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Humans,Planet Earth and the Advanced Civilization Management_1

The Reader,
Mr. Sanjay Dixit,
Mumbai -400053,

Date: 19/05/2012.

Why ACM?

This document was initiated by me primarily because Man could solve the most difficult problems in science, so far encountered, but was not able to resolve the following, which he should have long time back -

However much that I do not wish to write about this thing, the phenomena of prostitute / prostitution needs to be handled in a fair and impartial manner. The following are the efforts made by me, at the international level to fight against defilement and degradation of human life after an underage minor girl was shown as a prostitute globally.

A young girl got into prostitution. She worked in this trade for a few years and contracted HIV/AIDS. She was in advanced stage of HIV/AIDS by the time she was 22 years old. A doctor gave her some treatment and, was later sent to her parent’s place, which was far away from her place of work. Before she could reach her home and meet her parents, she died on the way. Her parents received only her dead body.

A girl committed suicide by jumping from the 7th floor of a building. Next day there was news in the daily news papers. People referred to her as only a prostitute who committed suicide.

The primary purpose of my effort was that deaths, such as these, of two young girls should not occur anywhere in the world, and should not happen to any human being.

Persistent adversity in the social, economic, personal, familial layers of human life, with practically not much hope of resolution, leads to the possibility of such types of deaths to occur.

There are some initial conditions, in the cause effect sequence of events that occur in the lives of these people that finally lead to such type deaths that needs to be addressed and solved. These are actually only generic adverse conditions that persist at the global level in the lives of these people. Their lives are drawn into these conditions. They and their lives are overpowered by these conditions. A sequence of cause effect events follow and the probability of such types of deaths sharply increase.

Their death is only a news item for news papers to print, and understanding and analyzing the causal factors behind these deaths, is no great scientific work, but only a very ordinary fact of life that points to a ruthless, inhuman, cold blooded and lethal effect on human life, and on the very concept of human life.

The causal factors behind these deaths are as undesirable to look at as are the visible physical effects of HIV/AIDS, STD(Sexually transmitted diseases).

Theses conditions are independent, and remain same regardless of nations, religious affiliations, and other human differences that are natural or artificial, since they represent the unnatural effect of humans and human society on nature and the natural world.

These type of deaths of the two girls represents the tip of the tip of the iceberg, that is visible above the surface of water, and occur independent of other human factors, in the world.

In a highly disintegrated and imbalanced world, in reality that humans have inherited from the past it appears to be an extremely difficult almost impossible task, as of now, driving the last HIV/AIDs and STD viruses and bacteria's out of the human body once and for all forever, which should be the joint task of humanity.

Higher, better and a much improving integration of the world community under the new Advanced Civilization Management (ACM) Patterns, where reason and justice will drive the world, will be required if the death of the two girls, and such other type of persons who died in the past and will die in the future likewise, is not to go in vain.

ACM is and will always be dedicated to elevate their lives to the genuine human level.

Hopefully under the aegis of the ACM philosophy, many of the currently intractable problems of the world, as they appear to be, will be resolved with relative ease.

Every human being has the right to live with dignity in the society in which they live.

The word ‘Prostituta’ was invented in the year 1521 to classify persons, who engaged in sex for money, indiscriminately. The person(s) who created this word did not even consider what kind difficulties these people have to face in order to survive, exist and live in this world, and the type of life conditions that prevail, with respect to their families, themselves, and the societies in which they live, that have lead to a persistent, almost irresolvable survival difficulty in their lives -
all this because of Poverty.
Prostitution is not at all a profession.
It is only caused by human helplessness against the extreme hardship of survival in human life and a cold blooded callousness towards human dignity, respect and love.
Somebody must have asked them, what would you call this type of human activity? – Lets call it ‘Prostituta’ and let the world learn this thing and follow it around the world.

It is only thoughts that define, determine, and change, for better or for worst, the course of human life.

In general, it is one of the most terrible sights if a person looks at the diseases of people who have contracted HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, plus the sub-human state of their lives.

Human society expects them (these people – fraudulently termed as prostitutes, whore, etc, and live in Brothel, Red Light Area, etc) to face the situation and put up with the consequences, however detrimental it proves to be to their lives.

All life forms have the Natural Dignity of Life Forms (NDLF) state as an integral part of every life. Behavior and evolutionary patters follow through the NDFL state. NDFL is one of the fundamental requirements of life.

