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A Letter to Woman of God, God has a new order for women


I received some audiotapes from a certain man who is a friend on Facebook and these were 2 hours long each and containing a recorded sermon by one Mrs Gunguwo in Zimbabwe who is a Pastor`s wife for a Born Again Church. I listened to the tapes and one by one. Much to my horror this is a church that has taken to sex education but using vulgar language. I researched more and found out many such sermons are organised around Zimbabwe and their aim is to teach a woman to submit to her husband but in an extreme way-give him sex when he wants even if he has a sexually transmitted disease he does not want treated , behave like a prostitute, pull your clitoris out .I felt this was health bomb given prevalence of HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe. The sermon blamed women for family breaks ups, it blamed them for everything wrong in families. The sermon went on to praise men who are promiscuous and justified why they should be in small houses-extramarital affairs. The sermon said housemaids are not raped by employers but they overtake housewives who are not submissive. The sermon stated housemaids take over husbands because the wives are not submissive to serve the King. Because this is a church, not many can see what negative impact this has on families. As usual some of us who speak out are harassed and blackmailed. But can we leave such toxic information to go round? No ways! Here is another way a church is inciting violence in homes. In response I wrote a poetic letter pleading with the Woman of God to stop persecution of poor women. The woman is married to a very rich pastor and her next trip to speak is in London. Yes she is among crowds cheering her but who said I must not come out of a madding crowd to protest. Below is my poetic letter entitled, A Letter to Woman of God, God has a new order for women.

Whilst writing to you I address you as Woman of God
I address myself as one who roams around the world helping women and girls
This is a letter to you my sister
You are a Woman of God and so fear not my words because they come from afar
Even in the holy bible many letters were written
They were all inspired by events going on then
I have decided to write a letter just like many in the bible who did
Because my mission is for new order for how we should treat women and girls
Long back then it might not have been written
I felt my spirit urging me to write this letter
It is the first spiritual letter ever written by an ordinary woman
Not like you who command us all spiritually
But one who roams around the world witnessing the pain and suffering of women and girls
Not that am as prophetic and spiritual as you are
Not that I read the bible and use it as much as you do
But my spirit tells me I must write to you Woman of God
Because there is a new order for men and women to build families as one body of Christ
There is a new order to respect women as a fairer sex
There is a new order on widows and those who are single
There is a new order for those in youthful years
When God created the world, he trusted it to men and women
He made them equal in every sense as human beings
In the same vein the world starts with family
The new order sets us to encourage family members and not one family member, the woman

Woman of God, preach what good women do for men to know

In your sermons to teach sex you reveal women are not good
In your sermons you tell a woman what she should give in bed and not what she should get
In your sermons you say women are blamed for small and smelly houses sprouting
In your sermons you even say women should disfigure delicate parts of their bodies
In your sermons you defy what God put on women and you extend clitoris by hand
In your sermons you say no other body parts except vagina should be elongated
In your sermons you say that without pulling clitoris women not sweet in bed
In your sermons you called women logs that don’t move, smelly, dirty and undesirable
In your sermons you say men paid for sex through bride price and they must have it when they want
In your sermons you said once you give sex to your husband, he buys you latest mercs of vehicles
In your sermons you took poor women through your latest mercs
In your sermons you confirm that to be married means to fall under and beneath
In your sermons you show a married woman as a slave living with a master
In your sermons you talk of vagina only and leave the rest of the body
In your sermons you even tell women to behave like prostitutes and put miniskirts and G strings
In your sermons you put much pressure on women to give sex and give more
In your sermons you make sex a mystery and man a master
In your sermons you quote the bible and use vulgar and vile language

