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Coconut, the king chef of National cuisine ...................................

I like to offer this piece of essay as a 'offering' ( Pooja) to all the Locally believed and Trusted Goddesses and Gods of our of our society. i like to note that well cleansed coconut is used in the offerings of goddesses and gods in Devala
i like to dedicate this piece of writing also for all hearts and minds of the people of our country because with out 'people' there is nothing you would see worth or the world will be an empty place.

I thought of exploring my today's thoughts towards the very scientific cocos nucifera and I promised myself not to forget cashew nut at least at the beginning of this essay of mine.

Interesting to know the brand and taste the flavours of choconuts made of coconuts and cookies made of coconuts adding some cashew nuts? A biscuit may be made of mixing all these together in a very proud way and sealed with the date of manufacture and the date of expiry and send to many and every countries across all the continents. This is not a dream that I saw yesterday that is what I see and enjoy taste in real life. the true products of our own country.

Let me talk a little on unforgettable ‘cashew nuts’.

A good source of income and a must promote kind of a nut including coconut and cocoa lets not forget that I know that you have not forgotten that.

I like cocoa tree that is a very attractive tree compared to coconut and cashew. Uses are different and purposes and occasions are different that is right. Before I go in to coconut let me allocate some space for cashew nut, as I mentioned in the earlier thoughts of this page.

Role that the ‘Kaju kello’ ( I use this words with love and respect) most of the girls are part of this cashew industry same like all others of our economy is not doing a kaju kanawa wage wedak’ it is not easy as eating ‘cashew’.

I am not going to say more about this because my today’s topic is coconut.

The road uses are generally busy. Some are in a real hurry, some others fighting with time and work, moving fast for a purpose or an aim. So most of them have no time and they sometimes forget their own aims and targets in life when they see these ‘Kaju stalls that is a different story. these cashew nuts provides them space to have some break during or after work or while heading towards some other destinations ( there is a particular area that is very famous for selling cashew along the Kandy - Colombo road)

We need to plan our things accordingly otherwise we will fail. If we not think of following a proper plan in every development process Such similar actions we take will only join the list of the failures of work’ and will stay away from the ‘visible improvements of development of Kaju bisiness’, the cashew business or in any other business involvements.

So to catch the attention or the attraction of the customers you want related to your business we need to fight with our own strategies using and if there is any failures should find a solution that will match all these choices and desires of the people that you are aiming/ the target group of business . How can we let the people or encourage them to come near you and buy what they want. Need to think of some strategies in promoting any business/industry private or public.

If you build something away from the people’s vicinity you are keeping the economy away from development and improvement and also away from your vital customers the buyers/.

I am thinking sometimes we have the money and resources but ‘using what we have in a proper way is important’. ‘Right thing on a right place’, exact thing on a right place, those things are important.

Now let’s refresh our mind with some ‘coconut or with a glass of kurumba’/pol wathura ( coconut water) a wood apple juice made adding some coconut milk for better absorbent purposes ( kurumba - the immature fruit of coconut/the baby coconut)

what is your favorite cookies made of coconut or cocoanuts?

I shouldn’t have asked such a question actually it is like asking which is better ‘Maliban or Munchee’ or including all other our brands locally produce every thing are vital and we are proud to say that all these are made in our country. And all these good and tastier eatables made in this soil they all ours.

Uses of coconuts and choco nuts are different and unique. You can not do everything with coconut or only with choconut or cashew nuts ( have you tasted Aluwa made of adding cashew and rice flour?). All these things are different sweet meets made following an unique recipes I believe.

Pol sambole ………………

We need chilli + lime+ garlic+ little piece of karapincha+ pepper+ salt+ green chilies ( some add) for a very tastier ‘pol sambole’ don’t add ginger you will get a different taste if you add that. Forget ginger and add garlic.

So this pol sambole is our way of meal component just try and see if you have not got any chances to eat when you last visited our country. Try next time ok?

If I am to follow ‘Nandanee Athukorala’s way of making pol sambole I will have to add a little piece of lime skin to get a different taste bit of a bitter limy taste.

If I am to forget her way of polsambole and follow Dr PUblis’s way I just have to put all other things except what ‘Ms. Athukorale’s way uses and follows. Anyways I do not know what is my way of making a pol sambole No there is no my way here I use other’ s ways of making pol sambol.

Will something like pol sambol get spoiled if we follow everyone ‘s way of making it but there is a standard way I know that too.

Aney manda whether we can have this pol sambole with his way of kos kottu ? (Dr. Publis Silva’s musical kottu) looked fantastic and colourful (‘Siyatha -Rasa niwasa’)
It is so great to feel the goodness of grated coconut.

Pol gaana gaman kann epa hondada
Do not eat coconut while you are grating coconut ok.

