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Introducing myself and my journal: Sacred Ground Occidental

About Me:
I am Phyllis a mother of 3 beautiful, strong young women ages 30, 35, & 37. My granddaughter recently turned 18, and we all live around the Bay Area of Northern California, (about an hour drive north of San Francisco).

In 1987, I experienced a Kundalini crisis while I was asleep dreaming. In my dream I had traveled very high up and out into an infinite black void, while attempting to escape from someone pursuing me to do what he wanted to do. I kept saying no to his intentions. When I realized I was too far out and separated from my physical body and had no idea how to return, I remember asking, "Now what? Now you've done it! How on earth do I get back in? I have no idea, oh, s*@t!" I could feel my hand gripping some invisible object so tightly, it was as though all the bones would break in my fingers. I was given instructions by a compassionate Presence. I followed the instructions to merge with what looked like my own body descending on a spiral of stars, wrapped in a blanket of pure light, with head and feet sticking out. Releasing my grip as instructed, I entered my light body, rotating down a spiral of beautiful light, back down to find my self.

When I came closer to my body, I saw I was asleep on top of the bed, having a major epileptic seizure. My thought was, "Oh, no. This isn't going to be pretty." I braced myself for the reentry in through the base of my spine. It seemed as though I flew through my inner landscape for too long. I commented out loud as I continued to fly towards my head at the speed of light, "This is taking forEVER! When is this going to end?"

I sensed I was coming near to solid ground. I mentally prepared for a crash landing by bracing myself for the impact, taking a deep breath, closing my eyes tight. The "shattering" felt like I was made out of glass and had been dropped on my head from a skyscraper. It sent me hurtling across the bedroom, to land on my feet--FIRE ! I was on fire, standing in what felt like being engulfed in flames. I was in shock. As I looked down at my feet holding me to the floor, my body was disintegrating into a mysterious sparkling light that resembled twinkling masses of stars. I could see my body coming back together, but not quite. It wasn't solid. I knew I had to breathe and it was critically important that I be able to keep an emotionally stable mind to be safe and remain alive.

That afternoon was the end of my life as I had known it. I intuitively knew my marriage was over, that my husband would not be able to accept the "real" me, and I attempted talking myself into plans of hiding my healing abilities from him, in order to save my marriage. I also knew there would be horrible life-threatening consequences to this entire episode, if anyone found out.

A profound feeling of ancient knowing came through me, as I heard the word "Kundalini" from somewhere around me. Deep in my heart I knew what it meant, although I had no present day knowledge of it, nor of any healing abilities which now felt undeniably real, that I wanted to deny with my whole being.

As I looked across my room and out the window, I could see the many spiritual worlds now open and too numerous to count. All of the "solid objects" around me were alive, each with an interwoven web of light, exquisitely ordered which I sensed as a sacred netting of brilliant white light, intersected by stars. This netting which was so precisely created, held each physical pattern or shape together...consciously! All of the objects were alive with this light webbing which amazingly held a feeling of unified, heart intelligence, gentle yet strongly present, taking its form in purposeful connectivity.

It was many years before I would finally accept that sunny April afternoon as a blessing. And it was still more years before I would come to understand that this awakening meant living a life involved deeply in the presence of Ancestors. As twenty thousand generations of Ancestors took charge of teaching me how to live from my indigenous roots, I was learning to communicate with and direct the consciousness of my cells, and the spirits of their elemental natures, (earth, air/breath, fire, water, tree of life). I was required to learn how to work toward a more spiritually integrated and congruent life. My physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual education was by feeling the qualities of energetic and spiritual vibrations of each and every thought, feeling, intention, and word expressing itself within my entire nervous system. As each organ system evolved I was painfully aware of all forms of harshness residing within my under developed character traits. It was a white-hot searing pain that I feared might never end.

I needed to learn from the destructive power of fear and the healing powers of self compassion and self-forgiveness. As nature responded as parents and family to my inner life, keeping me on track, I began to trust in the wisdom I was feeling, as I became more skilled in constructive and beautiful ways of using imagination. All of this was to become what I humorously learned to call, my Divine Comedy. It was and still remains a Fine Art, setting to the task of educating and guiding myself within my Earth.

These instructions and experiences allowed me to emerge from the dark to a beauty-full realization of what the spirit of our ancient and elegant earth was asking of me: To evolve my awareness, and purposely choose to communicate and interact with the Intelligent Presence of Heart Consciousness, whose sole/soul function within all of Creation is the "spiritual connective tissue" throughout the cosmos. . .the real world-wide-web!

Until the day my dream brought me to my senses, I could not recall ever having been taught about ancestors or nature spirits. In my generation with siblings and cousins, it was unheard of to be in the presence of ANY spirits, nature or otherwise. I had no idea if I would live or die. It was by spending all of my extra time in water and through the love of my children and the beautiful interactions with nature, that I chose to observe, surrender to my worst to be my best as messy as it was at times, even if it meant dying--so I could live. At least, I thought, it would be an honorable death to face my fears so as not be controlled and ruled by the unknown.

After 3 years of initiation by fire & water, learning directly from my own ancestors, plant, animal, elemental & collective ancestors of the region in which I live, i was shown how to participate a more compassionate life. The commitment I had made as a soul has continued to develop me. In Hawaiian culture this type of experience is known as a "spiritual lightening strike." It was a complete breaking down of any permanent barriers of negativity, that might have prevented me from living my soul purpose. It gave me practical methods of intra-personal communication skills to practice as a way of focusing on more constructive, creative attitudes so I could safely explore the potent teachings and spiritual growth that feelings can potentially provide.