Now because of your sermons, persecution against especially weakest women worse

Now Woman of God, knowing your congregation has only the poorest women
There in the land of Zimbabwe and who scratch and sweat to feed
Knowing none have privileges to get rich husbands like the Pastor you have
Knowing each one of them pays three dollars to come listen to vulgar language
Knowing out of desperate lives many search for wrong answers
Knowing violence against women is not caused by only sex
Knowing being rejected and unloved is not caused by sex
Knowing promiscuity has not to be justified in holy matrimony
Knowing the patriarchal upbringing of our boys to receive and never give
Knowing the high expectations placed on a human being and her own limitations
Knowing even many follow false prophets and prophetesses and seek wrong solutions
Knowing men now think only women to blame and men walk scot free
Knowing men will be vile and use your sermons to beat more
Knowing they looked for excuses to have small houses and now they have them
Knowing you publicly endorse their uncouth behaviour and justify it
Knowing you are the only perfect and pure with your King in holy matrimony
Knowing you claim perfection, purity and pride
Knowing you condemn those abused without giving an ear
Knowing as I speak , you unspeaking me
Knowing you and others cashing on desperation of poor women will shun me
Knowing you will be a crowd and a madding one too
Knowing you are driving slavery and slaves into homes
Knowing by so doing you seek favour with men and their materials
Knowing men will pay you more tithes for more cars in your home
Knowing they boo, giggle and laugh at women
Knowing they jeer women and cheer you
Knowing you enjoy this fame but destroy families
Knowing the cracks are not mended so easily
Knowing women will be blamed and blasted

Now Woman of God how come you don’t see what God has seen

He has heard the suffering and cries of women who try
He has seen them cooking, washing, serving food with their kneels black
He has seen them sweeping and selling in markets
He has seen them crossing borders and sacrificing sleep
He has seen them stressed if they make it a meal per day with faces of starving children
He has seen them infected with HIV, dumped and blamed
He has seen them cheated even where they kneel in submission
He has seen them humbly making apologies even when they deserve apology
He has seen them stripping naked to give sex
He has seen them in middle of nights and alone with dying babies
He has seen them getting lesson after lesson on how good they be to men
He has seen them over taught on how to please a man
He has seen their rotten vaginas from sickness brought from promiscuity
He has seen them cleaning their bodies and trying everything
He has heard their voices oppressed and suppressed in the wilderness
He has seen the very homes with warriors armed against their love
He has seen them submitting and punched right, left and centre
He has seen them mourning for husbands long gone
He has seen them strong when men knock on doors early hours of morning
He has seen them cleaning semen ejaculated in small houses
He has seen them ironing problems and giving a smile
He has seen them sent back to their parents with only a coin
He has seen them marched out of villages and homes they built
He has seen them swollen with beatings
He has seen them praying for ruthless husbands to come back
He has seen them opening the doors in middle of sleep and opening their legs
He has seen them waiting hours and hours
He has seen them giving up when they did not want to
He has seen them leaving empty handed and starting from scratch
He has seen them hiding the worst and pretending the best
He has seen them cleaning dirt from underwear soiled with faeces
He has seen them humble and respectful

Now I bring you new order that God wants Woman of God

He commands men and women to hold each other in warm and loving hands
He commands men to be there with gentleness and feminine touch of their mothers
He commands men to be content in their choices and be steady in behaviour
He commands men find every sweet fruit in his original creation
He commands men to search for feminine inner and outer beauty
He commands they see beauty and give it positive energy
He commands they cause no tears through insults or beatings
He commands they stop buying and paying his creation for he never charged anyone
He commands they be patient when seeking love of a woman in bed
He commands they let women express feelings and listen and listen more
He commands both women and men to help provide for family
He commands no one pays to hear his word in marriage
He commands those in youthful ages follow the examples of those he gives
He commands not just words teach but deeds and actions
He commands raping of house maids and turning them into wives to stop
He commands that you stop your preaching for sin to live in men
He commands polygamy and polygamists be denounced
He commands sugar daddies to experience sour lives
He commands respect for poor women, widows and those in their youth and innocence
He commands men give and give more

Now Woman of God and in conclusion

I send warm thoughts to women of your church
I send positive energy and encouragement
I send my heartfelt gratitude for bringing up children
I send my love and honour for their peace in face of insults
I send courage to housemaids raped to speak out
I send wisdom to sisters with small houses to work on bigger ones
I send best wishes in their search for unmarried and truthful men
I send warm greetings to some good husbands
I send my awards of heroism for their heroic deeds
I send every little thing I might have in spirit
I send angels who guide my marriage to guide theirs too
I send this spiritual letter to let them know they did no wrong
I send courage in the face of persecution by their love for family
I send them hope and happiness in the love they found
I send them great tidings they raised families we see
I send love of other sisters who know how hard they try
I send peace in their hearts to share with any stray husband
I send this spiritual letter to them

From a loving sister who is happily married
Muzvare Betty Makoni


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