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Secrets of a World Pulse woman:First thoughts after the World Pulse live

The board outside the US State department showing me, Jensine, Neema and Hummingbird

So, the world Pulse live tour has just come to an end. And I am just back home in India. And even as I struggle to shake off the jet-lag, I had this huge urge to come here and talk to you - my wonderful Pulsewire community that has been my rock of support all these while. I come in high spirits and happiness, because, the tour has been a resounding success! We made people sit up, take notice and also take notes. Who are these people? They are bureaucrats (US state dept, UN) Technocrats (Intel) Development leaders (Clinton Global Initiative) Journalists (CNN, Huffington Post, Epoch Times, Voice of America) and Thought leaders across the nation.

And here I want to share with you the three secret strengths that made these people hear us and connect with us: pride, love for the community and solutions


First, how do you describe World Pulse? 'A safe, blogging platform where any woman could write her story?' Yes. But this isn't enough to fill a person with pride. There is something else:

World Pulse is a media house that has its reach in 190 countries including the most dangerous nations of the world, where normal media houses just can't reach. Its also a media that doesn't moderate/edit your writings, allows you to write whatever you write. And, when you are a Voice of our Future Correspondent, World Pulse directly connects you with professionals, help you polish your writing skills, so you become an effective writer. Moreover, it brings you information that you can't easily find anywhere else: about funding, fellowships, events and opportunities. These are what makes World Pulse unique, filling its users with pride. And when you feel this pride within, you generate excitement and people love to hear you.

2. Love for your community

A World Pulse woman is never a loner. She has her tribe by her. And it makes her appear strong and confident. Every time I spoke to the audience, I remembered in my heart my 27 VoF correspondents and many, many other Pulsewire women who couldn't be there in the tour, but were always there to write, to read my stories and comment. And the audience saw it: they saw that I wasn't a lone successful woman, but a member of a huge, worldwide community. And that's what they loved. That's what made them take me seriously. Because, I represented many.

3. Solutions
Its great to raise an issue and discuss it here. But, what's more important is to come out with a solution that can help deal with that issue. To the world, a World Pulse correspondent isn't just a writer; she is a leader who brings changes in the society, who has the power to look beyond the problem and offer an applicable, practical solution. And it is this reason why people come to the World Pulse Live tour events, spend money to hear us, because they believe that we have something that they probably don't: solutions. And when they hear it, they take note of us and our leadership abilities.

So, as the Live tour 2012 ends and we return to our own respective field of works, I urge you all to strengthen yourselves with these three secret tools, feel proud, connect with as many members as possible and think of solutions that can be accepted and applied globally.

And when you do that, you know you are a true World Pulse woman - one that the world will never tire of listening to!.


Greengirl's picture

Great work Stella

I am so, so proud of you and I know I am not alone is that wise.

My heart is full of pride that you had a fulfilling and successful outing throughout your stay. There is no doubting the fact that you are in high spirits, because your words reverberate that.

I'll be standing by and looking out for all you've got to share as the days unfold.

Thank you so much my sister and friend for being so outstanding! Wished I was in India ahead of your return. Haha!

Hugs and much love,


Stella Paul's picture

I share that

Dear Olanike

I share that pride in my heart: the pride of having friends like you. I especially feel proud of your work (you know it already) in the field of environment. I find it very motivating. I feel proud that we have a scope of working together someday on a project or a program. But above all I feel proud that I have a friend in you who is always so ready to reach out and tell me 'I am there'. That's what sisterhood is all about! Love you, sister!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Greengirl's picture

Yes Sister!

Without mincing words or flattering you, I want to let you know that it would be a dream come true to work with you any day, any time. You've been an inspiration, and I've learnt a lot from from you, I am still learning, and would always be on the look out with so much willingness and eagerness to learn from you..

Thank you for being an inspiration, all the way!

In sisterhood,


jap21's picture

Hi Stella

There is no time to spare! We are soooo happy that finally they get to listen to us through you guys! Keep doing this. Keep writing. Keep making us proud!

I am honored to be here, in the space where everything begins. Millions and million of women are changing this planet, because we now know that WE CAN. And we can because we are finally, changing the conversation in the world.



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

Stella Paul's picture

Yes indeed!

Dear Jackie

During the tour, you were remembered again and again. The tour is changing its course every year, and growing stronger every year too. Next year, it will be better and stronger than it was in 2012, I am sure. But the energy and passion of the participants was and will always remain high and their memories always fresh. Like yours.

I am so happy that you haven't said bye to World Pulse. That's what I wanted to say in this post: once you feel the pulse, you can never let this bond go. And I am so happy that you have strengthened the bond and tied us all closer to you. I am so happy that I have someone like you to whom I can turn to anytime I need a sister and a friend. And that's the success of World Pulse -bringing lives together! Love and kisses!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

usha kc's picture

Wow!!! you are true friend,

Wow!!! you are true friend, true sister, true world pUlse member. love it darling.


Stella Paul's picture

We all are!

