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Introducing myself and my journal: Who am I?

About Me:
Who am I?
A question left unanswered
28 years later
A wife, a sister, a daughter, a niece, a grand daughter
An employee, a tax payer, a member of the community
I'm still searching for this answer
Who am !?

I ve sought my mum's opinion
Mum who am I?
My daughter, my firstborn
You are sunshine, you are joy
You are fierce, you are kind
You are generous, you are gentle
You are…. She hesitates as her eyes look to yonder
Mum can’t help me understand and ask again
Who am I?

I ask my good friend, my lover, my beeter half
Who am I?
He says a friend, a companion
A pillar of salt, a gentle soul
A kind being, a generous one too
He shrugs his shoulders and I wonder
Who am I

Family, friends, colleagues
Who am I?
I'm still in the quest of finding myself
I'm still yearning to discover my capabilities
I'm still learning to love myself
I'm still trying to find out
Who am I?

My Passions:

My Challenges:

My Vision for the Future:
Greener peaceful world

My Areas of Expertise:
TV production


Corine Milano's picture

Matu, wow. What a powerful

Matu, wow. What a powerful introduction you've posted. You have such a way with words! I look forward to getting to know you better on PulseWire. Perhaps you'd like to join a group I administer here on PulseWire called Poetry and Other Writings. You can find it here:

There are a lot of women posting their poems and it so powerful to see the creative spirit of women globally emerging.

Nzasu's picture

I agree

I agree with Corine.You do have a way with words.And like you I still seek to find my identity.But after having been home for almost 4 years now, I have a pretty good idea who I am.I am an African woman a Kenya woman, highly influenced by the Britz, Aussies and Americans to create this unique individual thats like no other! The best way to start with this search for your identity is your culture.Culture meaning a way of life.From what you eat,to how you dress,to how you celebrate certain events death,marriage etc.All these will help you to discover you the real you! If you choose to continue in the path of another culture that you are not, that is fine but at least you will be aware of this and know that it is not you but part of another culture that you have chosen to embrace.

Matu's picture

Its true culture plays a big

Its true culture plays a big role into self discovery. We the youth are facing an identity crisis we have copied aped and tried to be everything apart from who we are.

We look up to the media for identity yet in our back yard we have a society busting of culture , grandparents who are only but happy to help remind us where we came from unfortunately we are not taking advantage of this.

Corine Milano's picture

Matu, I have learned so much

Matu, I have learned so much about myself through listening to my grandmother. She is my best friend, though we do not live in the same state. We email everyday though and she has taught me so much about where my family comes from. I owe a lot of who I am to her.

Do share some of your grandparent's stories with us. We can learn so much from each other by listening to the stories of our elders!

Matu's picture

Corine Actually that's a good

Corine Actually that's a good idea gems of wisdom is what I would call it. I consider them gems because no one will give you such advice unless you are paying for it by buying a book, attending a motivational talk or consulting a life coach.

May be we should start by sharing any Gems of wisdom we have from our grand parents

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