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Introducing myself and my journal: voice of women for civil rights

About Me:
I Emerged to be the voice of women from my own grave experience of my family and victimization of women by the chauvinistic male counterparts of our own family and outsiders. I am fighting for the restoration of her rights of property share of our innocent and ailing sister who is a victim of head injury and undergoing medical treatment. She has been coerced and harassed and her share of property is alienated towards the hasty investors. She attempted suicide and recovered with very great difficulty. The post effect has affected her general and mental health very much and to day she is confined to four walls and lost the charm of her life. She also a mother of Two teen age children and she is isolated in her own home and she has been undergoing solitude in her life. I am fighting for the restoration of her rights over the said property since 2001 till date as the legal and Judicial system is in favour of the perpetrators and not towards the victims especially women of our sorts.
Added I am working for the cause of women justice at the gross root level and sensitive to women rights at this local level.
I am transferring my knowledge in various platforms on women justice and fight for the rights of women for a violence free home, work place and society where they are equal partners in the society.

My Passions:
to create a secured place for women under the Law by eradicating the loopholes and system gaps under law and justice

My Challenges:
to supress the male chuevenistic attitude and creating a equity sphere for women in India

My Vision for the Future:
Every woman under the sky should her due share in the society where she lives

My Areas of Expertise:
family counselling and guidance,HRD Trainning and development, protection of women from dometic violence, safety, security and Social justice for women,children,and the aged,


Corine Milano's picture

I just commented on your post

I just commented on your post and wanted to leave you a message to let you know that I've added you to my community. I do hope you'll accept my friends request!


Thank you verymuch for your comments and I call upon all my friends arround the globe to voice for innocent women and victims in India who are consistently loosing their civil and property rights and thrown on the streets as mentally ill and sufferring persons. In many cases the women are taken to a temple and mosque and admitted there as mentally dangerous persons and foced to lead a vulnerbale life which is very pathetic and I am not able to tolerate their pains and wounds.
Raise your voice for women and the protection of their property rights as women and the land or property are not separable in any society.

voicing for women
Ms.Bagirathi Ramanathan

India has her own culture and herritage including social norms and practices. The Indian society is closed and consevative and the space for women in the Indian minds are very minimal and hence the atrocities and attacks on women is very common in India society. The women are treated as II class citizens and even with all the profressive possibilities created for women and their equality status in the Indian society a genuine share for their voice in the parliament is yet to be considered or many a times diluted the strength of the bill or delayed or attempted for denied justice for women and refused to give the due sahre of equity in the Poliltical and economic sharing in this country, India.

The Indian women of today well aware of their potentials and need to get their own due share in the Politics, Public life and society. The women and the land rights are nature as that of the realtionship with the womb and how can the male counterparts can just like that take over the rights of women in this society?
Women are independent entity under the sky and social discrimination on women at any levels will be jointly questioned and a continuous voice will be give for women to restore their rights over the lands and civil properites and other rights and the women equity and equality will be secured under the constitution of India by this voice forum.
women are the most and worst affected in the families and beyond in the Indian society as they are vulnerable for any sort of violence and mental health affects and with their feeble mind the men of the families and the male tenents of the leased properties, out sider like the real estate brokers who are unorganised and mostly depend on local business involving in enethical and criminal acts and attitudes aiming on the civil properties of innocent women and enter into the families with foul plays and attempt on grabbing the wealth of the women. The hasty investors who are the easy money makers and the investors on the vulnerability conditions of the innocent women and making unlawful registrations of documents and put them under their control to avert any future attempts of any womens' organisation and their representations in recoverring the unlawful and coierced acts of these hasty investors on women properties.

Most of the hasty investors are either the parties with political background or sound financial background and underground ggondas strength and continuously attack on the victims to safeguard their interests in the ivested properties and in almost all the cases the Police or the legal system is helpless to these victims as the loborious procedures and time consuming practices at the legal and judicial systems and corruption and unethical professional praoctices of the advocates and the atrocities of the court clerks in causing a deleberate delay in court procedures, the deleberate communication gaps created between the court and the affected parties by the court and post offices are all some of the points not at all considered by any government or agecies working for women jusitce in this country. Every day difficulty at the courts are the main reason for women preventing them from accessing to justice.

Ms.Bagirathi Ramanathan - a voice for women and restoration of thier civil rights through women in solidarity organisation from Coimbatore in India

