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Women and the Power to Heal


The signs are all around that women are truly coming into their power, not bartered for or compromised any longer, but uniquely and radically flowing, as unstoppable as a tsunami.
I see my work as an aid to this most natural evolutionary process, it is taking it's course, yes, but it can be sped up and the obstacles to it's progress be removed faster.
Every aspect of creation is a divine unfoldment to take us back to the truth, the truth that we can be beyond the illusions of life and yet influence them at the same time. Every great teacher, healer and saint has proven this but the mechanisms to achieve this have been witheld or forgotten. There are mechanisms, divine formulas that explain the whole birth-life-death cycle, beyond still the reasoning of science, and we can access them. Creation or Nature itself has revealed its own secrets to those who have had the dedication, passion and above all, love to pursue them. The real message of spirituality is to reveal the way to heal the experience of hurt and pain, to immerse us all in the one, undivided and unlimited source of pure divine love and consciousness.
Only this love and consciousness heals and transforms, and therein lies the power of miracles.

Women are the instruments of miracles, from giving birth to healing of the highest order - healing humanity. It is due to the energy channels that run through the channel of creation, the womb. From the womb everything comes: physical life to the manifestation of a dream or an idea, everything can be changed: the ills of the word, and everything leaves: death or departure of what is no longer serving its purpose.
Every woman can access her divine channels and the ultimate healing, transformative power of the womb.

It is vital that women know how to protect and utilise this power-base that is so intrinsic to our nature, for self-healing initially, and then to be the radical instruments of healing for humanity. Unprotected and misunderstood, women's power is prone to the worst of abuses, and the planet suffers alongside.

We can undo these effects, overcome the traumas and scars of abuse, and implement short-cuts for the upliftment of humanity. The healing modality of water is one of the most powerful means to relieve symptoms of stress and trauma, addictions and depression, and any chronically entrenched difficulty. It revtialises the soul and speaks to its consciousness, far subtler than the mind and emotions, and wakes up the latent powers, all a reflection of the purity of the womb of creation. We have to reclaim this power and channel it where it is needed.

I am holding the first, of many, Women's Personal Advancement and Healing Water Retreat in California in October. I am open to visiting any area where this work would be received.

Please visit to find out more.



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The Task

It has always been a spiritual law that only the womb of creation can heal creation.

The act of creation itself is an act of healing, an outpouring of energy for the purpose of any aspect of itself recognising its wholeness. We as women, for the most part, had forgotten ourselves as whole, possessing the ability to create wholeness, to bring the parts back together as a whole, and had cut off our divine channels.
Empowerment, enlightenment, divine awakening and consciousness, have no meaning or purpose except for healing pain and ignorance and restoring wholeness. It is not outside of the creation, it is the creative act, the act of the womb.
When a woman's energy, the purest energy of the womb, is blocked, disturbed or polluted, the flow of life, the rivers and oceans of creation are likewise polluted.
Yet, when the channels of the creative force are reopened, when each woman stops resisting or diverting the release of this energy, a wave of pure love flows from the purest source within her, to touch all those around her and further and further, meeting others and gathering the momentum that humanity needs to heal all in its wake. It is the ultimate act of creation and recreation, of unification, it is the act and power of the holiest, most sanctified place, the womb.

The flow of pure creative healing energy is most closely reflected in the subtle power of water.
The flow of water can speak to your soul like nothing else can. It does the work for you once you allow it to flow and remind you of who you are. Then your flow is unstoppable.

Experience in 1 day what it could take you a year or more to accomplish in your personal growth, the planet is waiting for you.

Nadira Seeram

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