True Power in You

Learning about the chakras was one of the biggest blessings of practicing yoga and becoming a yoga teacher for me. One of my all-time favorite yoga memories was an amazing chakra class my friend and mentor Sybil Nance did with us during a Yogafit teacher training. To know that these energy centers existed within ourselves, no matter who we are or where we go, on or off the mat, it was an awakening realization that we carried the whole Universe within all of us. Recently I’ve just made a big life dream come true where I have the privilege of reminding women everyday that they are amazing lights for the world and that they have the power to empower by the way they lead their lives.

Here are seven reminders from our chakras that each and every one of us has the power within, and with that power, we light up the world, one glowing life at a time:

1. You are centered and grounded in peace and love – Finding our center and being grounded in peace and love anchors us to our foundation that is the Earth. Without doing or striving to achieve anything, when we can sit in peace and love, we can root ourselves onto the solid foundation of life that offers us calmness, stability, and infinite possibilities.

2. You are pure creative potential – Pure creative energy is constantly flowing through us. With every thought you think, every emotion you feel, and every action you choose to take, you are creating. With this power to create 86,400 seconds every day, you indeed have amazing creative potential in every aspect of your life.

3. You have deep strength from the core of your Being – Just like core strength is the center of our physical practice, tapping into the core of who we are is where we find our deepest well of strength. This strength may lie deep within, not easy to find if you just skim the surface, but going deep inside ourselves, we find an unyielding center that knows balance and strength in all directions.

4. You are a tremendous force of love from the heart – Opening up the floodgate of our hearts, we are filled with a surge of power that only love brings. If you have a heart that still beats, you have access to this inherent life force that no other power can compete with. Whenever you struggle or need to refuel, drop down into your heart and that power is always there, always.

5. You are a voice for courage and Truth – The privilege of your voice lies in your power to speak for the truth, courageously, without hesitation and apologies, because when we suppress our voice, we deny the truth. Use your words for good, speak for those who can’t, and exercise your right for being here by using the power of your voice.

6. You are guided by vision and intuition – We are made to lead just as we are led by powers greater than us. Without even seeing or fully comprehending, we are pulled by a bigger sense of direction that just makes sense and propels us with energy that we can’t even fully explain. Trust and walk with this power that leads you to your greatness.

7. You carry great wisdom from the Divine – Finally we hit home with the greatest power of all, the Divine within each and every one of our Beings. This divinity is the ultimate seat of our souls; it lives within us wherever we go, and is the largest power field there is because it connects us all. When you need the biggest dosage of power, think of all the other sentient beings connected to you right now, and carry yourself to them, for in them you will find the Divine source, the way home.

May you be reignited with your true powers within and share your powerful light with others.

Love and blessings,




Amei's picture

To fee in the heart is power!

I am so glad I came across this post. It was only yesterday I explored Sahaja yoga. The 7 ideas you have shared here were they key in what I eplored as well.

It was a wonderful experience. The sweet cold tingling and how the gentle vibrations feel was sensational. I have to practice the control of these energies to fully utilise the power of chakras.

Most interesting was to find out was how the different massaging points of the toes and hands contribute to keep the mind, body and soul balanced.

Have a wonderful day.

With love

lolatsai's picture

Thank you!

Thank you Amei, for reading my post and for commenting!

I hope you enjoy your yoga is truly wonderful :)

Sending you love & blessings,

Love & blessings,

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