she is an aged person of 75 years became widow a couple of years back and she was secured by her husband and his family pension besides he left a house property for her lifetime dwelling and independent living but the unforutante woman could not live alone in the house and sustain herself because she was mentally feeble and was a total dependent on her husband for her routine and domestic needs and she is more depressed as she is childless and she is living with a sad mood and a psychological deficit of her childlessness for which both the couple are responsible as per the doctors. Now the widow woman searched for a care giver from her own meternal family members and found on nephew for her help who has also readily accepted to take care of the innocent and ignorant old woman. Shortly after her relocation from her matrimonial home the nephew and his wife took care of the woman to her satisfaction and slowly started to grab her jewelleries and the house property which was left for her use by the late husband. Few months after she was sent to another neice house for care taking as the first one had some business to go to out station on a long vacation. Even after their arival they didnot take back the old woman and she could not get any care of required level at the second care givers home and one fine morning she had a slip at her bathroom and her leg bones were damaged havily. She was cooly re shifted to the first one care giver and here after the trouble started to this poor old lady. The cunning nephew and his wife palnned for a sale of the property of the old woman and she was coierced to release her rights through a power of attorney and a working day her property was transfered to a buyer and the consideration amount of Rs.4 lakhs has been collected by the nephew. After keeping her informed that the consideration money is deposited on her name in a nationalised bank and the account will be jointly operated by her and the nephew and she had agreed for the same.

When he went to the bank his mind was changed and he deposited the said money of the old widow lady on his two sons's names and later used for their own extravagunsa and she is left with empty hands and at her difficult closing days of her life she is still beliving that her nephew will take care of her and give her all necessary medical help and support and help her for her early recoverry to extend her days.

Friends, this is the real story happened to my aged sister-in-law and her own maternal nephew who is adequately rich and well established with his running sources why he need to mismanage the funds of an innocent lady and enjoy the booty? There is not ethical thinking and practice with him added to the same his wife as a vindictive partner has sold all the jewells of this old lady and remade to her taste and gifted to her newly weded daughter-in-law who is also wealthy and only daughter to her rich parents.

The couple considered that the old lady who depends on her livelyhood will take everything for granted and no one can speak for her otherwisw she will be thrown out of the house. The innocent and ignorant old lady is definitely victimised and no one had considered the act and attitude of the caretakers as a violation on human rights especially an aged person in this country. This is not a one case and every household in India has such violations and which could not be brought to the lime light as the cuture is a great protection and gives a shelter to such dormant atrocities on women by her own family members and by the people whom she belives that they will not cheat her and protect her till her lifetime.

Please voice aginst such atrocities on women and their properties
Ms.Bagirathi Ramanathan, a voice for women and the civil rights of women in India from Coimbatore in India

she is an arts graduate good at English and very studious in her academics and given in marriage to an undergraduate diplomat civil Engineer who was working in a government department at thelocal levels and she got two male children out of her 28 years of matrimonial life with her husband. She established her matrimonial home with a joint family of her husband and she was treated like a slave since her marriage and was used as an unpaid servant woman. she was waken before others in the family get up in the morning and she has to make ready the hot water preparing manually in the choola fixed at the dark room of the house and help all the members of the family to get themselves readyfor their jobs and schools.
After the departure of the male members of the family she has to do the utensil washing and housekeeping and washing the clothes of the entire members of the family including her grownup sister-in-law and the widow step mother in-law. she was never allowed to take a rest in between and she became a slave and she was soon became tired and mal nutiritive as she was not fed with ggod diet and nutrition even during her first presnency. Her hsband was the manager for funds and any income for the family and she was not given even a single pie for her needs and most of the days she was starving and she was about to die.

She has to loose the first gravida due to a sharp and harsh and deleberate dash by her husband on her and she got aborted at the stroke of hit and the poor girl fainted and left in the pool of blood as there was a hemorage for hours without any care and fortunately with the help of the neibhours she has been taken to the nearby local hospital and reported to the parents at far a way place over phone and sought the help to shift her to maternal home for further medical care and recoverry of her health.

She has been given a good sum of rupees along with good quantity of gold jewelleries and silver utensil as dowry and the entire amount and the jwelleries were taken away by her step mother-in-law for the sake of marriage of her won daughter and spend lavish on other occassions of her own interest and the poor woman is sent back to her maternal home without any penny.
She was not called back by her husband for a longer years and after the efforts of the parents she could regain the matrimonial relationship and she was continued with the same type of harressments and abuses as before and she conceieved for the second time. But this time she was able to establish herself and resist for all types of indeferences and attacks on her and finally she came to the maternal home for deliverring the child. Agains there was a gap created between the couple and she was left with the baby and once again through a mediation of the medical doctor counsel she could restore her matrimonial home and she went back to her husband for the third time and she was often sent back to the maternal home for no reasons and both the mother and the child were deleberately separated by her step-mother-inlaw for few years. The reason was that the said step mother inlaw was a total dependent on the step son for her livlyhood and she was aspiring for a share of property of her late husband and she was not ready to bear the entry of another woman in the family hence the said victim girl was treated strangerly and underwent all sorts of difficulties.

she was beaten and physically abused on regular basis and harressed mentally and sexually by the brother inlaws and close male relatives of the maternal home and at one point of time she has become mentally sick and admitted for psyhciatry treatment. In Indian conditions especially in Tamil Brahmin community of this region, once the girl is married she can not come back to the maternal home other than few occassions and the victim lady had no chance for her expression of painful experiences caused at her matrmonial home and hence due to the untold pressure she has gone to the end of landing in psychiatry problem and she lives in lifetime medication till date.

