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is end of world is near?

Is end of the world is near?

* please pardon me for using some local terms and the names of the places. actually this was first published in my blog
i thought of sharing same with you

My friends sent me numerous number of e mails, and some phoned me they were so curious about the news the day that they first heard the news ‘ loke winaase wenawalu neda 2012 december maase’
‘Isn’t it true that the world is going to end in 2012, December
I was worried (silly?)
I wrote back to my friends. I wrote to my brother as well informing the incident my cousin brother. He replied.
‘What is the specialty of January 25 tell me if you know’
I gave him several answers but I could not give him the exact answer.
This was the day that the terrorists attack the ‘Sri Dalada Maligawa’( kandy,)
We always like to remember the days, years that brought us happiness or dullness but we never want to remember those days in our minds. I think it is so important to remember these things not just to fill our hearts with anger but those things teach us lessons I thought later. This whole world becomes nothing if we think of some things that are so important and have immense value that are very close to our hearts and minds.
Whether it is Dambulla mosque, the St. Anthony’s Church in Kochchikade, the Madu church, the Sri Dalada Maligawa all these are ours, our heritages, the Hindu shrines all over the country all these are our places.
The war ended teaching us lessons for almost 30 years. ‘nothing is permanent’
All who come definitely has to go. That is a universal truth. Until then we dance, listen to music we prefer, we love the people we love, we collects the things we like, memories, tears, sorrows, happiness, most of the future forecasters forecasted many specialties of this year 2012(?) they believe that the world is going to end on 21st December 2012.
What will happen to all of us? I am feared then. If the earth will disappear will the rest of the things remain?
Yes! the water. The rivers, streams, canals, all will join the ocean. The lands may disappear. The people who knows to swim will survive is that right? What if we all have to live swimming?
Stay calm, quite and live … Yes! That is what we really should do. Yes the calmness brings us everything closer to our door step I believe.
I am right now thinking of the Shakespeare dramas, the tragedies; I mean most of his dramas written in that way. If this happens we will not get a chance to play our roles in the stage of this life. According to him we all are actors who act in the stage of life. What we should do is stop acting at least these few years of our lives. I will be 42 very soon I don’t know when I will have to go before all of you or after all of you.
This world may come to an end one day (?) I don’t know. This world only will remain as it is the day that we stop fighting with each other. Who wants the bigger part if this really going to happen in few months time and if we lose everything? Who will own this world then?
Let me not think that serious here after what if this really happen what will happen to the things that I own and I like
If this world will come to an end my god I will not get any chance to read anything I like and who will read the things I post. Will I be ever live to do all these?

No I m not writing this to impress anyone about living or about death things come to my mind I just write them down and if I feel its ok to share then I think of posting. Not all the things we may enjoy reading but only certain things.
Reading always not gives us fullest happiness or knowledge but at least some experience for sure.
If this world going to get an end how are we going to share our love and lust, sex and compassion, tenderness,? End of everything NO?
It is good to give all your copies for free to the entire world spreading the message ‘ the world will come to an end soon’ otherwise what will happen to the copies you have printed. The book …………………………………………… ( write later)
The lovers ….. I ask you to enjoy the life we will have limited time from now. Sleep eat enjoy life. Do not waste a single minute. Stop gossiping better go for a ride with your lover, have a day outing with the families.
Then why me worry about the prices of GAS and Milk powder NO?
Let us party NO?
Friends do you think that we will meet again?
I can’t wait that long who knows if there will no ‘Adam and Eva’ what will happen?
I am thinking what is the best song to listen to before we all leave this place? ‘The last song’ ?
What film you think we should watch ‘a minute around the world? ( check internet sources)
The film called ‘Yesterday’? Can you suggest a better one. But I can not weep after watching that I need something that entertains me for at least a second or a moment.
This English I know is enough appe ethi yaanthan…. Why should I learn more? Is there a point in learning or fighting with anyone or with everyone only if I am going to live few more months?
Aney you take everything you want. Let me go empty handed. Until then live calm and quite … ok
I will give you take if you like.
Good that I don’t have Swiss bank accounts anywhere or in Switzerland. Do you have nangi?
I have some loans to be paid shall I pay them back or just forget? Let me think? If you think that no point paying back I will just forget.
MY god my land!
What will happen to that? I better sell this out. I should have tried selling it before writing this NO! Stupid me.
My certificates. …. How many times I had to write to my ex bosses asking my certificates of service. My time, what a waste. I will have to go leaving all these no?
Thank God I did not buy any new clothes recently how sad it will be to go leaving all those. Clever me, at least once in life time. My nangi will get a little headache because she always goes to that ‘pick n choose’ kade (Jubilee Post not the big one in Nugegoda) to buy you know ….. ?
And I can go leaving all these but ‘my computer’ my never changing lovely friend. First person to read the rubbish I write. My little battery weak computer I really can’t go leaving you……
It is good to be serous in life sometimes ‘life is not a joke’ ……
We need to protect the world we live forget the day that we will vanish from this world. Our children need a better place to live only if we protect such a place for them. If not we may go keeping ‘nothing’ for them what will then.

We are the world….. We are the children ….. What is that song sung by Michel Jackson do you remember ……. My memory fails

Take care world!

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