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HOW do I BENEFIT from BARACK obama BEING President

HOW do I BENEFIT from BARACK obama BEING President

Money cant buy you love
Money also can’t buy you
Dreams and
If all Africa wanted was money
We would have rooted for another term for Bush
Cause statistics tell us
His administration has given in terms of aid the most to Africa

The power of the mind

In Africa we receive millions in aid every year
The west tells us you are corrupt and greedy and gives us $1million Cheque
Next year he comes back and tells us the same thing
You are corrupt and greedy and still gives us another Cheque
So why should our leaders and politicians behave any differently
The west has drummed it in our leader’s minds long enough
You are corrupt and greedy and now they believe this and act accordingly
After all we will still get that Cheque and get our cut so why behave any differently

The power of the mind

In Australia the aboriginal people receive $$$ in cheques for welfare every 2 weeks
Majority of them don’t work or go to school
If they do choose to go to College however the government has programs
Where they will pay for their college education and ontop of that pay them to go College
But why don’t they do this
They are a bunch of lazy, drinking, child molesting people
That’s what their governments tells them
So what’s the point of going to College
I’ll still get my Cheques
And whether I go to college or not people will still think this of me
So they continue to be lazy, drinking child molesting people

The power of the mind

In the USA the African Americans are told by their government and the system
That they are lazy, drug dealing, gangstas
Who by a certain age will have been to jail at least once as a male
So what do they do they sit around, laze, drug deal and end up in jail

The power of the mind

If Barack has given us anything as a black race is belief.
If you believe you are empowered and you can.
But if you don’t believe but you have money
Which is the current situation
You will only go as far as the majority of
Africans have
The aborigines have and
The African Americans have
Money facilitates your beliefs, your dreams
But if you have no beliefs, have no dreams are not empowered
Money does nothing

I believe and that’s how I benefit from Barack being the 44th president of the United states of America. If I get anything else its a bonus.

Traditionally men have taken the lead
And women took control
But as our men suffer
We must take the lead

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Corine Milano's picture

Nzasu, Thank you for sharing


Thank you for sharing this with us! I encourage you to also post your text in a blog entry, so that you can be sure that everyone has a chance to read your powerful words, since downloads can sometimes be difficult.

I look forward to reading more of your work!

Nzasu's picture

Corine thank you so much for

Corine thank you so much for the feedback.I was having problems trying to position my photos on specific locations on my page, so I decided to do it as s download and wait for a response based of that I would change it.So will do thank you once again.Tell me does pulse wire have a blog facility?

dawn_dancer's picture

The Power of the Mind

Nzasu -- You are so right about this! What we think, and what we believe, is what we become. I want you to know that here in America, many of us -- not all, but many, many -- are also so inspired with the power of belief that Barack Obama has inspired in us, whether white or African American. It is at long, long last, a time for us to be proud to be Americans. I hope that his vision of belief in the power of all individuals can start to take root and replace the negative thought forms thatlimit people's perceptions of their own possibilities.

I am so happy to see that you seem to have a strong belief in yourself and your ability to express your truth. Keep writing! You are a shining star!

Warmly, Patricia

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