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Hungry Enough to Eat Rats...And snakes!!!

Kenya has for a long time been a fertile land, producing maize for local consumption and a surplus for sale. Bu things have not been the same since 2007. In writing this I mean no offense to countries and cultures that have delicacies of rats and snakes; but this is what we have been reduced to.
In recent days, the media has taken the government to task by highlighting stories of ordinary Kenyans resorting to stomach-churning delicacies in the name of hunger. One man in Kisumu captured my attention as well as my gut as he was shown on tv gobbling down slices of snake meat! When asked why he resorted to that, all he could say was " There is too mush hunger, when u find something to eat do not leave it."
Elsewhere in the Northern parts of Kenya a village sits down for dinner; well barbecued rat meat! They salivate as the little rats go round and round over the fire... they probably were imagining a piece of chicken. And that's how they survive. The women are least concerned about what they will eat. Its more important for their children to find something little that would get their minds off food for the day; A worthwile sacrifice for future generations. That's a woman for you!
But how log should Kenyan women continue to starve and feign satisfaction so as to appear strong for their children; how long before they cut their own arms to feed their children?


olutosin's picture

The New Africa

My People,

I cannot but respond to this! This is the new Africa where the land is green and the people are thin, hope you remember the land of Cannan, where the land is green and the inhabitants are giants, even with six fingers.

Like a town crier will I cry, I will wail because our people are walking corpses, It is not in Kenya only, if you come to Nigeria, you will cry for women and their chidren, it gets to a situation when I become so paranoid, that I needed to caution myself. I n Nigeria graduates are roaming around as if they have nothing, every one for himself and God for us all.

If we are to continue to talk we will exhaust all our strength, but here I love everyone with the whole of my heart, can we all try to see if we can find solution to The New Africa's problem. Our leaders are bent on eating all and killing all, we are crying in Africa, save the women, save the children, the men are sending their daughters and wives out for prostitution, the leadrs are out there pretending to the whole world that it is well, it is not well with all, the privileged few are eating to stupor, our boys are hawking in traffic hold ups,

An example is our Post graduates students in Africa that are reduced to menial jobs in order to keep body and soul together and they continue telling lies that the graduates are half baked whereas when they find a way of becoming Andrews and they check out, they become the run away Africans that are now celebrated in developed countries. How can we become developed in Africa when our leaders are stealing money and sending them to banks abroad? Those banks abroad will inturn lend out to their citizens in order to develop theie economy. Yes! posterity will not forgive them

May God Bless Us All for we Genuinely crave for change the world deserves. For now I rest my case.


Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


joyomosh's picture

I think I have a Solution

Thanks Olutosin for the great observation. Some of the things you have mentioned have been a burden in my heart for a long time. In Kenya, young people are graduating almost thrice a year from the 7 public universities and many other private ones. During my graduation, we were no less than 20 thousand; all going to the limited job industry or waiting for the government to create jobs for us. But I have come to realize that our pride is our fall. God in his great mercy gave us limbs as well as brains. However, the youth of today think that the only way to earn a decent living is to use ones brain. If they do not dress in a tie and shirt or sit behind a fancy dress then they are not working.
This, therefore is the reason for the Kenyan government's self employment plan. It has recently set aside funds for young people with great business ideas but have no funds. The youths either form groups or work as individuals and, so far, I have seen many successful ones! Through this, the number of youths who are idle has reduced thereby bringing the crime rates down.
On the issue of Agriculture, there is no sugarcoating things; THE POLITICIANS ARE TO BLAME! At least that's what I think is the case for Zimbabwe and Kenya. Recently, there have been a chain of corruption cases involving high ranking officials. This chain is so tangled within the reigns of power such that the criminals are their own judges which beats the whole cause of justice. Many are the times that I wonder whether god had run out of conscience when creating this unruly lot. Did you know that Kenyan M.Ps are the most highly paid and they recently turned down a bill that would see them pay their taxes like the rest of us. I am obviously bitter about these people but the solution lies somewhere at the corner of my wallet. And come the next election I WILL INFLUENCE MY FELLOW YOUTH TO USE THEIR VOTES TO BRING TRUE AND MUCH NEEDED CHANGE!


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