Having been raised a strict Catholic, with hopes of becoming a Maryknoll Missionary nun, I found it almost absurd that of all the previously unknown (to me) Gods & Goddesses who began visiting, there was no Jesus figure. It was a terrifying and beautifully life-altering experience that has brought an openness to and trust of nature spirits and ancestors and a life way that is inclusive of all major spiritual figures (including those of Christianity), but most notably, those of cultures from which I descend. I continue to respect all religions, cultures and peoples from around the world, and feel a deep connection.

The opening of these spiritual gateways led to my becoming a doctor of indigenous medicine, medical intuitive, transcultural health consultant, medical advocate, herbalist, herbal medicine maker, gardener, and educator. I love working with people of all ages, illuminating spiritual mysteries which reside at the roots of illnesses, facilitating safe and respectful journeys within to recognize and receive the gifts..

I lost my ability to read, write, walk & talk, because I was living in worlds that quantum physicists write about. I found ways to rehabilitate myself with all the help of the spirits. Reading was the last and most difficult task to reclaim. I accomplished reclaiming my reading skills in November 2011. The first book I was guided to read from cover to cover was written by Gopi Krishna, "Kundalini: The Spiritual Evolution of Man." I discovered Gopi Krishna had also lost his ability to read & for the first time I felt such relief about ever having to make that part of my journey public, & found myself crying tears of empathy and joy for his courage to write about his experience. Perhaps someday, there may be something I write that will help others, as I felt upon reading his book.

Soon after this began, I was called to work in hospitals mostly with indigenous elders & children with special needs. My specialties include helping doctors to understand mystery conditions of their patients, and sometimes how to best proceed with measures that can further support the healing process. I love helping people to relax into a more playful & creative way of seeing and working with their "diagnosis" or their stories, by teaching how to communicate compassionately with the cells, elements and ancestors within, to effect dynamic change.

Recently, the animals, plants, Earth, elementals & ancestors have been communicating and demonstrating how important it is at this time to invite them to actively participate in the spiritual, emotional, and physical healing of humans. They are as outspoken as the women in our World Pulse community! It's exciting to listen & tend to their visions and journeys,

Some of my work is medically documented, and I am now teaching the from the Principles of Healing within the context of the Medicine Wheel, to those who may be interested in learning how our minds, spirits, 20 thousand generations of ancestors and the Heart of Creation can work as one heart, on behalf of all. As we take the time to mindfully engage our feelings and thoughts with the spirits of our natural world, we may find our collective spiritual power is capable of bringing about a more gentle and balanced expression to global weather patterns and earth movements. We may also feel surprised to learn that earth's creatures are ready and willing to assist us in all of the healing we as humans need, in order to re-member how to thrive in a spiritually elegant, more connected world that calls us to healing as we allow love and for-giving-ness to enter.

I look forward to meeting many others here, learning about you & your lives, your communities & how you are helping to re-establish balance in your lives and in the Earth we share as family. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my journal.

In peace & good health,
Phyllis Bala

My Passions:
open water swimming & fire walking. children, animals, plants, ancestors, nature.

My Challenges:
public speaking, writing about the medicine wheel; writing my book

My Vision for the Future:
To extend open invitations to people who express a desire to learn how to speak directly to nature forces and their own ancestors by personifying nature and our cells, thereby fostering reciprocal relationships with all of life, to help restore balance through safe, respectful, loving, supportive and celebratory gatherings within the Medicine Wheel.

My Areas of Expertise:
Medicine Wheel journeys & doctoring; seeing, and bringing peace to communities in chaos. Empowering support.


usha kc's picture

Dear friend It’s my pleasure

Dear friend
It’s my pleasure to welcome you. You are now a voice among thousands of voices. I am sure you have a powerful voice to make the world changed.
Warm Welcome in this amazing platform, expectantly waiting your active participation.
Follow the link for getting started guide.
Warm Hug !
From Nepal

starseed's picture

Thank You

Dearest Sister Usha,

My deepest and most heart-felt thanks I send to you & your sweet daughter, and your beautiful Nepal. I can feel your warm and caring hug as I think of you. Your English writing is very good and I admire how much time and effort you must be investing in the learning of a language that is not so easy to learn!

I am still and forever learning how to navigate around on computer, which is about as foreign to me as learning another language.:)

In the near future I will be more actively involved. Currently, I am organizing community events to provide an hour each Sunday morning for adults and children to come together at my little shop in California, USA, called Sacred Ground (Occidental). The purpose is for speaking to the ancestors in nature, thanking the spirits of the trees, the fire, water, air and earth for everything they give us. We will be singing songs to them, offering them special food we bring to share with each other, pouring water for them, tying little offerings of dried lavender to the tree branches, and asking for protection during these times of climate and earth changes. We will ask them to help us listen to what it is we might do to help ourselves and nature come back into balance, while getting to know one another, celebrate life in our little community & honor one another.

I send you my love.

In peace & good health,

mrbeckbeck's picture


Hello Starseed,
Welcome to PulseWire. I know that you'll enjoy being a part of this vibrant community of change-makers. It sounds like you have a lot of wisdom and experience to share with the world here. I look forward to learning from and with you!

Thank you for the work you're doing to bring healing to your community and to our precious planet.

Kind regards,

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Volunteer

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