NDFL is to life what axioms are to Mathematics. NDLF is one of the premises on which life is built and evolved.

NDLF is preserved in nature because nature does not violate itself. But humans violate their own NDLF and thereby create huge problems that would not have existed if NDLF were to be intact.

But NDLF violation does not happen only in prostitution; NDLF violations exist, similarly (to that of prostitutes) or to a lesser extent in human societies across the world.

Thus, to the natural world human society is a highly NDLF violated world, possessing tremendous imbalances, which is truly undesirable.

NDLF state is not automatic. NDLF state can only be preserved by leading a natural life, which may not always be easy.

Nation A sells Fighter jets to nation

Now, what is the function of these Fighter Jets, and in general, of such type of jets –

To kill and destroy – the kill and destroy military (non-civilian) function, and accordingly, the following conditions apply -

Now suppose, if these fighter jets, during their effective service life, did cause even a single kill or destroy anything at all, then they have proved to be completely useless. Then it is like civilian airliners that have never carried even a single passenger during its service life, but only traveling from one airport to another – which is a complete waste of fuel, maintenance and staff salaries. So, although they were not intended to be harmless equipment/machinery, they proved to be harmless and did not perform the function for which they were purchased and, therefore, all the money that was spent on them - a complete waste.

If these fighter jets, during their effective service life, gave effect to killing and destruction, then the next question is whether the persons killed were innocent or not and whether materials and property destroyed, as a result of actions, belonged to persons who were innocent or not.

If even a single (one) innocent person gets killed, then the sale and purchase of these Fighter Jets and such types of machinery are only doing and continue to do crimes against humanity.

Now as regards the death of persons killed, who are perceived as guilty – the guilt is relative. Side A, that killed and destroyed persons and property of Side B, will say that they killed those who were guilty and that they did their national duty, the Side B, will say that the persons killed became martyrs for their nation and their side. Persons who are viewed as cowards and criminals on one side are viewed as courageous and sound persons on the other side of a conflict or divide.

This will only harden the conflicts and, as time move on, man will only achieve higher and higher, and more lethal cold-blooded technological capability, at killing and destroying. Conflicts will only become more difficult to resolve over time and not or probably never be resolved.

All this is only doing killing and destruction by hanging reason, creativity, duty and justice to death.

If Team A looses to Team B, then the managers and coaches of Team A make efforts to upgrade and hone the skills of Team A and induct better skills in Team A in order to be able to defeat Team B in a future match and conversely true. This is human nature – the only thing is what kind of skills, abilities, capabilities are required to be in operation for what type of a required end result.

One of the purpose of this effort is to campaign against the negative effects of prostitution on human life. But prostitution is, currently also necessary in human society that is why in some countries, prostitution is legal and there is legislation related to it.

Some people may argue that prostitution is not always forced; true, but that does not mean that things are fine, or reasonably Ok in the lives of these people.
We eat food.
We breathe air.
We drink water.

Humans and other life forms draw these elements from nature, for survival, in the required quantities, as specified by nature.

The aggregate consumption of these elements is done satisfactorily by respective societies – cities, towns, villages and individuals every day, on every date.

We have sex.

But the aggregate number of times that nature specifies humans to have sex is not done. There is a significant shortfall in the number of sexual intercourses expected to be done per day in human societies.

The daily quota of sex must be fulfilled in the same way as is done for food, air and water, which does not happen. If some person / persons get less air or poorer quality of air to breathe, less food to eat and less water to drink, then such persons will definitely suffer from health and living problems. The same thing happens with sex – if it s done less than as specified as per natures requirements, the more the problems of health, disease, development, safety, living, etc. Nature brooks no interference in its process, and if man does, then man is to pay the price for it, which you must be aware of.

Since that does not happen, for whatever reasons, the need for this concept of prostitutes and prostitution was brought into existence.

What is legal or ill-legal about sex? Nothing, as you can see. It is only natural. There is no legal or illegal dimension to sex whether it is done for money or not for money. Nature does not care about money or no money. Nature’s activity cannot be perceived from the money-no money point of view - MUST be done accordingly.

The person or the persons who created/invented this term applied it to such individuals who are understood to do indiscriminate sex for money.