The ill minded husband and the step-mother inlaw were living in extra matrimonial life at the house and they found the my sister as a nuiscence and hence she was frequently asaulted and abused physically for years. The husband made it everyday exercise to beat my sister with wooden planks and iron rods and caused serious injuries to her. later at the teen age period of her children, they were also motivated to abuse the innocent mother and cause injury to her and to say her contion is still bad and somehow she is living her life in pathos.

The victim woman has gained her share of property in her maternal wealth and the husband was looking for an opportunity to make it as a revenue bearing property and to get a pernial income out of it for meeting his growing economic needs at his end and created a silent loan aginst the property and created a structure and leased it out to the investor on a longterm basis and enjoying the income out of the property for his personal gains and the real property owner, say the victim, who is none other than my own blood related elder sister and to-day she has become a permanent psychiatry patient since 27 years and the gown up elderson of her is now empowered on her property and enjoying the income in her place.

The husband of my eldersister is a cunning fellow of the core and he also attempted on the property share of our own widow mother and created encumbrances and debts and till date we are not able to come out of the difficualties and enjoy the property returns at free will and frends see this is the condition of women in this land and if a woman has any property she should face a grave difficulties from her own husband and in-laws and inturn these perpetrators make the women to forego their rights over the civil properties or face the results of foul palys and attacks created by the vindictive persons of the family members and the out siders including the hasty investors at this end.

The above story is from my own family experience only. Even if a woman is a graduate, healthy she could not do anything infront of the atrocities of the male perpetrators and the female partners of the matrimonial home. The main aim is the property and not the life or the person. This is the obvious conditon of any Indian woman of middle income family and the worst part is the victimisation of women and their properties gained by rights or given in the form of dowry or self earned one.

Friends, please raise your voice against the due and civil rights of women in this land under the sky and help them to regain their civil rights.
Ms.Bagirathi Ramanathan - a voice for women and restoration of civil and property rights from Women Solidarity organisation, coimbatore in India

Welcome on PulseWire!

Thank you for sharing with us the great work that you do.Women Rights are an issue with lots of challenges here in Africa too.However,we are not giving up on the struggle.I would also say that today we are many steps far from where we were 10 years ago.

Let us be supportive to each other.Yes,we need to raise our voices against the due and civil rights of women in this land under the sky and help them to regain their civil rights.

Thank for your work.

With respect,

Leah Auma Okeyo.

Bagirathi Ramanathan's picture

Thank you Leah Auma Okeyo

15th of February,2009

I really thank you Ms.Leah Auma Okeyp for your voice for women and the restoration of their civil rights under the sky and I acknowledge your voice and add to my strength for women and justice in this land

Ms.Bagirathi Ramanathan

the social life of a human being will not be complete unless the both the sex live together and emotionally support mutually without sacrificing the fundamental rights under the sky. I mean that everyone under the sky has the natural right to live and thrive and what makes the women to get a secondary importance or a seconline treatment in any society. She is not a baby producing machine nor a sex object alone. She is a human being in the world and she is entitled for anything and everything under the sky and the thick competition is beyond the emotions and love between the two equal gender in any society. The love, unconditional love is infinite and one can practice to give love and accept love from the other person. Love is spontaneous and when the "love" is understood with bodily pleasure or material well being only then it is more temporary and limited and once the purpose is reached then there is a vacum and emptiness or out of love condition, depression and what not.
Love is mutual and it should not be a conditional one. The next is the duty towards the society. One such social obligation is giving birth to healthy children to the soceity and establishing the household with sustained efforts for generations. But to day we find broken hearts and broken homes and family less persons loveless live and ultimately agitated and frusturated life outside and deep depression, suicided and wars etc. etc.

Can't we live in peace? we could and it is possible with love the unconditional love for everyone under the sky and women and the love is within the global love and we should voice for mutual love and affection which is infinite and which could heal the sour and wounds in the minds of affected ones.

The social discrimination on women and denial of equity for women was a practice and which could be tackeled and women can get their due shares though collective voice and action. Wome should raise themselves in mind and emotions and work together for the collective achievement for their rights under the sky.

I call my friends arround the globe to join me for collective voicing for the unconditional mutual love for our fellow being and live together with mutual respect and deginity in the home and beyond. The social stability is defined by the stability of home the unit of the society where the men and women are the equal partners. We can live together with mutual love and help and create a lovefull homes to establish ourselves and derive our due share from the soicety.

Ms.Bagirathi Ramanathan, a voice for women from coimbatore in India

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Hi again! I wanted to leave

Hi again!

I wanted to leave you a quick note to let you know how powerful your voice is. If you post the above entries that are showing up as "comments" in your journal, the whole community will be able to see them more easily. Right now, they are specific to your first journal entry, and I fear they are getting lost!

To post in your journal, please go to your MYPULSE tab and select "Post to your Journal." Do that each time with each separate entry, and you're sure to get more comments and interaction from the community.

Also, thank you again for including your voice in the Kashmir group—I encourage you to come back and share more thoughts with the group!

All the best,

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