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Neema at MIUSA with women leaders from 9 other countries

I honestly believe that the world would never experience my contribution, if it weren’t for World Pulse. And in my estimation, that is everything; maybe not to the world, but to me!

Contributing is what we are designed to do. It is a compulsion within us. And as women, we are compelled to do this together, in community. And as we do what we are compelled to do, together, what is done is so fulfilling, and rewarding. And really, together IS the answer to every problem.

Moving together, including one another, caring that everyone is moving with us and none left behind; that is our mind. Unity demonstrates our ability, but agreement is our power.

Women are in essence love embodied. We are caregivers, nurturers, encouragers. We sympathize, empathize, and will share any burden. And World Pulse is a platform where we can all come together and do what we are designed to do, for one another.

What we know about what the world is missing, is our input, our personality, and most of all, our heart. We may only be part of the solution, but we embody its heart. And every time we voice our input, our personality comes through, and our hearts are revealed; not only revealed, but expressed.

Our solutions are inclusive. They are rooted in family and community, and through World Pulse, that community becomes global. The world no longer seems so big, and I think the reason is simply because we are connected. Being connected to one another has bridged every distance, and eliminated any separation. The distance was only perceived anyway, and World Pulse has made that perception obsolete.

World Pulse gives women a platform to contribute; to contribute the solutions that are resident within them, and the heart behind them. And unlike any other gender (ha), we are able to come together as one, and as said before, our agreement is our power.

What is impossible for us if we agree? Ask the women of Liberia, who not only ended a war, but elected Ms. President!

Without World Pulse, I’m just a handicapped woman anonymously fighting the good fight somewhere in Eastern Congo. But because of World Pulse, my voice has power. And what is its power? It is the power of being one of the Many.



olutosin's picture

Welldone Dear!!!

I am very proud of you. keep on keeping on.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


Neema's picture

Welldone Dear!!!

Thank you Olutosin. We are together!


Neema's picture

Thank you

Thank you so much my Sister,
See you online.

Hi Neema,
Your writing speaks directly to my heart! A big YES to everything you said. We are hardwired with this urge to contribute and to connect.

And I feel the same way about World Pulse- Here we can act as doulas for one another as we give birth to our unique contributions!!!

With deep gratitude and appreciation for you and your contribution,

Absolutely Carrie! We are indeed doulas for one another, encouraging and assisting one another to bring forth those beautiful in-spirations. I love that.

jadefrank's picture


You continue to inspire me with your wisdom, eloquence and directness. Together we are stronger, and together we will change the world.


Ps. I love this photo of WILD women—each one of these women opened a new window for me towards greater consciousness and a new door towards possibility.

Neema's picture

Thank you

Yes we began speaking into and announcing the world that we had already entered in mind. The new Congo is emerging. A new world is emerging too.
See you online.

Mukut's picture


Hello Neema,

Accept my heartfelt salutations for you. Women like you are an inspiration to many, you are the voice for them, who otherwise felt left out in this Big Bad World ( now the world seems not so bad thanks to World Pulse). What you achieved is truly remarkable. More power and respect to you.

Mukut Ray

Neema's picture


Thank you Mukut. Being members of one another has increased our courage, amplified our collective voice, and extended our reach such that we've got our arms wrapped around this Big Bad World in love's embrace. And love never fails.

Love you Indian sister of mine,


Maura Conlon's picture

Neema, Your message gives us


Your message gives us so much hope. I love what you say:

"Unity demonstrates our ability, but agreement is our power." That agreement speaks volumes about what is possible. We must get rid of doubt, cynicism and walls that divide us!

I was so fortunate to hear you speak with Charles Eisenstein ("Sacred Economics") in Santa Fe recently. Your message of intertwining the "Rights of Nature" movement with the women's movement to liberate love in Congo is so powerful.

Sometimes people need to remember they DO have love in their hearts awaiting liberation!!!! Sometimes we have forgotten this. People in this country, people everywhere....

Keep on with your message. Thank you :)

Maura Conlon-McIvor, Ph.D
author, founder and social change psychologist
celebrate life/tell your story/live your heart's legacy

Neema's picture

Your message gives us so much hope

Thank you Maura. Amidst confusion's din all around us, our voice is clarity, promise, and destiny according to the Original Design. It resonates with people's core, tuning hearts toward alignment with Intention. May we continue to have ears to hear INspiration, eyes that see into our future, and hearts aligned with Purpose that we may never be wanting for capacity to fulfill our part. And may our arms only will to embrace that as together we enter in, none be left behind.

With you IN MInd,


Neema's picture

Keep up the good work.

We could never accomplish what is being accomplished without INspiration. Purpose has enveloped us in Its Love wake.

IN Love according to Purpose,


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