The people who invented this word were in no way responsible for providing the existential and survival needs of such persons. They were not responsible for providing the food, living and work opportunities to these people. The persons who invented this term did not analyze the underlying reasons as to why some people sell sex for money. The obvious reason is that they have a survival problem in the society in which they live, which was clearly overlooked, and a new word was invented to state their activity. Obviously, these people are helpless, hapless, and vulnerable in the society in which they live. This was later put in the dictionaries of all the languages. This is unjust and unfair treatment to humans.

If societies intend to persist with this condition, then this demonstrates lack of courage and intelligence in human society, which must be changed.

Society should not live on her weakness. This demonstrates lack of courage.
And because societies around the world exploit the weak conditions of these people, they get AIDS/HIV and sexually transmitted diseases – no other life form contracts HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases upon having sex anytime, anywhere.

Is there really any justification for creating these terms? Who were the creators of these terms, what kind of personality traits did these types of people have?

There is really no need for these terms: prostitute, prostitution, and related terms.
The reason for that is that the consideration that exists between persons having sex is, first of all, a strictly interpersonal matter of the persons who need to have sex with each other. That means that persons who have sex have the right to determine the composition of consideration that exists between the persons deciding to engage in sex.

The adverse negative effects and repercussions of its paucity in human societies could lead to –

Substantial decline in the safety and security
Possibility of Violence increasing
Possibility of Accidents increasing
Unnatural living conditions
Health problems
Hygiene problems
...and many more negative effects ensue in society.

But actually this is due to inherent complex and deeply rooted problems that exist in human societies.

The actual conditions existing in the lives of these types of persons are as follows –
a) There is no source of income available, due to not having acquired any skills,
abilities or capabilities to do any kind of work OR no possibility of getting any
work in spite of having some skills and abilities.

b) No one to fall back on in the event of non-availability of opportunity for earning

c) Due to this, these types of persons find themselves in a situation where they are sandwiched between (a) and (b) conditions above.

d) For these persons, obviously, food and living have become an extremely critical and severe problem

e) Due to this, these people find themselves in a situation where the only thing left for them to do is to market and sell sex for money, due to absolutely nothing else available to get the next meal and to pay for the living.

f) What we are seeing is only a human condition. Obviously the word prostitute is meaningless.

Depends on what and how the conditions are, in the person’s life –
How Favorable and Unfavorable?

These people search for a meaningful place in human society, and because they don’t find it, they, for sheer survival needs are only left with sex to offer for money.

Women standing almost naked in broad day light or in the middle of the night look for clients because there is no human being in their life and no money to eat food and to support their living.

There may not be or there may be direct monetary consideration involved; this consideration is dependent on the survival needs of the parties to the sex.

For, example, there may be a woman having a job and a good income, she may not have money as the consideration for having sex.

Conversely, there may be a woman not having a job and a source livelihood, she may take money as the consideration for having sex because she has no one to give her the next plate of food to feed herself (and her family, if she has one).

In spite of knowing this fact, Human societies across the world uniformly arrogate the right to themselves to call her a prostitute, a whore and use such types of defiling and degrading terminology, without being responsible for providing her the means and opportunities for earning her livelihood.

Her rights as a human being are violated by people who are not related or associated, directly and indirectly, with her life. These people may be perfect strangers to her but refuse to back out and persistently interfere in her life, because they find some sort of morbid pleasure in defiling and degrading her.

So, the question again is: Is there a sound reason to invent this term prostitute and the subsequent set of terms related to it that came from its invention?

The answer is Definitely Not. No doubt about that.

With reference to NDLF, we may ask, is prostitution
Not Bad
Not Good

Actual observations of the ground realities we will determine, which condition (s) we can apply and take decisions accordingly. Conditions can also be improved from the present states also. Empirical evidence points in this direction.

Currently, the applicable conditions: Not Good and Bad due to the exceedingly unfavorable socio-economic conditions.

So, then why do governments in some countries Legalize Prostitution without even bothering to improve upon current life conditions of these type of persons?

These are no legal or illegal dimensions to sex, as irrevocably proven earlier by me.

Thus having to charge for sex, leads to absence of human dignity, absence of an appropriate place in human society and also the absence of job opportunities for having making a living. This is in fact the actual ground reality – absence of human dignity, absence of job opportunities, and absence of education opportunities, slavery, disease (mental and physical) and a death not suitable for any life form.

Like rest of all the people, these people are an integral part of human society and belong to human society.

The question is - why does society not give them the rightful chance to live with dignity and provide them work opportunities?