Even without cooking that is eatable no harm at all but that it different alright.

Me ALUTH GEDARA’ kattiya ammata pol ganna epa kiapu eka weradiy :) hello altuh gedara kattiya kohomada?


Coconut IS for all cooking abilities and is a solution for all cooking issues but I admit that you need to know the technique of using ‘coconut in a standard way’ cooking is an art so I like to add that it is worth learning ‘how to use coconut in cooking in a artistic way’?
Everything is usable most of the things are eatable, from top to bottom usable and advisable.
Top for roofing even the top does not mind using this for roofing. How do I know you might think yes you are rightI DO NOT KNOW but I guessed. I should have used the word ‘some’.
I don’t think that ‘polathu’top class roofing option because you need to change it from time to time lasting period is shorter compared to other products. Obviously.
Louma kole pol aththada kesel koleda? What is the biggest leaf is it the cocnut or the banana leaf ?
If you try to answer this question without thinking properly and carefully forgetting the meaning of the question asked, the shape and sizes of the coconut leaf. You will end up answering a wrong way. It is little difficult for me to explain some of the ‘questions asked in sinhala language adding some locality because some things are very much localized I should say. This is a question for ‘all who wants to be a millionaire?’

Understanding better roofing one needs to consult a good ‘basunnehe’ qualified or one who uses talents by experience or born talents.
Pol lee, pol athu who can come to compete with me to weave a branch of coconut?
That was one of the old time roofing of my kind house of old days. Cadjan.
Pol leli ( coconut husks),Pol kola ( coconut leaf),Pol hanasu ( the little bit curved part that protect the baby coconuts when they are too small to join the society), Kurumbatti ( the tiny and the very preliminary age/period of coconut)for kids to create sewing machines for play

Kurumba ( kurumba you will find this in between the period of immaturity and maturity period of a coconut) for refreshment

Iratu for idala ( broom making) for sweeping purposes in and out of the premises of your houses ‘ ilapatha’ is something that we make taking straight away the in between part of the coconut leaf. Here we do not use any hand stick like we use in standard brooms you need to bend a little towards the earth and sweep if you prefer to use ‘ilapatha’

Before I get the ilapatha can you clean the kitchen old time, sweet ways of threatening daughters, (punishing) when they look little lazy and avoid doing any household cleaning tasks.

Ilapatha ( the inner part of the coconut leaf this generally strengthen the leaf of the coconut staying in between as a supporter, a bunch of these things will create a fairly good cleaning equipment that loves generally the goma polowa- tiled with cow-dung ( in the ancient kitchens this was not strange to see- I am sure that it has not totally vanished or had disappeared from some of the village kitchen departments even nowadays)
‘Pol mudu’- the outer thread/strings kind of thing that are visible in between the hard cover of the coconut and the outer part/the husk still use for cleaning you do not need to use it for days and days just for few cleaning times and can throw it away.

Pol katta/the hard cover or ‘the protector of the inner part that we use for cooking’ is for many purposes such as ‘pol katu isthirikke’-old time old irons favorites of older generations could not do without. Now some use this part aslo use for ‘jewelry making or crafting’, salt keeping containers, pol katu hendi/spoons .

Pol athu/cadjan weving was a yesterday’s kind of good sources of income .

The joining or the connecting part of the branch with the main tree - Polpithi also can be used not only for fire wood also for kids to play as cricket piththa/ bat

Pol toddy – toddy made of coconut ( not aware of the processing of toddy)

Pol mal ( the flowery part)– use for many purposes for thowil pawil, ( some of the ways of local healing systems for some ailments related to one’s mental health)
Wandana gamanedi –when there hang this ‘pol malak’ before the vehicle before set out for any pilgrimage

Pol gaha aparada karanne neha (saying) there is an old saying that ‘the coconut tree does not contribute to any of the crimes’

Kohubath – fertilizer let’s start some vegetable cultivation as advised and directed by Mr. Udaya of Rividina arunella/National television- jaathika rupavahini
Pol wathu some use as wealth indicators

Pol lorry ( the lorry full of coconuts comes to jubilee junction every Saturday and on every Tuesdays he sells coconut for cheap price (laabeta pol)

Coconut oil/pol thel- the best oil treatment for all ailments, the headaches

coppara lanterns in a parade used in the ancient time ( still using) guided as a lantern who show you the way to proceed.

do not forget that for some coconut related business are their main sources income including ‘plucking coconut’ this was mainly in the past but I am sure that if you go little interior this can be a commonly seen thing.

Gedi siyayak bima demmath appachchita eka gediyai
Api rakenne a pol wikunalai handiye


- Special thanks to my lovely nangi ............... and to the internet for the picture courtecy

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