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VoF Module 6: Meet My Incredible 5

Hello All

Its been a long spell of silence here, broken occasionally by Scott :)

I have been busy battling some health issues, and traveling for my work. But in between, I had been also working on the Module 6 assignment: Each one teach 5.

And finally, here I am, with five incredible women whom I had the privilege to reach out and teach Web2.0, with a special focus on using social media on mobile handset. All 5 women have signed up as World Pulse members.

Before telling you who they are, I want to share two of the principle that I followed:

1. To directly connect the women to the World Pulse community the women whom they have earlier read about. So, there are women of whom I have written in my earlier World Pulse assignments. You have earlier read about them, admired them for their courage and appreciated their work. Now you can directly speak with them.

2. Teach things to people who need it most. Of the five women I have reached out, four live in high risk zones and amidst threats to their lives. The knowledge of web2.0 isn't just another thing to learn, but the ultimate weapon to make crucial contacts and protect themselves. That's what I focused on while training them.

And now, let me say who they are:

1.Bhan Sahu ( - the woman you read about in my story - Bhan, my sister, my hero
A barefoot social activist who puts community welfare before anything else.

2. Jyoti Bairagi ( - I had written about her in one of my earliest entries, during the VoF contest. I had earlier taught her a bit of social media. Now, I reconnected with her and taught her how to blog and network on the web,using, among others, World Pulse.

3. Luckygirl ( Forced into prostitution, she represents the millions of girls who are trafficked every year in Asia. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been able to reach out and help her.

3. Mariam Murmu ( Lives in high conflict zone. It was a big risk for me too, to reach her home and teach her. I feared being caught as a suspected spy. But finally, all went well.

5. Amruthavalli ( - A close friend who has been tasted and tried by life in the worst possible way. You have read about her mother Kamala in my 4th assignment (the Oped, where I wrote about her as a victim of malnutrition.)

All of these women, except Amruthavalli have a lot of difficulty in reading or understanding English. So I had to sit with them and help them create the accounts and the profiles. It was a daunting task, but at the end, I felt very happy. They were happy too, to have been connected with a network as wide as it gets!

Finally, for me, the training is just the beginning. I love reaching out, I love training. I get a huge kick every time I see a woman learning to log in or log out or make a post. Its the best possible feeling in the world! So, its going to continue, forever!

With that, I sign off here. Wishing you all the very best for your assignment!


ikirimat's picture

The training must have been

The training must have been very interesting and insightfull. Will you continue checking on them. I suppose they need some kind of follow up. But I also think this can be so motivating for them and other women around them.
Good work Stella for the commitment to changing lives of fellow women.

Grace Ikirimat

"It takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success."

Stella Paul's picture


Dear Grace

Yes, it was very touching time to train. Because of their location and high-risk situation, I had to train each one separately. That was very time consuming. Also, they are semi-literate, which makes it very difficult to explain technical terms. But at the end of it, its all worth it!
Love and best wishes

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

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