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Worldpulse makes me stronger

Last year, when an ex-classmate sent me the training opportunity of Worldpulse, I was in the low life. Because of pregnant and maternity leave, I was lost oversee training opportunity. One time I ask my leader why, he said I was in the list but because other candidates were all men, I can not share room with a man. What a funny excuse!

At the beginning when I attended this program, my main purpose was to improve my English. And I noticed that one ex-classmate also attended this program, she major was English and now working in the Center TV, I did not think I had competitiveness, but I still finish the first part just because I were interest in the topic and I have much to say.

When I was chose as one of the future correspondents, I was surprise and exciting. However, the following six months is very hard for me. After I out of university, I did not speak or write English almost five years. The learning material and the assignments were more difficult than my English class assignment in the past. When I wrote my fist assignment, I had to write in Chinese firstly and then translated by Google.

Moreover, my son was only one year old. I had to keep balance with the family and my job. Only these two tasks made me feel tied to cope with. Many times, I had to learn and write assignment after my son was sleep in ten or eleven o’clock.

There are still some regrets. The biggest regret is the assignment 5. Accident happened all the time. I first wanted to shoot a female doctor who take care an island where lepers cured were gathered by government. But she traveled. Then I wanted to shoot a rural primary school with poor condition in my hometown which is 1000 km. away from where I live. However, when I go home with my son, he got bronchitis. Last time, I choose the topic about social work organization, after I complete a first draft, my computer was out of control. My husband helped me to download a editing software which is more advanced. I found the first draft has to be edited again in the new software, and when I download the first version, it can not be install anymore. Then I re-edited in the advanced software and finally I found it can not be export. I try all kinds of way for a whole day and failed. Finally, I had to take a camera rip the video from the computer, which is why the video screen kept jitter. My husband laughed me making a piracy movie. Maddeningly, after I finish my piracy movie, I found I can not land youtube because it was banned in China. I asked Scott’s help, but the video is too big to send or to upload to Chinese website. At last, I had to upload it with low pixels to a Chinese website before the deadline.
Finally I persevered, tied but enriched. And I want to thank all of you.

First, I want to thank my mentor Odessa, she made me look clearly about my dream and my vision; secondly, I want to thank my midwife Lisa, she helped me to write assignments more smoothly and took the trouble to revise my writing; Thirdly, I want to thank Scott and Rachael, I bothered them many times and they always be patient; Last but not the list, I want to thank other sisters in worldpulse, you read my blog and gave comments which made me feel proud and was empower.

Worldpulse make me stronger. I do not care about the unfair in my job anymore and gain the inner peace. Just as I said in the wrap up call, women can make the world better, from now on, my life will be different.


noreens's picture

What a nice "thank you",

What a nice "thank you", Redsbird!! I think probably we all faced different challenges in the past months - kids, family, work, etc. but it seems to me that for all of us it was so important to complete the assignments that we did not let our problems or obstacles get the best of us, and we made it through the program. I put my regular writing jobs aside for the assignments!! It's a great community to be part of -- supportive, encouraging, and a place for making friends who can understand us - and I agree with you- it does change a person for the better.........


usha kc's picture

Thank you so much dear Reds

Thank you so much dear Reds bird for sharing your experience.
Yes ,as Noreen has said, we all faced different type of challenges like houshold, kids, office and Internet access.

After all we did it and truely became a empowered.


amiesissoho's picture

I went similar frustrations

I went similar frustrations of adjusting old technolgy with new softwares etc. but atlast it is empowering to get to the end, Congratulations


Mukut's picture

Wow..truly inspiring

Your story and the problems you faced and how you came on top of it, is truly inspiring for all. Hats off and loads of thanks to you and World Pulse for bringing such stories to the forefront.

Mukut Ray

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