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Introducing myself and my journal: Traverse


1. I am an eternal optimist & always look at the bright side of things. So, the grass is FOREVER GREEN on my side :)

2. I read a lot, especially books that deal with spirituality, reincarnation and near-death experiences. I also love children’s fantasy books – my favorite being Enid Blyton books, which take me to a world of
mystery, adventure, and magic !! Tinkle comics are a fun read too.

3. Not much of a foodie (am a vegetarian by choice). But, I do soooooooooooooo love Subway *Yummy for my Tummy*

4. I can sleep for hours on end that too so soundly that nothing can disturb me, not even an earthquake.

5. On the weekends, I enjoy lazing around, reading, surfing the net, and catching up with my loved ones.

6. I enjoy watching comedy movies, Tom & Jerry, and Discovery & NGC. The daily soaps and serials are repulsive, except THE ONE “Miley Jab Hum Tum”

7. I strongly believe that:--
· Whatever happens happens for the best and we have to make the best happen of it
· As you sow, so shall you reap
· Self-help is the best help
· Practice what you preach
· Do unto others as you want others to do unto you
· Forgive and forget
· “Be in Charge (of yourself, not others) and do not charge at others”
· I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul

8. Appreciating my blessings, and being grateful for all the good and not so good things in my life is essential in making me complete.

9. Ego, attachment, distrust, and pessimism do not exist in my life.

10. Communication, active listening, and empathy help me to keep wonderful relationships. Healthy relations help to bring out the innate knowledge within me.

11. Acting and not reacting to people and situations has brought me peace.

12. I am all for progressive conservation of our beautiful planet. That means, we should make good use of our resources, and not misuse or abuse them.

13. When I get the urge to put my thoughts down, I just burn up the qwerty.

14. Can you believe it, my friends are amazed at me just coz I don’t like chocolates, cakes & ice-creams.

15. I consciously strive to keep away from people trying to project their negative, biased, and prejudiced beliefs on to me.

16. I think that what we think and continually affirm (positive and/or negative) does come to pass. So, I affirm abundance, peace, happiness, creativity, optimism and all things good :))

17. I am glad to be surrounded by family and friends. However, if I am alone, I enjoy my own company, and am never bored EVER !!

18. Everyone (though we may not believe it) is interconnected in the web of life. So, I try to be careful of my thoughts, feelings, words, and actions because they are sure to ripple back to me.

19. I like to be around energetic people who give out strong positive vibes; and also people who talk about things that matter rather than just empty gossiping and backbiting. Though I do enjoy jovial banter.

20. Smiles & laughter wipe out all kinds of stress, tensions, worries, and ill feelings; and it also prevents me from self-pity and depression.

21. Please, sorry, thank-you are three little magical words that have helped me accomplish a lot.

22. I dislike routine, authority, and hierarchy.

23. I have learnt that in order to maintain good relations I need to listen without giving unwanted advice and guidance; and most important instead of nagging just accepting the person as is.

24. I love traveling, and meeting with people of various countries, ages, and backgrounds. These interactions shape my outlook on life, and help me evolve into a better human-being.

25. I LOVE MYSELF TREMENDOUSLY, and that guides me to love others unconditionally. [Really, I do love you unconditionally ;-)]



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I can't wait to read more of your journal!

Welcome on PulseWire! It is great to hear your voice and i love your style! Yes-i too join your friends in number 14!.

Leah Auma Okeyo.

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