Lack of response clearly indicates, that this condition and the resulting sociological imbalance and is somehow required for peace and security to prevail in society. Also shows that humans have failed to lead natural lives as per nature's specifications.
Thus, life without prostitutes and prostitution may make life an unsafe and dangerous place to live. Prostitutes and prostitution is required for maintaining safety and security in society. This is because of the high sex gap (Number of times sex ought to be done minus the number of times sex is actually done by in any given society)

The obvious corollary is that there is an inherent imbalance and problem between man and woman in the natural world leading to prevalence of this state.

We have assumed that this problem is a permanent unsolvable conditions, which may exist between man and woman and therefore prostitution and prostitute have become a necessity in human societies. Therefore, I again reiterate, that all along the problem of prostitution has survived as a solution to human problems.

Inherently woman herself is not well equipped with opportunities, abilities and skills to do jobs and may in fact be lacking in having a place of dignity and respect in society.

Truly it is a question of what position woman has in society and her survival problems and difficulties about which she does not come out openly and honestly.

Generally people would hardly want to talk about it and would not want to spend precious time doing the necessary things to get rid of it. It is such a noxious topic to talk about.

We generally like to talk about interesting and happy things but when it comes to prostitution there is an uneasy disquiet. Ask about a football match you watched yesterday night and people will talk freely, for long durations; but ask about prostitution and not a single word is interesting and worthy to talk about.

Not even worth talking about it and cannot be considered getting rid of it. People will ask you in their minds - How did it ever occur to you that prostitution should be got rid of?
You must be crazy.

The refusal to talk about a purportedly low grade subject matter such as this and the complete lack of initiative on part of the world community is a reflection of the lack of respect for human life.

If you decide and choose to talk about this, people will ask you - Is this a topic to be talked about? Is this a topic worth talking about? - An undesirable thing to talk about.

The mind of a person initiating talk about it may be considered sick and abnormal.

And if you tell them, OK then, do something to get rid of it; people will ask you -
Is this a thing you can really get rid of?

We are unable get rid of something we never want to talk about, in a positive and natural manner in educated, intelligent and sane societies. Man and woman are caught in the difficulties of their relationship.

The degree of difficulty of getting rid of prostitution is directly proportional to the extent, depth and seriousness of the multi-dimensional problems that exist between man and woman in different societies across the world.

All the above conditions bring to the forefront the Oblique condition/state prevailing between man -woman, which is to transmit and permeate itself in the fabric of human life, over the ages, all over the world.

Obviously, woman was at the lower end of the slant.

Underlying this slant in the relationship between man and woman is some ancient conflict. Tangible and Intangible, direct and indirect, strong and weak, divisive forces come into existence.

This ‘Oblique State’,

Perfectly Imbalanced

Perfectly balanced

Woman (variable angle line)

The Horizontal line is the Natural Line
The Slanted line is the Oblique variable line
The Vertical line is the perfectly Imbalanced Un-Natural Line

An unjust rigidity was set with reference to this slant condition by inventing the word prostitute. Objectivity, reason and judicious Assessment of actual facts were weakened. This only served to aggravate the problem. Divisive and Conflicting forces became very active over the ages.

With conflict came concept of military and lead to highly divided societies. This was not required at all. Woman is nature and due to this, nature, the woman, was profoundly debilitated- unfair inequality and imbalance in natural world.

This could be due to an oblique/slanted/unequal relationship between men and women worldwide. The degree of obliquity varies from place to place, from nation to nation and the global obliquity is the resultant obliquity of the world - probably some ancient historical causes/reasons.

Obliquity is dependent upon the degree (or extent) of presence of objectivity, reason and judicious assessment and resulting actions based upon Obliquity. objectivity, reason and judicious assessment being compromised and weakened, the angle of obliquity dips further away from horizontal to vertical.

This oblique state exists in all human relations exist all across the globe in its rigid (not flexible to reason and objectivity) to a lesser or greater extent in a rigid and exaggerated state.

In the Government to citizen relationship, it has been observed that with respect to the Ombudsman (Lokpal, the Indian Ombudsman), there is unwillingness on the part of government to make its operations, accounts, and working transparent to the public. Governments may systematically bypass clear and true answers to issues that public require or need to know, in order to meet their vested interests.
Avoidance, procrastination and buying indefinite time to answer to certain queries raised by the public, happens in government functioning.

Obliquity has a significant negative impact on democratic method of functioning of governments. The essence of democracy is governance –

Governance is –
by the people
for the people
of the people.

