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Ending Violence Against Women Digital Action Campaign - Annulling The 'Ravana Syndrome'.

"Justice for Ravana is justice for the world".

The impact of the Ravana Syndrome on the world.
This from the oldest civilization of the world – India, and how the world is affected by this.
This is a story of an individual who was dehumanized and demonized.

This was, several millennia back, in Indian Mythology there is the story of Ramayana. The demon Ravana abducts the wife of a god Rama. This he does with the intent of teaching Lord Rama a lesson. He was one of the contenders for marriage with princess Sita but could not win her in marriage and therefore had an inferiority complex.

Ravana was essentially not such a bad person as he is depicted to be. And he is also a very intelligent and knowledgeable person. He abducts Sita, the wife of Lord Rama, and provides her with the best of facilities to live a good life. He held her in captivity but did not molest abuse or defile her dignity. A war commenced for the release of Sita. In the war Ravana was killed by Rama. Sita was recovered in the sound condition; no harm was done to her. Late Lord Rama, god, had two sons from her. This war signified the triumph of good over evil. The effigy of Ravana is burnt every year on festival ‘Duserra’ day to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. This burning of Effigy is being done year after year, for several centuries or even millennia; Ravana becomes one of the most despised persons. Despite this, the world is not free of evil or at least reasonably free. The burning of the effigy of Ravana must be stopped immediately.

There are many evils in the world:
*Female Feticide (Female Infanticide)
*The Indian Caste System
*Honor killings for forging inter-caste (as per Indian Caste System) alliance
between boy and girl for love or marriage
*Also appalling examples of killing of female infant, such as:
(1) A new born infant girl being fed glass pieces to kill her because a girl child was
not wanted/expected
(2)A new born infant girl being crushed under one of the legs of a bed because a girl child was not wanted/expected
*Inferiority Complex
*Military (Army, Navy, Air force, soldier, etc)
*Imbalance in Justice system.
Plus others
Are examples of crimes that are far worse than what Ravana did. However persons who have done such crimes have not been booked for their crimes and punished under the law. By the same token, such type of crimes, which are of a truly extraordinary magnitude, would require effigies of perpetrators of such crimes to be burnt every day. It is not surprising that hard core criminals who do such heinous crimes do not feel guilty about it.

This proves that by showing a person as a very evil person although he is not does not facilitate the cause of establishing reason and justice as a fundamental premise on which human society ought to function. This desired condition was severely negatively impacted in human history and the myriad of negative conditions, which otherwise would not have existed or probably would have in a much lesser measure, started emerging in the world.
Man in his efforts to prove Ravana as evil has himself become super evil. And if this was not enough, perpetrators of such type of unspeakable crimes move freely as respectable members of society!!! . This is something beyond imagination.

The story of Ravana clearly shows that Man used Ravana as a scapegoat only for asserting his superiority and domination (over Ravana). The killing of Ravana need not have extended beyond the sentences of history/mythology books because the conclusive administration of justice was done. Since this did not happen, an ‘ancient stream’ got generated that encapsulated the properties of treating and dealing with and between humans started permeating into the world as given in the ‘RAVANA SYNDROME’ later. Whether we like it or not or whether we acknowledge it or not, the results of human actions do spread in the world. HIV/AIDS from one person spread across the world and today people around the world have to take sufficient care to safeguard themselves from this disease. In the same way, during the ancient times this specific pattern spread in the world. When we talk about Rama and Ravana we talk with reference to periods in human history that go as far back as around 5000 BC. During those times, this part of the world from where I write was more developed when seen in the context of human advancement. In the modern times due to the availability of advanced communication technology information the effects spread in the world at a much faster rate when compared with the previous centuries and millennia. Therefore, this phenomena must have spread in the world although this process must have taken centuries or millennia to spread in the world, for people of those ancient times to learn from, and imbibe and inherit, the properties and attributes of the ‘Ravana Syndrome’ signifying that this is THE way. The myriad of secondary/derivative effects of this ancient intangible rivulet were experienced by the world in a myriad of ways, such as in, wars, crimes, rape, murder, weapons usage, fraud, unnatural behaviors, female human problems, etc. Since the ‘Ravana Syndrome’ does not exist in the world of non-human living entities (not human living creatures), they live natural lives and qualitatively are in a much better evolved state than humans, which is the REAL way to live and exist in natural world. When seen in the human context, humans worldwide have incurred massive losses of truly astounding proportions due to the ‘Ravana Syndrome’ that needs to be set right, without further delay. This process can be reversed, annulled and the ‘Ravana Syndrome’ eliminated from the world for establishing a human natural and a sound world order, which is a natural right of humans, as a natural entity like other non-human living creatures, who experience perfectly natural lives during their entire life times, which has been denied to humans worldwide on a major scale. The ‘Ravana Syndrome’ unnecessarily/unnaturally adds and increases the level of insecurity and lack of safety in the world and this has phenomenal negative repercussions for humans.

