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Hon. PM… Last time I Complained to you…I was Arrested & Jailed !!!…What will they do this time...Jail me AGAIN…or Just KILL us ?

21 October 2012

Kind Attn – Hon. Chief Justice of India, Hon. Supreme Court
Hon. Chief Justice, Hon. Bombay High Court
Hon. Prime Minister
Hon. Ministry of Law & Justice, Department of Justice, New Delhi
Hon Registrar General, Bombay High Court, Mumbai
Hon. CVC Commissioner
& all the Hon.

Subject: Ministry of Law & Justice, Department of Justice, New Delhi Letter No. L-15012/5/2012-Jus dated 16 October 2012 sent to Hon Registrar General, Bombay High Court, Mumbai & copy to me – (Attached)

►►►My Writ Petition WP/1857/2012 dated 07-05-2012 in Hon. Bombay High Court

Thank you Hon. Prime Minister for sending my (attached) Complaint dated 21 August 2012 to Ministry of Law & Justice, Department of Justice, New Delhi…who have sent the Captioned Letter to Hon Registrar General, Bombay High Court, Mumbai …asking him to “look into my Grivance/Comlaint & Take Appropriate Action & Intimate me at an Early Date”.

Hon. PM… Last time I Complained to you & other Hon. …& me & my son were Arrested & Jailed !!!…so…What will they do to us this time when I have Complained to you…Jail us AGAIN…or Just KILL us ???!!!

• Last time I JUST sat on a Peaceful Protest Hunger Strike at Mumbai Azad Maidan & I Complained to you…& me & my son were Arrested & Jailed…
• But…This time…I have been FORCED to File the Captioned Writ Petition in Hon. Bombay High Court against Police + Maharashtra Home Secretary + State…for Arresting & Jailing us Falsely…that is why I am WORRIED
• Last time also…Hon. Bombay High Court Registrar sent a Letter to Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner (copy Attached) on 21 January 2012 to “look into my Grivance/Comlaint & Take Appropriate Action & Intimate me at an Early Date”…& …they Arrested & Jailed us at the EARLIEST DATE – on 25 January 2012 …in 4 Days !!!

Hon. PM…I have Complained to you on 21 August 2012…2 Months have Passed…I am Still WAITING…for an Appropriate Action at an EARLY DATE…& I will Inform you…
►►►when I hear from Hon. Bombay High Court Registrar.

• Everybody can see the ►►►Prima Facie Documentary Evidence ►►►of Hon Bombay High Court Judges’ Order dated 17 July 2012…in my Attached Complain…when all the Respondents LIED to the Hon. Bombay High Court that they were Not Served Notices & we Produced Proof of the Receipt with Stamp & Signatures that they DID Receive the Notices…False Submission is Not the Contempt of the Hon. Bombay High Court by Respondents?


…I am only Stating my WORRIES…+ …the Truth about the Respondents LYING & giving False Submissions to Vashi Hon. JMFC Court … & now to Hon. Bombay High Court…to Deny Justice to & do Injustice to the Poor & Helpless 77 year Freedom Fighter’s Widow COMPLAINANT…AGAIN …after Arresting & Jailing me & my son Falsely & Illegally.

With Highest Regards
Mohini Kamwani
MOB 9920412577 / TEL 022-27823443 - EMAIL:
Address: 101, Mauli, 1st Floor, A-Wing, Plot No.29-C, Sector 4, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400703 Maharashtra – INDIA

►►►Please Read my Complaint sent to Hon. PM & other Hon. As Follows:

19 August 2012
Hon. Maharashtra Advocate General
Shri Darius Khambata ji
Sub: Delay Tactics & False Police Reply Affidavit by Hon Public Prosecutor in my Hon BHC Case
This has Reference to your speech on the occasion of Hon Bombay High Court’s celebration of completion of 150 years…in the Presence of Hon. PM Shri Manmohan Singh ji, Hon CJI Shri SH Kapadia ji, Hon CM & Hon Guv & Galaxy of Hon Judges & Legal Luminaries on 18 August 2012.
Sir, you said…& I Quote from TOI “ 3 Imperative Struggles lie ahead…One is the Critical Need to make Justice available Quickly to Common Man…we Need a System that Punishes Delays…Two, Better Distinction between Powers of Judiciary & Executive…& Three, Accountability & Eradication of Corruption”
Sir, Please…Correct me if I am Wrong…but your Hon Office is doing Exactly the Opposite of what you said in the August company of Hon CJI PM CM Governor !!!
I am a 77 year Poor FREEDOM FIGHTER’s Widow who has been FORCED to File a Writ Petition in Hon BHC against Vashi Navi Mumbai Police CP, DCP, Maha DIG, Maharashtra State & Home Secretary on May 07, 2012…& please see for yourself…How your Hon. Office is DELAYING & Filing FALSE Affidavits by Police…thereby DENYING Justice to a 77 yr Senior Citizen Widow !!!
• Notices were Serviced to all Respondents…but Public Prosecutor LIED to the Hon. BHC that Notices were Not received by them !!!...So the Hon. BHC had to issue a Date of 1 Month…My Lawyers Submitted Documentary Evidence to Hon BHC of Signatures & Receipts of the said Notices Received by Respondents…& Hon. BHC Judges PASSED this attached Order of Waiving of Notices & asked PP to Furnish Their Reply…hence the Next Date again!

Ms. Gayatri Singh, for the Petitioner.
Mrs. A.S. Pai, APP, for the Respondent – State.
DATE : 17th JULY, 2012.

