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burnt souls

she is a woman of 55 years who was a depressive and a known psychiatry patient. She is married to a scientist and delivered three children of two daughters and a son. She was medically treated at her period of aggrevated mental illness and she could not take any valid decisions at the domestic level and family matters. The husband was unable to mange the domestic situation with her mental conditions of his wife and he consulted his close office collegue and as per his directions and suggesstions he applied for a divorce in the civil court and made all necessary legal procedures for the divorce of his wife. She is innocent and she did not know what is going on arround her and how about her children, their education and the future life. One day her husband asked her to come out with him to a social visit of his friends and he took her to a neibhouring border state village and left her on the roads and retuned back home. She was standard in the new and an unknown place and she could not be able to realised that she has been deserted and left in lurch by the deleberate act and attitude of her husband. She has no money for her transport and return to her home back. she spent the whole night on the road side building and next day she started to beg money for her home return and some few hours latter she fainted on the road side and the onlookers and the public passer by gave her the first aid and some good souls could sympathetically heared her pains and admitted her in a asylum home in that state of country.

She wanted to come back home and live with her children and husband. But she was deprived by the act and attitude of her husband and his expartae divorce from the cilvil court. When she attempted to join her family she was informed through some strangers that she is divorced and she can be no longer go to her husband and children. That is she has been evicted from the matrimonial home with out her knowledge and with the help of law and legal proceedings and she was not even kept informed about the status of the case as her husband bribed the court and the advocates and she was not served with any of court summons and call letters to present herself in the court to represent her postion in the said matrimonial dispute as her husband produced the medical certificates and proof for her medical and psychiatry treatments for the past period of years and got the decree expartae by his own deed of hiding her presence to the court.

After few years of her asylum with a home she came running to see her children and by the time her husband retired from the Service and took the last child being a 10 year old girl and left the other two elder teen aged children in lurch and joined his maternal home. The poor childern struggled for livlihood and the boy left his higher secondary school studies and joined in a petrol pumping station for dailywages and his elder sister went for a housekeeping job and manged to live alone in the same city where her father was living. One day both these children wanted to see their mother who was deleberately deserted by the father and went in search of her and found her in an un known remote village in a temple coridor. How pathetic condition you see my dears. This is the condition of women living with mental ill ness and the story continues with more painful experiences of the children with their mentally sufferring mother.
I am unable to account for and write further as the children came to me for a help in an acute condition of mental health of the mother and I could be of helpful to them in caring the mother and treating her with proper psychiatry medical care with my sources and reuniting them once again as a family. But once again the wheel of misfortune truned towards the innocent and ignorant mental health survivor woman she is deserted as the boy married of his choice and the daughter inlaw did not want a mentally sufferring mother-in-law and the daughter married of her choice and migrated to a foreign country. The son took her to a old age home and paying her the dues and once again she became a solitary reaper and living in solitude thinking that the children will come and take her home on day. When that will come? If you know please tell me the day.
Bagirathi Ramanathan

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