Dear Usha

You stay humble, but you know it that if you had not supported me, I wouldn't have reached here. So thanks for every single comment you ever gave, every word you ever wrote and all the love you ever sent - both here and in Facebook. Love you forever! You are a true World Pulse woman - in action and spirit! I really really hope that one day you and I can work on an empowerment project together either in India or in Nepal.

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

usha kc's picture

It would be me greatpleasure

It would be me greatpleasure working with you dear.

Thank you for lovely feeling.


Sharontina's picture

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing those wonderful secrets. And we here are so proud of you for the great representation with a powerful voice. Yeah, many women are quite powerful in their thoughts and ideas but poor at expressions, many are good at that but poor in executing. There is yet another group who are not even aware of the existence of such platforms or media tools to register their presence. I hope you show them the new horizon where they identify themselves and the real power lying within.

We are with you too. All the best for your forthcoming ventures. You will shine and bring out the glow in others too.


Merlin Sharontina

Stella Paul's picture

Together, we can do better

Dear Sharon

You read my mind so well. I kept talking about this all through the tour: it takes five finger of different size and abilities to make a complete hand. The world is like that hand and it can't be complete with one kind of people. We all have our shortcomings and our qualities. But together we can complete each other and make a formidable force. However, to do that, we also first need to allow ourselves to embrace each other and see each other as 'us' and not 'me'. World Pulse indeed is a platform where all that can happen. The possibilities of this platform is endless. And although at this point many don't know of this, those of us who do, can always help others connect.

Talking of connecting, I am so happy you have found each other. Once my huge backlog of pending work is done with, I want to take time out to speak with you and know more about you. Until then, many hugs!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

amiesissoho's picture

Sisters you have really been

Sisters you have really been our voices and we're proud of you. I hope the experience will be of great asset to you in reaching out to more voices. Keep it up and stay connected.


Stella Paul's picture


Dear Amie

Yes, the tour has been a wonderful opportunity to speak to the world. But its been also a bigger opportunity to find out how well my vision resembles the vision of World Pulse and it's founder, Jensine Larsen. I sure will continue to be active member and work along with World Pulse, with all of you. With sisters like you, its an honor to be a part of this family. Love!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Mukut's picture



Thank you for sharing this. Yet again, you have beautifully described your thoughts about World Pulse and more.

I shall always remember these three key ingredients while writing, sharing and discussing holistic solutions.

You are truly an inspiration to many, especially to me ( i have discussed at length about you,your work and how beautifully you write, with my family, umpteen times).

Thank you for being a 'people's leader'. I wish you and WP success and glory in all the future endeavors.

Thank you for making our country proud.

Much love,

Mukut Ray

Stella Paul's picture

Best for you!

Dear Mukut

Its surprising, isn't it, that we had to find each other on a US-based website, instead of one that's from Kolkata or Delhi. But that's the fun! It shows, the tremendous possibilities of World Pulse as a meeting place and also as a place where collaborations, partnerships and relationships can happen! Its also great that people here are connected in a special way: through their difficulties, challenges and all the ugliness of life. From my experience, when you can discuss these with someone, friendship is easy. For example, when I met my fellow correspondents from Congo and Syria on the tour, all we needed was a hug from each other. Because, we already knew each other so well! And now we are sisters for life!

Btw, I have been reading you and have been feeling very proud to see how well you are connecting, sharing your words. That's the way to go! I am sure I am looking at a VoF correspondent! Love

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

kakahani007's picture

I'm Really Happy

Great feeling to with one of the members of such amazing community World Pulse ,,,,,,
While im reading this state ,,,,,,,
(First, how do you describe World Pulse? 'A safe, blogging platform where any woman could write her story?' Yes. But this isn't enough to fill a person with pride.)
I have deep feeling to add Its big, great and safe , Blogging platform where any woman and man interested and concern about woman could write his or her story of change and success ......

Again My warm thanks for sharing

Dr. Hani Mohammed Ibrahim (MBBS, SRH2012 Course)
Medical Doctor and Reproductive and Child Health Coordinator at SK Ministry of Health
Research Fellow at RCRU
Tel:+ 249 111 226 075
Email :

Stella Paul's picture

Yes of course!

Dear Dr Hani

Yes, this isn't a world meant for only men or women. Men and women must work side by side as partners to make the world complete and equal. You are right, World Pulse which stands for equality, is also for men.

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Vega Tom's picture

You are such a champion

You are such a champion Stella!

Annie Malia's picture

Welcome back and what next?

I just read your last entry, but I see it was 2 months ago. Are you OK? Are you still writing? Would love to hear from you - here, or by email or skype.
Love Annie

Walk in Beauty

Stella Paul's picture

Thank you my sister

Dear Anna

Thanks for your concern! I am reading love and affecting in that. But, things have been really great. I have just returned from the UN Climate summit and been really busy writing for Reuters and Inter Press Service. And all that have not permitted me enough time to log into World Pulse that often. But you know, we have this strong bond, so will keep coming back.
How are you Anna? Where are you now and hows life treating you? Lots of love from India!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Annie Malia's picture

No comment

No comment

Walk in Beauty

kavyaijdv's picture

good information

it is my pleasure to see that type of information .

lot of thanks !

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