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A Woman with a heart of Gold

On the 18th of September 2012, NTV Uganda aired a programme entitled @ Life Stories" and they showed the life of Mary kabito a mother of four children with physical, intellectual and multiple disabilities. This lady is a grade four teacher and she was not conceiving for many year after she got married. When she conceived and gave birth to her first children, she was not so broken and she had hope that maybe the second child will be normal.

Unfortunately for her the next three children all had the same disabilities. Mary decided to sit a home and look after her children. She decided to learn how to address their needs and she how best she can improve their lives. She was told that physiotherapy is good for them and everyday she has a programme for them where she massages their legs and muscles. Mary is now looking after 40 children in her home who have all sorts of disabilities. When i watched this programme my heart was so broken. And i was so thankful to God for the life that i had. Many times we take our lives for granted but when we see women like Mary who have so many hurdles ahead of them but they are so happy we should thank God for them. Mary is a woman with a big heart. Other women would have either killed these children or damped them at an orphanage. But she has even go head to look after more disabled children. My husband has pledged to sponsor at least two of the children in Mary's home. So if you are out there and you feel you want to help this lady please do she is willing to accept all forms of support. Think of Mary and the children she is helping. God Bless you all.


Nita's picture


Hi Anita
Thanks for the teaching entry.

Some people are experts in discerning the appointments that are embedded in their disappointments. Let us take the case of these Nigerian dwarfs who have made good use of the little heights within the film industry on AFRICAN MAGIC. Excuse me please, i dont know their names because i am not a film fan.

Due to their fame there is no door they cannot open, no place they cannot reach.
They suddenly become every woman's choice.
These guys have become heroes yet they have what society had considered a setback, a predicament.
Whereas there are other little height persons who have been marginalized maybe they manifest some sort of self pity.

Its good to learn that heroines like aunt-Mary still exist. Though her story is pathetic. I guess from the beginning of her child bearing, she must have been so disappointed in life but I thank God that she quickly discerned the appointment in her disappointment. God knows how to turn things round. Maybe if one had asked mother Mary to take care of disabled children, she would have responded that, that was not her area of interest.
But providence brought destiny to accomplishment.
I am tempted to believe that if you offer her another job now or ask her to change career, it wont be easy to part with those children.

The predicament of her children, brought hope to other children.
In anyway, we can be of help to her we would not hesitate because though she maybe flowing very well in executing her functions, she still needs moral support and encouragement. Whenever, you visit please extend our love to her and the children she takes of.

Despite the challenging situation, Mary's case maybe a bad one but not the worst.
In 2010 I was visiting my village. My senior sister took me to visit a woman I had never met nor heard of, before then.

This woman's very old mother was lying down with Tuberculosis. Her 5ive children;- one boy and 4 girls were lying down blind and suffering from obesity. When I entered there I was speechless. All the children looked like mongols. They were singing praises but it wasn't just interesting. I mustered some courage and began to ask the mother what the problem was. She told me that she has 6 children. The first one is OK but the rest are virtually impaired. That at birth, they were all fine, but between the ages of 6-8, they suddenly get blind. The blindness doesn't attack them gradually but that a child could get up in the morning very sound but by evening that child is blind.

Ophthalmologists after examining them say there is nothing wrong with their eyes. They had been to many hospitals and there was no solution. She resorted to traditional alternatives where many witch doctors promised some remedies but at the end, nothing to show forth.

She brought out a bag about 25kg of empty cartons of orthodox drugs the children had taken for other ailments like obesity, urinary tract infections, malaria and typhoid fever. She further told me that in all of this mess, the husband left and settled in another town but has not gotten married to another woman anyway. She became stranded with the children since she now had to move from town to the village. Where this woman is living, was bought for her by a sympathizer.She told me that her story had gone round and from time to time she receives financial and material support from individuals and church groups.

I asked her how I could be of help to her, she said she had heard of a prophet in Lagos Nigeria who solves similar problems. if she had money, she would have reached there. I asked her to get ready and travel in a week's time. In a week's time i provided the money, she got to Lagos but could not see the prophet due to the permanent huge crowd around him. She came back thesame, no good news for the children.

By February 2011 one of the girls - VIVIAN passed away it was alleged she had a liver dysfunction. 8 months later EUPHEMIA passed away at the age of 36 after being being blind for 29yrs.

Pastors go there in turns, christian organize prayer sessions in her house.

Due to the magnitude of the plight, i decided to join the family.

We can all agree that Mary's situation is not the worst.
yet life continues because she has us of WORLD PULSE to count on.

Ever present


Dear Nita,
Thank you so much for the encouraging words. I guess we always think that we have seen worse yet there are other people who are in worse situations. My heart goes out to that lady who lost her child she is in my prayers. As a mother i can understand what she is going through. We suffer during labour and then when we think our children are out of danger and yet that is when they are actually in danger. Thank you Nita and God bless you. Continue to encourage that lady and i will continue to pray for her. God bless you my sister and continue to bring out these stories of women in despair.

Mrs. Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Head of Legal and Advocacy
Centre for Batwa Minorities
Skype: mrs_muhanguzi

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