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We are proud of you Jamaica ......................

I was thinking this very energetic morning how I should begin this essay and how to decide on a title. I saw how the world is looking without taking their eyes off from his movements on the right tracks reaching the end line with dignity.

I saw how happy the Jamaican flags are waving the ‘fabric of peace’ from here to there in the air. The smiling faces, number uncountable ‘cheering’ looking at the speedy man so happily.
I am sure the Thames was listening and observing all these with a very conscious mind and I have no doubt she surely felt happy seeing these performances.

I was thinking whether to title this ‘gratitude note’ saying ‘the world is happy for you Usain Bolt’.
No! I thought later I should write the name of his country that gave him this name ‘Ussain Bolt’. People shine because of their countries because they are born on such a country. ‘ Ussain Bolt is single but the whole country was behind him. The whole world must have seen this, am I right?

I like your very entertaining actions in sports. Sports are something like entertaining people in a worthy way that is the spirit of sports. ‘Fashionable clothing in sports give some weight and at the same time it is very true that the real actions in sports ground brings happiness as well as MEDALs which has the power to keep an entire Nation going towards the victory, maintains strength for some times to come may be through out all the era's of future and let sporty historians to write the history of sports of their country in a meaningful way.
The whole world is proud of you Ussain and let me not forget the other Jamaican Stars who brought silver and bronze to your country and to the magic of world sports with happiness.

9.58 became a brilliant number that moment on wards in the history of sports records.
So Mr. Jamaica try to change these digits next time when you plan to touch the ground of any Olympic city.
Don’t forget that you will be able to break your own records in the next city of Olympic or you may not and some other person may hold the record next time. That is sports even in life this is same and applicable to life as well. living itself is a record i believe facing all natural and otherwise hazards in day to day life. Sports and life these two figures of sports maintains very close relationship with each other.

Just forget breaking your own records ( it is the fans of yours who are thinking of your next record breaking moments) we know that right now you are celebrating the medal embracing moments. This time it was your moment you enjoyed before the whole world witnessing every sports hearts and fans. that is a wonderful thing my friend.

‘Breaking records’ is not what sports is all about I know that too. Those things give some spirit to the hearts of all sports, adds an extra courage, hope, aim, target in to the facets of life of sports. In sports ‘competition’ is a different thing and this has a s different meaning or let me say that adds some sports in to sports, that is also in a very sporty way not in a bad way.

People thinking of compete with each other. Natural that is the human nature. Competition is not a bad thing but that is outside life battles. In the grounds of sports, creative spaces, in the areas of new innovations, the people who compete for a ‘good hope, good will, for the benefit of the public, nation, country, world ‘competition’ is a marvelous word and it is truly countable.

‘Challenges in sports’ are an interesting thing to think. You may think that the sports star of next country, neighboring country the country in the other corner of the world is a challenge for you in sports. Some are challenging their own talents and skills that is the ‘wonder of sports’ I believe. It is alright to be a challenge to the other sports hearts of some other country but I am thinking now at this very moment and thought of asking my friends and at the same time remind this to my own mind ‘isn’t that good if we challenge our own weakness in sports or otherwise in and out of sports grounds rather than challenging our own people on this and that?
Easy to say these things I know. ‘no one is perfect in achieving this and that in life but in sports someone becomes a ‘hero‘ celebrate their moments in sports, embracing life in sports with bronze, silver or with gold. ‘all those medals are silver, bronze or gold plated right? I watched an interesting documentary on ‘making of medals’

Some flowers for you the creation team of medals. You were the people behind their ‘happiness’ watching them from a side they winning and wearing the medals that you have created with so much respect and love adding your wishes crafting them with so much care’ your time and ideas worth a lot friends.

It is amazing the way that all these sports hearts run without dragging the legs of the others ‘ I saw no foot dragging’ there in London that is excellent. But I saw some very artistic horse riding moments. I remember today we used to watch ‘black beauty’ the story of a black stallion a very much a friendly and a helpful dear horse.

I guess others can’t drag you down if you are running truly on the track that they have allocated for you to show your talents ‘giving and respecting the liberty of others’ in running or walking, am I right?

Ready, get set and go …………………. I don’t know whether I am confused with the order of the words. Any how I believe ‘pre planning’ or ‘preparing’ ‘positioning’ your mind to the aim is a must. And that is important not only in running but also in beautiful ‘very artistic movements of gymnastic’ finally in whole life activities.

Well I wish how good it is if we only gets chances to ‘target’ or shoot’ only in the areas allocated for that particular sports activity not in off grounds. I am thinking now of the incident happened in the cinema hall killing few people was it happened in America? I understand that it is difficult to control such things because of many reasons. The children or adults see or watch such incidents in reel world in the in the world of ‘magic of cinema’ that is also one not a huge but a slight reason I guess . ‘I don’t know what we manufacture most whether it is ‘pens’ or weapons’. I am not qualified enough to analyze such things without knowing the whole world in aspect of life or otherwise that is not possible until you get a chance to view each and every corner of this world in a very accurate way. That is just one example that came in to my mind and because that was happened in a cinema hall I tried to think of the very same premises with the things that sometimes we watch. What is ‘point blank’ oh! That is a column in the nation the Sunday paper. I can not remember reading it in the recent past how come that I missed it. You targeted ‘cricket’ right. There are things that we can target or aim to improve that is what I am thinking at this moment.

‘Aims’ in life are advisable and try shooting the weaknesses of our own minds and our own within is great I believe. Sometimes I write things for me. these things are advises for my personal improvements in everything in my life as well I thought of writing them down thinking may be sometimes it is good or useful for my other friends in general.

Lets walk towards targeting our own enemies ‘within’ ‘aggression, harmful thoughts, negativity reaching only the areas of positivity chase away the ‘blankness’ in life.

Today is Saturday and Sunday is the day that I like very much because I get the chances to read all good and thoughtful thoughts, friendly encouraging, entertaining, meaningful, useful pages of all Sunday papers’ I like to read the sports pages this time than the other pages.

So we are proud of you USSAIN BOLT let me repeat it many more times and thank you Jamaica for creating an Ussain mark in the world of worldly sports.

So London has become a memorable city for you and for the entire world of sports.
The world has calculated your way of speed Ussain and they have kept the record in a very safe place I am sure. No I am wrong those things are not possible to steal therefore the world can keep his record in a place where they prefers to keep it that is their choice. None can change the things that you have achieved in this season of sports.

Please take care the world of sports

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