However Obliquity has led to a situation where

Governance is –
by the people who know how to come to power by any means
for the people who know how to come to power by any means
of the people who know how to come to power by any means.

People in power really know how to get their hands on the steering of the political power engine. Those who wield power may not do so on the basis of their merits and credentials. There are people in power, in the various layers of the national administration who have criminal charges (even multiple) having against them, and despite this, they hold and control the strings of national administration.


Beneath the eternal cover or veil of democracy resides aristocratic manner of working.

Much in the distant past, there used to be warring tribes, warring factions. They used to fight with arms and weapons in order to get what they wanted. Those who fought for their people, held sway over their people because they were their protectors and providers – providers of the means of living for their public, by any means whatsoever – using violence and weapons, if required, for their people. There was no formal justice system during the very ancient times.

Politicians may distribute cash, liquor, food, etc at the time of elections to the public asking them to vote for them. So, for those who get these favors, what their political parties did becomes a secondary consideration.

Even to this day, there are nations where the military seize power from ruling establishments from fear that national security or interests could be compromised by those in political power.

The ruling establishments of those times considered their warriors and weapons as being very important to their existence, thus ruling establishments from whom the current governments have evolved started wielding excessive power. For a healthy development of any society, the power balance between the national administrators and the public has to be judiciously optimized. Either side should not have less or more power than is justified. One of the manifestations of imbalanced power is that the percentage of public that votes, that is the voter turnout, during elections, is at times, dismally poor. And generally also, the voter turnout is less than the required.

And because Aristocratic Power structures much in excess powers, they are more concerned about how to stay in power because the politicians know that their seat is the like a hen to them that lays the golden egg, and as many as they want, whenever required. Therefore, they are not that sincere and dedicated for poverty removal, education, and health and talent development in their countries.

This was inherited from the old world.

Although politicians proudly state that they have democracy in their country, they do so as mighty rulers of the nation and they can turn, in whichever direction they want, the steering wheel of political power engine, keeping the public only on the sidelines to mutely watch the wanton display of political power. Political establishments limit, restrict, curtail, and tailor make the powers of Ombudsmen (Lokpal in India) to suit their needs and interests. They do not want Ombudsmen to ask them uncomfortable questions that will cause embarrassment to them, and make them feel uncomfortable in the presence of the public.

Governments should adopt the professional managerial working style of national and multinational organizations that is accounts for every paisa (penny) although their turnover may run into billions. Politicians can only be managers, directors, etc within the framework of their administrative machinery.

As such Poverty is the true predator of humans – of man and woman. Working and earning is like running away from the predator. As our savings and earnings only decline, if that is the case, then man and woman only move closer to its predator that will eventually consume them if they do not work to come out of it.

The vendor and the customer have to jointly fight against this predator, always and at all times.

There are many human issues, like the following one, that are to be solved.
In African countries and in Asian countries, there is wide spread AIDS/HIV related infections and deaths due to the HIV/AIDS virus.

Few examples of vertical line -

Prostitution in African countries and the severity level of this thing is so much that
AIDS/HIV contracted from prostitutes has wiped out many villages and towns in African countries. Also huge number of HIV/AIDS cases in Asia.

Well, the stark reality is that Prostitution has a negative effect on humans across the entire globe - to a lesser or greater extent, directly or indirectly.

The African case represents the extreme case of destruction of human life and complete annihilation of the very definition of a human being.

The 9/11 attacks on the twin World Trade Center Towers in USA. The guys who slammed the airplanes in to the World Trade Center Towers had had sex with prostitutes and then went on to do one of the most dastardly acts in human history.

War/Air force planes do bombings. Several innocent people get killed by way of collateral damage. Pilots return back to their country. The government gives them bravery awards and also additional benefits in recognition of pilot’s service to their country. Like a soccer game, wherein there are referees deciding what goes wrong in the game and accordingly control the game, there are no referees to control where the bombs should fall and where not and accordingly take actions. Many times spectators are killed because the ball did not hit at the goal but went and hit the public, the watching civilian public.

A young girl got into prostitution. She worked in this trade for a few years and contracted HIV/AIDS. She was in advanced stage of HIV/AIDS by the time she was 22 years old. A doctor gave her some treatment and, was later sent to her parent’s place, which was far away from her place of work. Before she could reach her home and meet her parents, she died on the way. Her parents received only her dead body.

