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The Hands that carry the 'bags' you produce ................................

We carry things from here to there or there to somewhere some times by our preferred mode of transport.
I think it is easy to carry things using a bag than trying to carry everything by the hands that contain a limited capacity for bearing or for holding.

You can not carry too many things with just two hands that we have gifted with, No I should say it is not that easy because there is a limit of the things that you can carry, everything you borrow or take or buy with out using some things like bags.

There is a limit of the things that you can hold and bear I mean the ‘weight’ alone sometimes that is why sometimes we get help our family partners, and friends when you decided to share with out using a bag to carry then you will have no problems ‘there is someone for you to carry the extra weight that can not be hold alone ‘those things helps a lot when sharing the weight of life with someone with your husband or with your wife, your children, relatives, some one whom you can trust’.

If you are a traveler or a walker that walk everywhere or to some fixed destinations in life you generally carry things on your shoulders sometimes you may feel you need to get some intervals in life have break in most of the things that bothered for years or so or for life such chances you get in life intervals may for sure take to to somewhere you can be happy and feel the true meaning of life. so during these intervals still you may need a bag not may be carry but to store some use bags to store things you earned or collated over years.

When you are really using the of these things you may wonder between your traveling destinations if you use ‘luggage or a bag’, the type or the size does not matter totally or somewhat what is important here is the things you carry and size and shape does matter to a certain extent, true. Size and shape, these things matters when you have lived a long years and have collated many things to store for the benefit of your children or of your ‘people of the country’.
Size, the type or the quality matters especially when you have heavier things to carry from place to place or to a certain planned place you prefer or from a certain place to another preferred place.

If you have more things to carry, no point buying or asking for a smaller bag that has a smaller storing capacity and when you have purchased a lot of goods of different types, a bag that you have with you now will not be sufficient, will not support you to everything you want. To carry forward everything that you desired or purchased it is wiser then to buy ‘accurate size’ that tally with the things purchased.

Buy the right bag for your right purchasing.

Type or the design of the bags we see in the shops facing you getting your attraction, smiling through the glasses of show cases of the luxury shops or hanging in the roof top areas of ‘my class wear stores’ sometimes ‘force you saying buy me’ or say help a person who sells the bag, help a worker by purchasing a bag, help their families, help a husband that want to take some daily necessities home ‘after work’ help a wife that want to buy her husband a wallet or a bag for him to carry the things that she prepare at home, his meal or his loads of files, remember all the people do not use or have laptops in this world. – the person you are helping by purchasing a bag can be the owner who think of his workers or a person who help to another retail or whole sale dealer, manufacture.

Right dealing in right time shows your intelligence in purchasing or in marketing. Right dealing with right person or a manufacture is ‘intelligent marketing or business .

Our eyes generally catches not only the ‘design’ of a product - bags, also the garments. The bags and garments, shoes and other accessories are very close friends of many. They know each other very well. They maintain similar choices generally.

Matching shoes with a matching hand bag, with a right garment and simple look of a hair style plus a ‘ an accessory of your choice’ finally will give a nice picture of a ‘right wearing’ ‘ accurate selections or choices’.

Some are very choosy or very selective in selecting the things they prefer. That is no unnatural. You need to think of a ‘right place’ if you are proceeding ahead with no right plane or temporary plane to have a little conversation or a chat with your ‘first time meeting friend’ or old knowing friends.

It is not always necessary for a person to have a companion, a friend, to go out a little and have some refreshment from a near by or from a place you like’ there is another possibility -you can go alone. Then the place you choose is important that do not have to be a rare place but a place that can comfort your ‘day’s meeting moments ‘place is important along with the bags shoes and other things. If you are going with someone then you have to think of his/her choice of meeting place. then the moments like this it is not the bag you carry become important but the meeting place that comes first and comfort you both.

If you have nothing materialistic to carry just concentrate only on thinking and planning the journey of future with less – heavy, or relax mind, advisable.

Quality of a bag is important when you think of the ‘lasting period of the product.

A good quality product lasts longer than a poor quality product and that is simple marketing or common sense.
The ‘amount of money you invest to produce a bag’ will give not always indicate the ‘desired outcome, you may finally see a different outcome than the thing you expected to manufacture then that tells you a different story this can be ‘poor listeners of workers that do not foillow the instructions of the designer, the creator, or the person who has designed it may have not given the ‘right description’ as to how to manufacture the designed product or may have not monitored properly, evaluations will solve most of such issues I believe.

Quality controller then have a huge role to play in the process of manufacturing bags or otherwise because it is not always the money that produces a good quality bag. There are other things to think before producing or actually before planning or designing the bag you love to produce.

Hand touch painting, the space within, the hidden pockets, a stronger handle, and the assurance of health and safety of the things you need to store in side a bag and carry. Some like stealing without thinking of earning sometimes if somebody felt like stealing what others may have stored in a bag nicely keeping inside with you may loose or might steal it from you with out giving it a second thought.

this is not the first time you are hearing or reading a such an explanation. Sometimes you find the lost and some times you never ever will find the things that you lose therefore it is better to protect the things that you carry using a hand bag or something similar.

Just have a little check before you leave the house ‘ did I locked the bag properly’ and every time you open the big bag for many of your other purchasing purposes make sure you close it properly every time you reopen it or after using it. That is for the health safety of the things in side.

It is not the money that we carry all the time during or while traveling from community to community or from village to village or place to place etc there are other things ‘memories’ of all kinds or all types or every type. A bag can be a memory’, a gift from a dear or a near one that you may have received with so much love.

I tried my best to keep a bag that my ex boy friend bought me for one of my birthdays but that did not long last showing me the ‘temporality’ of many things. So finally I had to purchase another bag to replace it because ‘ A bag is a must sometimes’

If you are planning to carry them forward, the memories attached to loved ones ex or current ‘you need to protect it with out losing them and of course ‘one can not keep them for ever sometimes ‘ memory failing realities , until lifetime gone because there is a ‘planed life time for everything in this world.

Just go and check your bag is it made in where ?

Do not try to put too many things in to a bag that can not be taken or carry from one place to another. Every quality or whatever quality may have a certain capacity within we really can not expect to bear or carry the things that is unable for a what ever quality product.

Gunny bags to pohora bags we have things to carry. Beautifully designed hands bags from the bag which we took to School as kids we had things to carry. The school bags are generally so heavier because of the things that they carry within as kids. The school bags contain ‘the knowledge from various places and from various fields about various subjects’ can new expect to carry something not heavier.

The hand bag for work place ‘may be heavier or less – heavier’ depending on the things you carry from home or from work place to your home.

Among all these things ‘purchaser or a customer is very important. You can not cheat your customers producing a lower quality product or selling a product giving wrong explanations.

You know sometimes we see too many things that lead our minds saying ‘purchase’ ‘purchase’ or there are other things that we may feel like putting them in to our mind bags.

We do it sometimes unconsciously or unknowingly or without thinking too much.

The things that we carry in our mind bags we need to select them in a very careful manner if not that will harm not only the outer layer of the bag but also the very deep layer of your bag, the mind bag.

So ‘the bag producers of all and every type have to think of the purchaser and the customer and their choices. Not easy because your choice may differ to the choice of others. The choice of the type of my choice may differ to the choice of my sister or to the choice of my brother of course these choices sometimes depend on the things that we have to carry forward. If you are not thinking of producing a bag that can be matched with the choices of at least certain percentage of people you will not be successful as a bag producer.

Neither is easy ‘producing or selecting’.

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