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Mother's Journey

This is a tale of the tale behind the struggle by Zimbabwean women to reclaim their dignity. It is a tale of the whys of women's protests, demonstrations and activism for social justice. It is an explanation of why women like Sisi Abby dare to face the brutal force of Zimbabwe's repressive government. See Sisi Abby's story on

To watch the video/slideshow go to


Barbara M Bracewell's picture

Job well done!

I love the final production MaDube! You have done a great service to the women of Zimbabwe once again by advocating for them with that wonderful video.As always your dedication to duty comes through on this project as well. My hope and heartfelt desire is that the government will adhere to the principles you have outlined here. Zimbabwe's government must endeavor to make sure women in your country become everything they are worthy of being and possess all they are entitled to as citizens. I have enjoyed working with you and I hope that we remain friends for the long haul. One thing I know for certain is that you have taught me a lot about courage and advocacy and I intend to follow your journey as you continue to do great and fantastic things, not only for women in your nation but, for Zimbabweans as a whole. God bless.


MaDube's picture

Thank you Barbara

I love my country, I love what I do-advocating for the rights of all and I am not apologetic for standing tall (despite my limited height (lol)) to defend women's rights.I am sure that has come out very strongly in all my assignments.However, I would never have done this without your able editorial skills and the mentorship I received from Judy. Thank you so much for your dedication, your time and amazing contributions to make all 5 of my assignments what they have been and yes I look froward to carrying our relationship and strengthening it further into the future.(I sent you mail, please watch out for it).



ikirimat's picture

Great work MaDube, The

Great work MaDube, The message you give through the video is strong and moving. Please keep on advocating for our fellow women.

Grace Ikirimat

"It takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success."

MaDube's picture

Thank you Ikirimat.

Thank you Ikirimat. Advocating for my fellow women is my life calling and I will definitely carry on with the struggle.



Stella Paul's picture

Well done!

You did it! And you did it well. I am happy!

And I liked those couple of pics with you in them. It shows you are not excluding yourself from others. Well done!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

MaDube's picture

Thanks my love

It was such an interesting experience doing this by myself from beginning to end.I faced some technical glitches when I tried to change the color of the subtitles for some of the slides but I had saved the file in a format that could not be edited anymore. I also failed to get permission to use the music I wanted and I was afraid fo getting sued for copyright infringement hence the notable absence of music. I am also not sure what this is, a video or a photo-slideshow. But I am happy to have accomplished it all by myself in the confines of my bed at weekends and at night after work. lol

Stay safe and blessed.

jbaljko's picture

Nice slideshow

Hi MaDube,
Great first try with the slideshow. I know what you mean about the technical glitches you mention above (color and timing of subtitles, and the music copyright) -- they can be frustrating, but like all things, you'll better at it with practice. Congrats on tackling this form of storytelling.


"The secret of happiness is freedom,
and the secret of freedom, courage."
-Thucydides, ancient Greek historian & author

MaDube's picture

Thank you Jenn

Yeah for a first attempt it did not turn out too bad, did it :-) But there is plenty of room for improvement.

Thank you for your encouraging words.



carol adams's picture

thank you

Dear MaDube,
Thank you for raising consciousness of Zimbabwean women as they call forth survival-dignity-decency for the people. I honor your commitment and your strong voice.


Carol Adams

MaDube's picture

Re: raising consciousness

Thank you Carol. It sure hasn't been an easy life for Zimbabwean women especially since 2008 but I applaud the women in my country for not giving up and for their resilience in such tough times.



mrbeckbeck's picture

Hard work paid off

Great job Rumbie! You can add to your long list of skills and achievements the title "Digital Journalist". You make a clear case for women's empowerment and rights in Zimbabwe here by showing us the many ways the government has failed them. I am confident that the future is brighter thanks to you.


Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Volunteer

MaDube's picture

Thanks Scott

I hope for a brighter future too. Yes the government hears us but half the time they let our voices waft through the air like smoke and pay them no heed. Good thing; we never give up continuously knocking on their doors with our issues and I am positive sooner rather than later, change will come our way.

Maddy M.'s picture

Deaf MaDube,Your photos are

Dear MaDube,

Your photos are incredible, they tell so much about people's everyday life in your country. Many of the struggles you face are also familiar to Nicaragua.


MaDube's picture

Thank you Maddy

Someone told me that the only thing that men the world over seem to completely agree upon is the oppression of women. Quite a generalisation as there are men fighting for women's empowerment out there but by and large true. Hence I am not surprised that the struggles you face in Nicaragua are similar to those we face in my part of the world. Thank you for watching the slideshow.



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