A girl committed suicide by jumping from the 7th floor of a building. Next day there was news in the daily news papers. People referred to her as only a prostitute who committed suicide.

Those who died in war, committed suicide and those who killed in war became assassins/murderers; all this in the name of courage. Both types of military personnel who got killed and killed in the line of duty, did not have jobs to do as civilians, did not know what to do once they are grown up adults.

These are obliquity effects.

They were, of course, sweet-natured, beautiful and attractive young girls, who do not exist anymore in this world. The number of deaths of individuals who no longer exist due to NDLF violation is unknown. Violation could be from minimum to a maximum. The definition of a Human Life form was destroyed completely on account of prostitution.

In spite of this prosecutors of Legal Systems of nations declare under-age minor girls as prostitutes and documents related documents are discussed by politicians in the parliament.

If prostitution is supposed to be good and an acceptable requirement of human societies worldwide, then destruction of lives of humans involved in it should be = 0.00%.

Is there a rational and natural solution to this problem? - Problem because it has a negative effect on human populations due to the practice of unhealthy human relations.

Way back in the past, man compared himself with other living sub-systems and drew conclusions, felt apprehensions and formed perceptions about 'What is nature'. There was irrational comparison made by man with other natural sub-systems. Each natural subsystem has its own rules and regulations for governing their existence, survival and evolution.

Firstly, each living sub-system is required to determine ways and means for its own living and surviving, which highly specific and highly specialized for every different life form even though the common factor of the attributes and properties of life remain the same.

Sex is fundamental to the survival and continuation of life, whichever life form it is.

No living system other than human treats it as a lower activity. This is only a relative perception based upon comparison, which is why prostitution came into existence due to the perceptual disorder caused by comparison. Man wanted to apply his brains to natural process and did so in a incorrect manner and landed himself with prostitution, which he legalized and created legislation to be followed by the most respectable Legal experts in societies across the world. They earn loads of money by applying this kind of legislation.

There are unnatural problems between men and women in societies across the globe and due to this a significant load of unsatisfied sexual needs of men and women of societies have to be borne by a sub-set of humans who have to oblige the world by living a life of least respect and dignity in the entire living world (which includes other living forms also).

Who is to solve this problem and the problems arising as a result of this problem? Every human has the right to live with dignity, respect and innocence as a living entity. Without any exception (not even a single exception) is the way really life is in the natural world.

Whose duty is it to solve the problem in human societies across the world?

If prostitute and prostitution is so very essential to human societies, then these individuals SHOULD be treated with more respect and dignity in comparison to other persons because they perform such a vital function of sex in human society. These individuals who work as prostitutes make available the natural biological function to prevail in human society, which may be a problem to get for a large number of people in society. Therefore they are doing good work in society, they are innocent and good human beings. They are the givers and deserve maximum respect when seen from the natural perspective – they provide the respect to nature, which is not satisfactorily done in societies – that is to say, not up to the mark.

And what is the real effect on these people? Actually these people are the worst losers in human society and the society, in which they live, definitely the best gainers from it, Which is terribly unfortunate due to the win – loss situation; effect of obliqueness.

One needs to take an objective view in the matter and request nations to take an unbiased look at whether, as a result of this, what the condition in her life currently is, and whether she now has -

Generally whatever work people do, or do not do and how well they do it, determines a persons position/life condition, and results in -

Let us define the position of human life and change of position in human society in three broad categories as follows -

a) Position A - Higher status, respect, dignity, and financial condition(if employed or an owner of business) in the human society in which people live
(marginally higher or much higher).

b) Position B - Equal status, respect, dignity and financial condition (if employed or an owner of business)in the human society in which people live.

c) Position C - Lower status, respect, dignity, and financial condition (if employed or an owner of business) in the human society in which she live
(marginally lower or much lower).

Also Position A and Position C are sub-divided into A+(5), A+(4), A+(3), A+(2), A+(1)
And C-(1), C-(2), C-(3), C-(4), C-(5).

This is a classification of persons in a given society into brackets or bands depending on what, and how much they have achieved in life. Complete objective classification is yet to be done.

In Position A
Top Politicians, scientists, bureaucrats, businessmen, educationists, etc

Affluent persons

High Ranking senior executives, directors, engineers, doctors, businessmen, IT professionals etc

Affluent persons

Middle level executives, directors, engineers, doctors, businessmen, IT professionals etc

Upper Middle class and affluent persons

Supervisory staff, medium business owners,

Upper Middle class persons

General office staff, factory workers, small business owners, small shop owners

Middle class persons

b) Position B
B – House wives, school going children, college going boys/girls

Middle class persons
Lower middle class persons.

c) Position C

Maid servants, House wives, school going children, college going boys/girls – and generally people belonging to the weaker sections of society

Lower middle class persons.

