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Leaving World Pulse... but not PulseWire!

A letter to my beloved PulseWire community -

It is with mixed feelings that I bring to you the news that today is my penultimate day working for World Pulse. Over the past year and a half, I have gotten to know women and men from all over the world, taking risks and shaking things up to make the world a better, more equal place. I've been moved, inspired, and amazed by so many of you, so many times. In just the last few months, I have watched Fardosa Muse of Kenya use PulseWire to save a life, Beatrice of Uganda used it to educate young girls in her community, Hummingbird raise awareness about the violence in Syria, Nasreenamina lead a feminist movement in Argentina, CongoLeezza launch a Congolese uprising, and so much more!

I've learned so much from you about politics, culture, human rights, health, entrepreneurship, strength and so many other topics. It has been both an honor and a pleasure working to support you, connect you with resources, help cultivate and deliver your voices to affect change, and more.

I will be succeeded by your great friend and supporter, Scott Beck. Scott has been the Voices of Our Future program coordinator, so many of you already know and love him. I am more than confident that he will successfully maintain and grow this unique community, listen to your concerns and ideas, and ensure that they are addressed. I encourage you to connect with him and say hi on PulseWire here. You also continue to be supported by the rest of the very-committed World Pulse staff, who you can connect with here:

Though I'm sad to leave the World Pulse team, I'm excited to move on in a new professional direction, working to address global health issues. I will continue to stay engaged on PulseWire as much as possible, and hope to stay in touch with my PulseWire friends!

Thank you for being such a wonderful community,


Greengirl's picture


I logged into the WorldPulse site tonight, as has become my routine for quite some time now only to be greeted with your shocker, Breese. I was really taken aback, as I read through your "LEAVING WORLD PULSE POST" with mixed feelings and so many questions on my mind.

Well, I am consoled by the fact that you will still stay engaged with the Pulsewire community. It's great to know too that the new career path you're taking, is one that will contribute to positive change in the global health sector.

I look forward to hearing your success stories and wish you the very best!

Lots of love and best wishes,


Breese's picture

Thank you!

Olanike - thank you for your kind and thoughtful message! Like I said, I'm moving on to a new job but will still be on PulseWire. I've really enjoyed reading your posts, and am so glad to hear you check PulseWire daily. I hope you continue to stay so engaged. World Pulse has many plans and ideas for the future.

Wishing you all the best, and sending a big hug!

jadefrank's picture

Bon voyage!

Gonna miss you Breese! Your nurturing guidance of the community lives on through the empowered leadership of the vocal contributors in this space. Best of luck in your next adventure and pop in to say hi when you can!


Breese's picture

Thank you so much, Jade! I

Thank you so much, Jade! I learned it all from you :) And can't wait to see what comes of the campaigns and everything else! Keep in touch,

All the best,

malayapinas's picture

Thank you!

Hi Breese! It's been a long time that I'm a little bit silent from World Pulse and today reading your letter I feel World Pulse is getting bigger and bigger. Thank you so much for being with us all the years and your contribution means a lot to me personally Keep up being with us! Good Luck!


Breese's picture

Thank you, Malaya - it's an

Thank you, Malaya - it's an honor to connect with you, and I hope you stay engaged on PulseWire! Take care,

olutosin's picture

You are an amazing woman

Its really nice to watch and see you do the impossible here everyday. Move on sister to a higher calling. But lets be connected here on Pulsewire. I wish you well and God Speed.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


Breese's picture

Thank you so much, Olutosin!!

Thank you so much, Olutosin!! Please do keep in touch :)
With respect,

Stella Paul's picture

All the best!

Dear Breeze

Yes,life is all about movement and I am happy that you too are moving on, to a new pasture and I wish you the very best!

I will miss you though; over the months, I had almost got hooked to your posts on new opportunities :)

But since you will be around on Pulsewire, I hope to keep hearing from you, especially about your new experiences.

So, bye and may success follows wherever you step in!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Breese's picture

Thank you, Stella!!

Thank you, Stella!! Congratulations on being invited on the WP Live tour, and on all the other impressive accomplishments and opportunities you have obtained. I look forward to continuing to read your posts, and I'll do my best to keep posting more interesting opportunities and resources ;)

Take care!

Fardosa Muse's picture

We gonna miss you

Dear Breese,
It's honor and pleasure to know you and interact with you and I 'm happy for your transition .i know you'll always bring changes to where ever you go.We thank world pulse staff for their commitment ,dedication and support they give us and we will support them enough information they required from us as a members . we are so much connected and we appreciate their services .Personally world pulse transform my life so as thousands others especially (Abdihakim ). We celebrate you girl.
Take care .

Every One, Every Day ,Every Way, Prevent Vi0lenCE AgainST W0men On YouR Way!

Breese's picture

Asante sana, Fardosa! It's

Asante sana, Fardosa! It's been great getting to know you, and the more I learn about you the more impressed I get.

All the best,

Osai's picture

All the Best

Dear Breese,

You have helped so much with your tips, advice and encouragement. I wish you all the best in your future beginnings (that sounds paradoxical!). God be with you and all the best!

Best wishes,

Twitter: @livingtruely

Breese's picture

Thank you, Osai!! All the

Thank you, Osai!!

All the best,

Neema's picture

Best To You!

Have grown accustomed to seeing your face everywhere I look on Pulsewire. Glad to hear new things are horizoning for you. Don't make us miss you, sister!


Breese's picture

Thank you, Neema! It has been

Thank you, Neema! It has been so exciting hearing of your successes and reading your posts. I look forward to seeing all the thins you accomplish, and connecting with all the Congolese women you help empower.

All the best,

Nusrat Ara's picture

All the best Breese!

All the best Breese!


Breese's picture

Thank you, Nusrat! Likewise!

Thank you, Nusrat! Likewise!

janice.corera's picture

Oh no :(

Logged in after a couple of weeks only to see a very demotivating post from you. Gonna miss you but its important you move on !
Good luck in whatever you are going to do BUT please stay in touch

Breese's picture

Hi Janice - thank you for

Hi Janice -
thank you for your message! I hope you're not demotivated to stay engaged on PulseWire, and take advantage of the opportunities and resources it provides. Do keep in touch :)

Urmila Chanam's picture

Goodbye is never easy

Dear Breese,

Its never easy to say goodbye to someone who matters to us,and so it it this time when you are leaving. I hope and prY thhat you find people in your new work to encourage you,the way you have.always encouraged me and many ooff us here.
Will miss you.

Urmila chanam

It takes just one to change many

Breese's picture

Thank you so much, Urmila -

Thank you so much, Urmila - your words mean a great deal to me. Wishing you all the best, and I look forward to continuing to read your posts!

With love,

nusrat.yaqub's picture


So sorry that you're leaving

You'll be missed ever so much

Good luck in the future

And please stay in touch



he! is good

he! is good


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