The ‘Ravana Syndrome’ encapsulates the following attributes that permeated the world as an ancient stream like an invisible intangible rivulet –
Persecution/Ruthless Persecution, as against positive engagement for resolving issues
Treating a person or persons with contempt and hate
Assertion of superiority and domination by taking advantage of/using other people’s weaknesses / vulnerabilities
Demonizing a human being without understanding why he/she behaves in the undesirable way and ascertaining whether some way to solve the problem could be provided
Brutal/Ruthless subjugation of human beings
Absence of compassion
Use of weapons for resolving conflicts as against reason and justice.
False pride
Substantial decline in collaborative efforts for resolving mutual problems
Negative impact on human integrity and honesty
Imbalanced development in the human natural world, which in turn adversely impacting rest of the natural world along with human
Complacency that comes from asserting and succeeding in asserting ones
superiority and domination , which becomes the goal
Inferiority Complex
Tendency to use Violence
Regressive/Retrograde Sociological Forces(loads)
Deficiency in natural relationships among humans
Plus others

The current effects of that are –
*Treating someone as a very bad/evil person which is disproportionate to his/her
actual actions
* Skewed male-female sex ratio’s in favor of men
*Myriad issues currently afflicting women
*Use of torture techniques on prisoners (or the current inevitable need to use them)
*Justice is not delivered with clinical precision and in requisite time, without wastage of time.
*World War I and II
*Border conflicts
Among others
It is very important that the concept of demon should be scrapped. No human being is a demon and there is god in every person.
Woman is the natural entity of humans from whom humans are born. Her true condition across the world reflects the state of human life and is a reflection of the ‘Ravana Syndrome’.
It is important to understand the negative impact of this ancient rivulet called the ‘Ravana Syndrome’ on the world. This needs to be solved at the global level. Woman has a herculean task in front of her, which she must deal with in her own interest, resolve and annul the ‘Ravana Syndrome’ once and for all, forever, globally. Therefore, the world has to be freed from the ‘Ravana Syndrome’ and its effects .Man ought to collaborate with her in this herculean effort.
With Best wishes From:
Mr Sanjay Dixit
Mumbai, India.

This story was written for World Pulse’s Ending Violence Against Women Digital Action Campaign.

World Pulse believes that women's stories, recommendations, and collective rising leadership can—and will—bring an end to gender-based violence. The EVAW Campaign elicits powerful content from women on the ground, strengthens their confidence as vocal grassroots leaders, and ensures that influencers and powerful institutions hear their stories.
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Dear Mr. Dixit,

Thank you very much for educating us about ‘Ravana Syndrome’. I was not aware of it before, although women all around the world are sharing many of the hardships that you have so accurately described.

I am looking forward in reading more of your work.


Sanjay Dixit's picture

I appreciate

Dear Marija,

Thanks for your response.

I made an effort to ensure, and I use the word ensure, in certain that women, all women around the world get equal status with men,get job opportunities for becoming independent (which does not mean becoming independent from men, which is again unnatural and not true), live with dignity and lead happy healthy family lives with their children. Simultaneously, it is important for women to understand men with respect to financial conditions,and general vicissitudes in life which is a major cause of (sometimes killer) stress conditions their lives. It is again very important and natural to ensure that women and girls establish and maintain strong emotional bonds with their men (dad,brothers,sons,cousin brothers and generally any other men with whome they associate - all of them) and to understand what happens in their live on a daily basis and to be with them in the best or worst times
in order to be the pillar for them at all times.

One of the symptoms of the 'Ravana Syndrome' is in the significant decoupling between boys/men and girls/women all across the world, which leads to violence, loneliness,isolation,rape,murder,insecurity in life,rampant use of

My fundamental contention is that the 'Ravana Syndrome' is the root stream whose attributes have contributed to the myriad of unnatural problems in the human natural world; armed forces - military (in principle I do not consider that this activity represents true value to humans or that its activities siginfy courage) - instead the money should be used for human and social development, borders and border disputes, domestic violence, pollution( human indifference to it), global warming( human indifference to it),
deficiency in human evolution,anit-semitism,female foetecide, (ruthless)murders and assassinations, mutual distrust, ruthless competition,mafia,our beloved planet earth problems,disintegrational impact on th world,cruelty, use of torture techniques,crime, persecution,diseases,etc,etc,etc...

My document on 'Ravana Syndrome' is only a seed document. I am not in the profession to do comprehensive research on this. My effort is only to position the view on global problems in a very clear and unflincingly correct perspective,positively,for future resolution.

Men have to understand this very well and both men and women need to works in
collaboration for this.

Thanks again and with best wishes,
Mr Sanjay Dixit

sanjay r. dixit

bronxesqmom's picture

Thank you

Dear Mr. Dixit,

I also thank you for telling the world about the Ravana Syndrome. You're absolutely right. Although societies may demonize individuals, no human being is a demon. We must all hold each other accountable to be the best versions of ourselves, while promoting socially just and equitable behavior in others. Our collective efforts should be focused on ending violence against women and promoting peace instead of vilifying those who fall short of our aspirations.

Again, thank you Mr. Dixit.

Sanjay Dixit's picture

I did my duty

Dear Bronxesqmom,

I did my duty.
I am deeply touched by your response and thank you for your response.
I salute to you.

With Best Wishes,
Sanjay Dixit,

sanjay r. dixit

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