Maid servants, House wives, school going children, college going boys/girls – and generally people living below poverty line.

Unemployed persons, homeless persons, people who do not have money to pay school/college fees, basic medical expenses

Casual laborers who work in harsh and adverse conditions subjected to significant health hazards (not well protected) and having low incomes.

Dance bar and entertainment girls, who may or may not be taking money for sex and have no diseases.

Prostitutes who do not have any diseases, and earning good income.


Prostitutes who have some diseases (non-HIV/AIDS and non-STD), and earning good income.

People with sexually transmitted diseases (non-HIV/AIDS and non-STD),
Mild Drug Addicts,

Prostitutes who have HIV/AIDS and STD and left with no income.
All other HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted disease Infected persons
People who die of hunger
Severe Drug Addicts,
Criminals, etc

As you can very clearly see, all those engaged in prostitution as a trade, fall in the C-(3),C-(4) and C-(5) bands.

Unfortunately, these women have much lower status, dignity and respect in human society, which is truly tragic. As a result of getting almost the contradiction of justice resulting in extreme imbalances in human Development that have occurred, she finds herself in a situation where the difficulties in life are extremely difficult to overcome.

For every society we have to maintain statistics of how many persons, the percentage (%) of persons, falling in the given bands.
A+(5), A+(4), A+(3), A+(2), A+(1), B, C-(1), C-(2), C-(3), C-(4), C-(5) at any given point of time.

As you can clearly see, prostitutes and persons associated with this activity fall in the
C-(3), C-(4), C-(5) bands.

The question, money or no money for sex can be decided from the following hypothetical example –

An intelligent woman, who was a ‘B’ position woman, was offered a job. She declined the job and decided that she will make money from having sex. She will have sex with men who want to have sex with her, and take money for it.

The question is what happens to her life, in future? What direction it takes in the society in which she lives?

Does the condition of her life improve from the activity?
B -> A+(1) -> A+(2) -> A+(3) -> A+(4) -> A+(5).

There is no change of position in her life from the activity
B -> B steady state

Does the condition of her life deteriorate from the activity?
B -> C-(1) -> C-(2) -> C-(3) -> C-(4) -> C-(5)

Based upon this movement, we have to decide, money or no money for sex.
It is important to understand the tendency of women’s life in the micro, macro and global context.
This clearly provides the justification and reason for removing words such as prostitute, prostitution, pimp, whore, and all associated/related words since they are fraudulent and create severe adverse living conditions for humans. This also leads to extreme erosion of human dignity and may eventually lead to a sub-human death.

This shows that humans are still struggling with these issues such as these in spite of the fact that humans have sent into inter-stellar space ships in which human achievements have been shown and made known hoping that(let’s hope this comes true) some intelligent civilizations, x number of light years away from earth (where x is a real number >= 0), will encounter the spaceship(s) and be able to know and understand fantastic human achievements on earth and in the universe(earth being a subset of the universe). In spite of this, humans are still struggling with the fundamental man-woman equations on earth + other human problems.

Women who engage in this trade are genuinely hapless, vulnerable, helpless human in the society in which they live. She only feels trapped because of the conditions and situations that have prevailed in the past and also in the present. And from sheer hopelessness, they engage in prostitution.

If the dignity of prostitutes is one amongst the lowest in human society then why do Governments and societies legalize it.

Various aspects of human life have been very severely NEGATIVELY affected, such as -
due to prostitution.

It is government duty to analyze, understand, document, and provide solutions for constructive and creative solutions for canceling/neutralizing the negative
effects/conditions of this unnatural phenomena in human society that has impacted the various layers of human existence -
Human Developmental
Health, etc.

From now on no government system and legal system has any right to declare any human being as a prostitute.

In the larger context, nobody has the right to call another human being a prostitute. Since prostitute and prostitution does not exist.

The words in contention are Prostitution/Prostitute and associated/related
words, that need to be declared as words with scientifically indefinable meaning.

NO SUCH THING AS 'PROSTITUTION'. In nature this does not exist.

