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Hello Everyone, and welcome to the Listener's group for this upcoming EVAW Digital Action Campaign!

As I mentioned in my email, we are a group of over 100 people from 20 countries. It would be great if you could each take a moment to introduce yourself here and say what it is that inspired you to join this opportunity.

Next week we will have our Q&A calls, but in the meantime, if you have any questions please send them my way, or post them to the group so everyone can learn together.

Tomorrow you will receive a message about the launch of the campaign. I highly encourage you to take some time to explore the campaign information, and to consider participating yourself!

On behalf of the entire World Pulse team, thank you so much for your support. Together we will bear witness to the courageous testimonies and innovative solutions from around the world.

In gratitude and partnership,


camarnet's picture


I'm Cayce! I'm 25 and just moved to Portland, OR in the USA. I was born and raised in Indiana until I left the country to work in South Korea for two years teaching English to kids and teenagers.

One of my passions is traveling. And through my travels, I've seen that it doesn't matter where you come from-- we're all made of the same stuff, need the same things, and desire the same basics like dignity and respect. I'm inspired to do this because I'm so frustrated that we're in the 21st century and women around the world still aren't treated equally. I'm so mad at my own country for not having and Equal Rights Amendment for women in our constitution, and for being one of the only countries in the world to not ratify the Convention to End Discrimination Against Women. I'm upset that a huge number of politicians in my country are trying to take away my control of my body, and I'm disappointed women's voices aren't heard when they're shouted.

What I want is for women to stand up and use their voices and offer solutions and keep fighting until we're all equal.

Potter's picture

Happy to be a listener

I'm passionate about women's issues and have been an activist for women's empowerment for...well, for what seems most of forever! I've lived and worked internationally for about a dozen years. I'm now a retired educator who spends most of my days at home reading...and reading. (Gotta love that library card!) I have multiple sclerosis...diagnosed about two years ago. Actually, compared to many other MSers I've met, I'm doing quite well. I'm easily fatigued and a bit wobbly. World Pulse activity is perfect for me. I can maintain my international interests, support a growing international women's voice and take a nap as needed. I'm looking forward to working with this group and to learning more about each of you.

temmett's picture

I think it is wonderful that

I think it is wonderful that you have found a way to work around your MS and contribute to a cause you are passionate about. What a great example!

jacquesato's picture

Hello everyone!!!

I think we have to fight for women's empowerment, more than ever!!! That's why campaigns like these are so important. I'm looking forward to listening to women from all around the world sharing their experiences, dreams and hopes to secure our place under the sun, where you're not condemned to a life of discrimination, harassment and violence because you're a female. I was just reading a report by ActionAid ‘Condemned without trial: women and witchcraft in Ghana’, which documents cases of both elderly and young women abandoned by their families and trapped in the ‘witch camps’ until they die. Many of the women in the camps have been accused of being witches by relatives or neighbours and once an accusation is made they are banished from their villages and sometimes chased out by a violent mob. This is the world we're living in, this is the world we must change!!!


Shelley Megquier's picture

Are we making progress?

I've been working to end violence against women for over a decade. I do see evidence of substantial progress being made, particularly in the support structures that are being built in response to survivors of abuse. However, sometimes I feel frustrated that violence is so prevalent in our world today and that a culture of impunity persists in so many places. I want to live in a world where we all treat each other and the Earth with kindness and compassion. I believe that is possible. I look forward to learning from other activists around the world as we work together to end violence against women. I'm honored to be part of this group.

mrbeckbeck's picture

Progress, but too slow

Hi Shelley,
Thanks for your comment here and for your decade of work to make a difference. I agree that we're making progress toward the world you describe, but all too slowly sometimes. This campaign is part of World Pulse's overall perspective that we can harness new technologies to speed up change for women of the world. Glad to have your support!

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Volunteer

Greetings to everybody from Vermont, USA! I have long believed that people must feel personally connected to an issue or cause to feel compelled to make a change. We can be so overwhelmed by things we see/hear on the media that we become desensitized. That's what I love about the EVAW campaign! The voices of these women must be heard. People must know their stories - the names, faces and personal narratives behind the statistics... behind the protests and lobbying. I also believe that telling our stories helps us as individuals to heal from the trauma and to feel more empowered to stand up and make a change... especially when people are listening. That's our job!! I'm excited to be a part of it. And I look forward to September 19th when we will receive our first set of stories.

mrbeckbeck's picture

Starts with one

Yes! Thanks so much for chiming in here Kara-Amena. The process of change and healing starts with speaking up, and so importantly, being heard. Your role as a Listener is so crucial to this, so thank you thank you thank you for being with us for the campaign!


Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Volunteer

Pushpa Achanta's picture


from a writer who highlights achievements and issues of marginalized individuals and groups. I also enjoy mentoring youth especially from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Through this important campaign, I hope to learn and share information about regular incidents of violence against girls, women, sexual minorities and people who oppose such insane and inhuman(e) acts. Let us also discuss efforts to eliminate such irrational behaviour and if we can replicate these measures or find alternatives. It's painful that while we celebrate empowerment and advancement of women and girls everywhere, we also find attacks on them and their freedom growing.

(Btw, Namaskara means greetings in Kannada, a language spoken mainly in the state of Karnataka in whose capital Bangalore I live.)

SaiKiGo's picture

Hello from Canada!

Hello Everyone! My name is Kiran and I'm writing to you from the warm confines of my home in Toronto, Canada. It is my first time volunteering for an online campaign such as this one, but my passion and interest in the empowerment of women has been longstanding. When I hear stories shared by women affected by violence or injustice, it never fails to bring tears to my eyes. That is the reason that I am here, like the rest of you, to try and make a difference, however big or small. I also think that understanding womens' stories as told by them, lends the required empathy and first hand knowledge necessary to start building actionable and applicable solutions.

It gives me goosebumps to acknowledge that with the power of technology, we have already started creating a bond with each other on this forum based on our shared interest and drive to change the story of women everywhere! I know that our combined efforts will make a difference in the lives of women around the world. Perhaps we will never meet or know them personally, but I'm content knowing that somewhere, we've made someone's life even just a little bit better :)

Sai Kiran Gopie
Hon. BSc, MBA
Twitter: @SaiKiranGopie

kliszk's picture

Greetings from Uganda!

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all well. I have been trying to listen in on the Skype call happening right now, but it seems my connection is very poor and the call keeps ending, so let me introduce myself here. I am writing from Kampala, Uganda where I work to prevent violence against women and children. I believe deeply in women's strength and in our collective power to use our voices to create change. I am eager to serve as a Listener and to get to know this inspiring community!

amymorros's picture

Hello Everybody!

I could not be on the call this morning but will be on the call tomorrow.

This is such a great opportunity to be involved in the great work that World Pulse does. I have volunteered before and am thrilled to be a part of this worldwide movement to end violence against women. Thank you and looking forward to virtually meeting some of the most interesting activists around! It is empowering for sure.
Have a great day,


susa's picture

So great to be Listening again!

Hi Everyone,
It's great to be on the Listening team again. I was a Listener for the Voices of the Future campaign last year and it was a great experience. For those returning Listeners - great to meet up again! For those of you who are new World Pulse Listeners - get ready for a really enjoyable and inspiring experience. I'm glad to be part of this team and look forward to what we can all share with each other.

Huma's picture

Hello :)

Hello everyone, nice to meet you all!
I'm new on the Listener team. I'm really excited for this opportunity. I'm from Brampton, Canada. It's great to have people from so many different backgrounds here! I hope to learn from this experience and from you all as well.

Hello again, Oh, Mighty Listeners!

World Pulse and I first crossed paths because of my affiliation with the Empowerment Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, of which I'm a graduate. I have been empowering young women in various ways for many years, and to become a WP Mentor was a natural next step . . . and now, to be a Listener! I am a writer by profession (creative writing, mostly humor), and recently graduated from interfaith seminary in NYC. I've also been a United Nations delegate to the Commission on the Status of Women.

My husband and two four-legged children* moved to Florida from NY about 9 months ago. (*doggies)

I have a particular interest in Listening. I agree with the author of, "Quiet," who says we live in a world that can't stop talking, and I believe that true Listening is a key to a kinder world.

Tomorrow I head to NY, where I'll meet my WP Correspondent at long last!

May The Force Be With You,


Sarah Whitten-Grigsby

topieopolot's picture

Hello every one, i hope you

Hello every one, i hope you are all pushing on fairly. i am Alupo from Uganda and its my first time volunteering here, do i like, naa love it. My country is trying though our efforts are impeded by some traditions and attitude from some die hard chauvinists who simply dont want see or may be think beyond them selves? I can think and try to rationalize things and wonder why others can not do the same,
Cuyce i have read your comment and concur with you, we are all the same, have same needs except for degree at which we need them.

well my country and more so my community is still a place where men think they can trod on women and though there is some level of awareness among women now its not so much.
my own younger step brother beat up his wife and been told that it has been going on and recently it came to light that he had been clandestine a fairs and most recently with some one with HIV.
at the moment i know he is in jail for something else and his wife who given birth decided it would be better if she left.
No amount of clan intervention could alter her decision. all she said was rather she suffer at their home than be killed... the decision was hers though i worry how she can make it with 2 children considering her family is impoverished.
any way holiday season is coming and i hope to have come up with some thing to help her with.

I keep dreaming and hoping for a time when we all look at each other without discrimination, gender colour, physical appearance or social standing.....well i hope it comes soon.
i wish you all the best wherever you are, take care and bye

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