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The orbits of satellites in the earth’s atmosphere now have about a million obsolete, damaged, broken, disintegrated and now useless, small and large components, going round and round the earth at very high speeds, endlessly. All these, each and every, needs to be brought back to the earth, and reused.
Female Feticide (Female fetus is deliberately removed using doctors services because girl is not wanted – boy is wanted)
Unnatural Behavioral problems
Imbalanced and Declining Male – Female Population Ratios:
Lesser number of females per 1000 males. Should be statistically
not significant difference, which is not the case.
Creation of Artificial borders between nations and states and fighting over them
Big Frauds
Extinctions of plants, marine and animal life forms due to severe exploitation, and being indifferent, ruthless and callous to their right to exist along side with humans.
Exploitation of natural resources without replenishment of the natural resource leading only to steady depletion of the natural resources
The emergence of the concept of prostitution
A disintegrated world (how tightly or loosely cohesive the world is - based on integration index)
Physical and mental Health problems
Lack of love and care
Psychological and personality disorders
Preventable Damages to the earth due to nuclear and non-nuclear explosions done only for Military testing, which is totally unnecessary and a waste of money and time.
Indian Caste System – What is caste? Why caste? Reasoning and justification behind it is unknown – most probably there is no justifiable rationale behind it, therefore, has only proved to be a cold-blooded, ruthless violators of human rights and dignity.
The planting of mines, hundreds of millions of them, in the earth’s surface, that were planted for military purpose, to inflict death and injury on humans, needs to be removed.
Pollution – that is beyond (or even much beyond) max allowable limits and governments and their municipalities are callous and indifferent.
And the list goes on in which you can go on adding as many problems as there currently exist in our world, which I guess are extremely complex and difficult to solve but they must be solved.
Pornography – There is no requirement for it because, everyone has sex as and when they want it, and they get it in the natural way.
Diminishing size of Polar ice caps year after year, which needs to be restored back to as it was before.
The concept of ADVANCED CIVILIZATION MANAGEMENT (ACM) for solving human problems using the additive collaborative model for improving global integration as against the current divisive competitive disintegrated model – When two competing organizations A and B that existed separate entities, when they become equal on certain parameters that determine whether A is better than B or B is Better than A, then A and B become A + B from A – B for managing business requirements.

So world best standards for intelligence, health, environmental conditions, hygiene, etc are defined for every living human as at every instance of time, to achieve and maintain, and contributing to the world and planet earth.

Conflicts management
Elimination of Weapons for Human Destruction that is Useless to humans and is nothing but waste of all managerial and human resources.
Elimination of Harmful Drugs to Humans
Elimination of Poverty
Handling Injustice, Exploitation and Crime
World Cultures
World Languages
Science and Technology for human benefit and solving human problems
Job Opportunities
Business Opportunities
Waste Management and Recycling

Under philosophy of Advanced Civilization, the number of instances of HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted diseases is made equal to 0.00% at global level. Similarly, the satellite waste orbiting earths outer and 100s of millions of mines planted in the earth globally are made, (at least practically) tends to 0.00% presence. Similar approach for other problems

What is required is space ships and technology to travel deep into the universe.

Mr Sanjay Dixit

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