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Rio20 - Solving Global Problems and the Qualitative Advancement of Human Life.

A young girl got into prostitution. She got HIV/AIDS. She was in advanced stage of HIV/AIDS by the time she was 22 years old. A doctor gave her some treatment and was later sent to her parent’s place, which was far away from her place of work. Before she could reach her home and meet her parents, she died on the way. Her parents received only her dead body.
A girl committed suicide by jumping from the 7th floor of a building. Next day there was news in the daily news papers. People referred to her as only a prostitute who committed suicide.
How this affected my personal life: felt very dejected reading about it and, therefore, thought about how to practically apply the concept of Advanced Civilization(AC) for human benefit.
The Philosophy of Advanced Civilization, and this effort to leverage the concept of AC, is dedicated to these two girls.
Conceptually what is ACM? We imagine that Advanced Civilization is the realm of the aliens and worlds that are far more advanced than humans here on earth; no wonder they travel for many light years in the universe.
Benchmark currently the best Advanced Civilization that exists in the universe whom we consider to be more advanced than humans here on earth = 100% (theoretically)
Pre-industrial revolution human civilization on earth = 34.8% AC,
Current human civilization on earth = 54.6% AC.
[Global average AC percentage].
(Figures are not actual values; only for illustration)
Moving from 34.8% AC to 54.6% AC with respect to 100% AC must have been a difficult process of advancement.
In future, when moving from 54.6% AC to say 75.0% AC, women, planet earth and global problems will be at the center, and the following issues will have to be resolved globally -
AIDS/HIV and sexually Transmitted Diseases; Women’s issues not getting sufficient importance and priority for resolution; Wars – army, navy, air force, soldier, military equipments; Crimes; Killings; Drugs; Excess of usage Alcohol; Tobacco usage; Broken Marriages; Manufacturing and Stock Piling of Arms and Ammunition ; Lack of respect for human life; Imbalanced social development; Behavioral Problems; Glorification of Violence; Deficiency and defect in human mental( IQ development and mental health) and physical development(physical health) ; The emergence of the Underworld and Mafia; Loneliness; Distrust and misunderstanding; Ruining human life; Inferiority / superiority complex; Child abuse; Human Trafficking; Terrorism; Global Warming; Millions of disintegrated obsolete satellite components in space; Female Foeticide :Unnatural Behavioral problems; Imbalanced and Declining Male – Female Population Ratios; Creation of Artificial borders between nations and states and fighting over them; Big Frauds: Extinctions of plants, marine and animal life forms due to severe exploitation; The emergence of the concept of prostitution; Global disintegration; Damages to the earth due to nuclear and non-nuclear explosions done for Military purpose; slavery; Caste System; Millions of military mines; excess pollution; pornography; diminishing size of Polar ice caps year after year;
plus more will get added.
In Advanced Civilizations of the universe, either the problems do not exist at all or are kept well within safe limits,
75.0%AC onwards is for settlement of human and non-human lives on other planets.
Under philosophy of Advanced Civilization, say for example, the number of instances of HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted diseases is made equal to 0.00% at global level. Similarly, for example, the satellite wastes and obsolete components orbiting earths outer orbits; millions of mines planted, are made as close to 0.00%. Similar approach for other problems.
Now the average AC percentage again is a composite of a number of individual percentages. Nations may be 64.2%, 61.3%, 55.7%................31.5%, 25.1%,…14.7% AC and their average comes to say 54.6% AC. Each individual nation’s duty is to formulate the road map for attaining a higher AC percentage from their current one. So, from ACM perspective, say, a nation marked at 25.1% AC will have to improve to 25.2% AC, 23.3% AC….and similarly for other nations, thereby improving the National and Global mean AC percentage as time moves on.
The concept of ADVANCED CIVILIZATION MANAGEMENT (ACM) for solving human problems using the additive collaborative integrative model that is based upon reason and justice, for improving global integration, as against the current divisive competitive disintegrated model, for solving individual, national, international and global problems.
So world best standards for intelligence, health, environmental conditions, hygiene, etc are defined and set for achievement.
Conflicts management
Elimination of Weapons for Human Destruction
Elimination of Harmful Drugs to Humans
Elimination of Poverty
Handling Injustice, Exploitation and Crime
World Cultures
World Languages
Science and Technology for human benefit and solving human problems
Job Opportunities
Business Opportunities
Waste Management and Recycling

Women can play a pivotal role at the individual, national global level for resolving these issues.

From: Mr Sanjay Dixit, Mumbai,India

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