1. Issue notice, returnable on 13th August, 2012. Learned APP
waives notice for all the respondents. Reply affidavit of the concerned
respondents be filed on or before 6th August, 2012. List this matter on
13th August, 2012.

1 / 1

• Vashi Police has Filed Affidavit Reply FULL OF LIES ! & my son (Handcuffed) were Arrested on 25 Jan 2012 & Jailed to Kalyan Jail for 3 Days on False Submission by Vashi Police to Vashi JMFC also Violating all the Norms of Hon. SC on Arrest + LYING that me & my son were to Commit Suicide on 26 January 2012; when I have given a Clear UNDERTAKING to Azad Maidan Police on 24 Jan 2012 that I was Sitting on a Peaceful Protest Hunger Strike at Azad Maidan as Police were not Registering my FIR against Accused Threatening me, a 77 yr Poor Senior Citizen Widow & I have not Broken a Law in my 77 years & will Not Break any at this Age. Vashi Police has also IGNORED/OVERRULED letters from Hon President of India & Hon Bombay High Court (as I had Complained to Hon them) dated 19 & 21 January 2012 asking them to look into my Grievances at the Earliest…NOT ARREST & JAIL ME !...

• Police is also LYING & Misguiding Hon. BHC about my Real Complaint…that my Accused Grandsons (with whom I have Severed Relation LEGALLY in 2007 with 2 Legal Notices in Vashi Times in 2007 because they Looted & Destroyed my Family Financialy leading to the Deaths of my Husband, son & Suicide by my 2nd Unmarried Daughter) are Threatening me, Forcibly coming to my house & Demanding my Bank A/c no. & Signature to Loot me AGAIN…but Police is Lying that I am asking for Rs. 1.36 Crore of my Dues from them !…(I had told Police about my Severance of Relation with them & my Dues when they asked me why was I Complaining/afraid of my Grandsons coming to my House…Please see the Documentary Evidence of POLICE THEMSELVES have Served them 2 Legal Notices u/s 149 for Repeatedly THREATENING me AGAIN & AGAIN)

• So many Old Grandmothers have been MURDERED in Mumbai by their Cruel Grandsons for MONEY recently…& they had Good Relation with them…But Please Imagine in my Case I was Looted by them & that’s why I have Severed my Relation with them so they have No Right/Business to even Call me…But they are Threatening me & Demanding my Bank A/c no. & Signature to Loot me AGAIN…So I have MORE Fear from them…It’s a Clear Case of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE as they have Stayed Forcibly at my Place for 9 Years & Now they are Threatening me…But Police has not Registered my FIR…that’s why I sat on a Hunger Strike…& Police Jailed me to SCARE me & my son so we don’t ask for FIR…Because Accused are Rich & Powerful & they are Bribing/using Political Influence/Lying…& Police is PROTECTING them…& Police has Still not called Main Accused Manoj Karani even to Police Station nor taken his Statement in 2 Years…LYING that he is in Dubai…where as he has been coming to India every Year !!!
I Hope & Pray to you, Sir, to Please Look into the matter & Please your Hon Office will WALK THE TALK that you gave on the occasion of Hon. BHC 150 years about Delivering Justice to the Common Man, PUNISH those who DELAY & do Corruption like Navi Mumbai Police/Maha State Officials…& I Sincerely Hope that your Hon Office will Stop these ILLEGAL & UNJUST Methods of Vashi Police–at least in the Case of a 77 year FREEDOM FIGHTER’S Poor Widow who went to Jail with Mahatma Gandhi ji for India’s Freedom
Mohini Kamwani
MOB 9920412577 / TEL 022-27823443 - EMAIL:
Address: 101, Mauli, 1st Floor, A-Wing, Plot No.29-C, Sector 4, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400703 Maharashtra – INDIA
Pl visit my Facebook…for the Truth of my Case in My Notes…How Police & Govt have Denied Justice to a 77 yr Poor Freedom Fighter’s Sr. Citizen Helpless Widow & Harassed her & now doing the same through your Hon. office in the Hon. BHC…I will FIGHT this Injustice & I hope you Help me…what you said in your Speech
Hon. Maha Adv Gen Darius Khambata ji…your Office/PP Not Do what you say “Need 2 give Justice Quick 2 Common Man & Punish Delay/Corrupt►



Sharontina's picture

Our voice is one!

Dear Great Mother,

I respect you for this great courage and endurance which is a great inspiration and a lesson for us to learn and follow. I wish and pray that you win in the fight for justice and let the world know who you are.

Hats off to you.


Merlin Sharontina

mohini's picture

Mohini Kamwani

Thank u…God Bless u…for your Kind Concern for a Poor & Helpless 77 year Freedom Fighter’s Widow (who went to Jail with Mahatma Gandhiji) facing Police/Govt INJUSTICE…I was Jailed on India Republic Day 26 January 2012…mark my words...GOD shall REWARD u wid FULL PROSPERITY NAME FAME for ur Family for Helping a Poor Widow even with your Kind Words & Concern...Blessings

Police can Arrest & Jail me on Independence Day 26 January 2012...but they can not Imprison my Spirit...dey can TRY 2 Scare me...but dey can not Scare my Husband went 2 Jail wid Mahatma Gandhiji

I am Freedom Fighter’s Widow who went 2 Jail wid Gandhiji…u Jail me 100 Times/Years I am not Scared

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