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India: Our population is our country’s strength; killing unborn fetuses will defeat us at in the end. Abortion is becoming more and more prominent in India . Don’t destroy your future joy. Have mercy with your kids. Killing other humans is always a crime; no matter the age. Every child needs protection, don’t deny it by selection. Children are so beautiful, sweet and full of joy; how could anyone conceive a system which take their life, avoids their birth and destroys their hopes? A child being created under the heart of its mother is a separate entity, a soul like you and me; it does not belong to either the mother nor the father. It is a gift of God, think of all she could be.If you want to spoil your life, abort a child and pay the price.
I want to share some real story which happen around us,Most of the family,when they know a girl child is growing inside a mom,they abort side in our country when girl is worshiped as Goddess,on the other side they didn't hesitate to a kill a girl.In a state a women had abortion for 6 tyms.her husband along with the family member told lie that they r going for check up and giving injection they abort their rude we are; for the 7th time when she was pregnant she hide this news to everyone and went to her maternal home and there she gave birth to a girl child and now she got the divorce from her husband and live happily with her daughter. her daughter is now 7 years old. We think in rural area this crime must be more.but i shocked to hear that in our major cities this crime is much more.the educated people like lawyer ,businessmen,engineer and also doctors are involved in this.

In our capital New Delhi a lady who is a doctor ,along with her family members who all are highly educated. when lady knew that she was pregnant all were happy.but when they know twins babies and both were girls they forced her to abort her baby. after so many obstacles she gave birth to both babies.but babies born in her 7th months and at that time her husband and in-laws came to hospital. and her mother in law told as they born in 7th month they ll not alive for even if some days.To take care of both babies for a single woman is so difficult and her family members even if didn't touch the woman decide to leave the home permanently and the day she is about to leave her in law came and told her to give one baby.she was also happy to hear this and gave her the younger one and went to put elder daughter in car.when she returned what she saw that her in-law lie the baby in ground and kicked her from the stair.. though the baby was covered properly nothing happen to her.her mom took them and leave the home permanently.

As a result of this stupid things in many village groups of boys are unmarried still because they didn't find girl to marry.In our many states people bought girls from the states like bihar,rajstan ,odisha and from other states.they marry them and after fulfilling their satisfaction they gave the girls to another boys.they didn't treat them as their wives .When the women opposes this they told women have no right to claim as they are bought. situation is so hectic that girls are like materials.
when there will no girls how the nation will progress.according to the survey among 135 countries in the basis of gender gap India is in 105th position . and in this year almost 2952979 girls are aborted in our country. the licenses should cancelled from the doctors who are involved in this . but one thing , no one in this world will help yourself better than you . so people should understand this and stop this .

This story was written for World Pulse’s Ending Violence Against Women Digital Action Campaign.

World Pulse believes that women's stories, recommendations, and collective rising leadership can—and will—bring an end to gender-based violence. The EVAW Campaign elicits powerful content from women on the ground, strengthens their confidence as vocal grassroots leaders, and ensures that influencers and powerful institutions hear their stories.
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Sharontina's picture


A real stupid thing which these people should very soon realise or they will have to live without girls in their lives.

Good that this issue comes again repeatedly in the forefront. That puts more pressure on sensitization.


Merlin Sharontina

binapatel33's picture


Thank you for sharing your story with us. This is very bad that is going on in your country. I can only hope that things will get better if laws are created and followed. Unfortunately in India, it is a stigma to have baby girls. This is very bad, as our culture considers girls a blessing. Girls will always take care of their parents, even if boys don't. I am hindu and this is the mentality we have been brought up. I am very sorry to see that girls are being killed and forced to have abortions, especially when the baby is developed in 7 months. Is it possible for you to create a woman's group in your village to stand up together against these men? The purpose of your group should be to protect the pregnant woman, especially if she is having a girl and to fight her husband, in laws, etc. so that all of you can stand up for your rights. Abortion is a bad thing and aborting for the sake of a sex of a baby is even worse.

Kind Regards,
Bina Patel
hc Mediate, LLC

Beverly Rose's picture

Thank you for sharing this

Thank you for sharing this story with us. It is sometimes hard to believe that in this day girls are not valued and thus aborted. How can we change this attitude, which is unfortunately prevelant in many parts of the world, so that all of human life is valued? The same attitude which allows female babies to be killed is the same attitude which allows men to inflict violence on women, which allows rape to happen. How do we shift this mindset?

Please continue to write and work with others world wide to make this change happen!
In Peace,

MsCadet's picture

Solutions to this huge problem


We hope to hear from you. I think you speaking of this issue at large helps to bring awareness to this dire situation. Although I believe it is great to speak on this issue, we must also find ways to eradicate it. I think Bina brought a good point, can a women's group take a stand against this and speak about how this is affecting the villages? For example, you mentioned the fact that there are not enough girls for boys to marry. Can laws be passed by the government? Of course, it will take time for the situation to improve but I believe that starting a movement by women such as yourself can help.

I look forward to hear from you.

nusrat1977's picture

Female foeticide, A crime!

Dear Madhusmita,
Thank you for writing this story. I had also heard from my mom the story of the lady doctor in an educated family. I had heard that the whole family are doctors, I am not sure. I wonder what kind education is this, if it could not teach them to distinguish between right and wrong, it could not teach humanity! But unfortunately, we have a large section of society with this mind set. I do not know what could be the solution. I think we have laws not to determine the sex of the child and not to abort the girl child. But it can work only if it is followed. If the doctors, who should save the life, they become the killers then where to find the solution. Abortion is something which cant be done without a doctor at least in this era. So if our doctors do not commit this crime and take a part of this responsibility then even if the family members wish, they can't do it. Sometimes I feel, the Gulabi Gang's approach provides immediate solution. But it poses a question of law and order. May be the most important solution comes from us, from the lady in situation. She has to find the strength to protect herself and protect her baby and as everyone is suggesting, we should have women's group as a support system for those victims. And yes, I too believe, each of these voices that is rising will create a bigger and louder noise and one day we will get rid of this heinous crime.
Thank you
love and regards

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. ..........Hellen Keller

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