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Personal experience:

A young girl got into prostitution. She worked in this trade for a few years and contracted HIV/AIDS. She was in advanced stage of HIV/AIDS by the time she was 22 years old. A doctor gave her some treatment and, was later sent to her parent’s place, which was far away from her place of work. Before she could reach her home and meet her parents, she died on the way. Her parents received only her dead body.
A girl committed suicide by jumping from the 7th floor of a building. Next day there was news in the daily news papers. People referred to her as only a prostitute who committed suicide.
These are extremely tragic incidents.
I dedicate my efforts to the lives of these two girls.
The fundamental objective of this effort to try to prevent such types of deaths from happened to any human being (woman and man).
Advancements in human civilization happened from certain kind of human experiences, with the passage of time.
From the very beginning, further advancement in human civilization occurred due to some (very) unfortunate, (very) tragic antecedent events or happenings.
Female is the centric life force for all life forms. In human context, intelligence is one of the primary life factors. Nature expects her to have a minimum IQ of 140 as of now. Female is the store house and the carrier of human genes. Because very low IQ got passed on to the men, from their father and/or mothers, so, the above two types of deaths occurred.
Nature does not compromise on its fundamental life parameters. So, if there are say, 3 billion adult women/girls in the world, then all of them, one and all of them, have an IQ of 140 at least. This is one of the fundamental natural requirements of nature to be met by the human world.
The females in rest of all the other life forms manage their specific life form survival, existential and living parameters as per the demands and needs of the natural world. They have been doing so since more than 500 million years and will continue in future also.
How can that be managed and how can that be done? - By leveraging the concept of Advanced Civilization.
A conceptual framework -
Let us suppose that human civilization was 35 percent AC which means average 35 percent as developed as the most Advanced Civilization currently that exists in the universe, which we benchmark as 100%.
Due to some reasons (causes) some (very) unfortunate and (very) tragic events occurred in a part of human civilization – World War I and World War II. Tremendous holocaust followed - huge loss of life and property.
Given the theatre of war and given nature of it, human AC percentage dipped to say 18 percent AC. So, the warring nations and the theatre of war were at 18 percent AC, and rest of human civilization at 35 percent AC.
At the time when wars were going on, there was also an urgent critical need to evolve new ideas, new technologies, new knowledge, new institutions, new products, new services that were required for logistical, operational and eventually for survival purposes and to win wars etc. So, the new ideas, new technologies, new knowledge, new products and services, new institutions that came into existence later benefited other nations and human beings across the globe.
Say, for example, after World War I, the United Nations was formed. UN today benefits humanity in a myriad of ways.
Say, for example, after World War II, new advancements in science, technology, knowledge (such as for example Operational Research Science), institutions, etc benefits humanity in a myriad of ways.
So, let us suppose that, after several decades of development and advancement, human society is currently benchmarked at 55% AC.
It is clear that moving from 35% AC to 55% AC of with respect to Advanced Civilizations must have been a really very very difficult task and process that ironically was set in motion because a part of human civilization had dipped from 35% AC to 18% AC.
Now what happens is that, when we attempt to move up from current 55% AC to say 75% AC, my conjecture is that women and planet earth have now sharply came into focus, especially given the negative manifestations emerging from man - woman relationships. Why do I say this? In today’s world we have the best knowledge, technologies, institutions, products and services available to us, yet we are not able to marshal positive change in the manner in which we expect it to happen.

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