Obviously, Science and scientific principles, whose efforts are to understand the laws of nature, does not support this construct. This phenomenon does not follow natural laws.
This construct does not observe/follow any laws of nature and natural science. There can be no mathematical modeling of these phenomena since it is not consistent with natural phenomena such as gravity, flow, etc.

The word could be used to inflict feeling of insult and humiliation on another person. Along with this, society also makes use of these persons for its survival.

"Oh You are just a prostitute" meaning only as a lowly low-respect low-self-worth person in society. The rest of the society in which they live is higher in dignity and respect than them. Again I reiterate that people do not intend to provide any help or support to elevate the suffering of a person and find sadistic perverse pleasure in increasing her pain and agony in life. This should be stopped immediately.

Society does not have the right to lower the dignity of humans they depend critically on for their survival. Society is critically dependent on them for survival. Societies would not exist or would not exist as civilized and safe societies without prostitutes; still their dignity is one among the lowest in human society.

They do not have free, unrestricted and innocent access to social institutions such as education, health, justice, jobs, family, etc; free and unrestricted movements in human society. Their one and only job is to be available for fun and sex any time on any given date at any time.

They are humans and as much part of the human society as we all are. Society uses them for its survival and treats them as semi-humans forced to live on the outskirts of human civilization.

They have to live in the scrap yard of life with disease poverty and eventually die a sub-human and unnatural death after being fully used by a society in which they live for all their life, which can be seen from previous relevant examples.

So prostitution, in fact means defying the right of humans to live with respect and human dignity.

There could be some exceptionally talented humans who have to work as prostitutes due to non-availability of earning opportunities.

The person who works as a prostitute ALSO HAS TO POSSESS the mental/psychological attributes required to render the service. But these are grossly underutilized.

Thus society uses those mental attributes of that person also. The body and the mind, both together, render the service function required.

There is a financial aspect involved in every man-woman relationship.
Practically every woman (everywhere) has some direct and/or indirect financial expectations from men, in every society. This is an existential need for families, organizations, peoples and societies everywhere in the world.

There is no reason to, and it is a dastardly act to single out a subset of humans in societies across the world as prostitutes simply because they take money for sex without understanding what problems they face for surviving in human society.

What are the human sociological factors that lead to this condition worldwide?
What are the unnatural human factors that lead to this condition worldwide?
What are the economic factors that lead to this condition worldwide?
A person who is termed as a prostitute, has the following circumstances in her (or his) life-
(1) There is no (or cannot be given) financial aid/support for this person from her family.
(2) The person is unable or incapable of getting work for earning livelihood
(3) The person is not mentally and physically disabled
(4) Causes degradation of her / his human relations

Employers/owners of organizations don't expect flowers and medals from their employees in return for giving them employment and salary employees don't expect flowers and medals from employing organizations for rendering their services to employing organizations,

Direct and indirect financial implications are involved. Nobody can work and live without money. Not even a single human being on earth.

Every such person deploys/makes available his and her body also for performing organizational work. Thus his or her body is part of the service function required by the organization. The body and the mind, both together, render the service function required.

If a person is incapable of doing any human work, he or she should be classified as a Mentally Disable Person (MDP) and / or Physically Disable Person (PDP) in the society. And my primary objective is to remove this word and all its associated words from human life

Therefore, the following words-
Red Light Area/District
Brothel and all such associated words
- is the perfect nonsense. And such types of words should be removed from all dictionaries across the world.

Whence for 100's of millions of years nature never felt the need to come up this kind of bio-sociological concept as 'PROSTITUTION', then why did humans feel that is necessary and almost indispensable and rational/reasonable.

Man walks using the crutches called 'PROSTITUTION' without realizing that he can walk in a much better way without it. And if at all he still feels the need to walk with it then definitely - MAN HAS SOME UNNATURAL PROBLEM LURKING IN LIFE.

There are some unnatural problems afflicting man.

In nature - natural world (other than in humans) prostitution = 0.00 %.
I have no natural understanding of this word PROSTITUTION. However, I tried to come to some understanding about this.

I request you to clearly recognize the following - The word prostitution connotes the innate desire in a person/persons to subject person/persons in a callous AND ruthless way, to the following conditions FOR PLEASURE/GRATIFICATION/AND FOR A SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT.

The origin of these phenomena in the very ancient past was from a person with the following types of personality characteristics -
a) These persons lacked the ability to form attachments to others and who were unable to experience normal human functions or emotions.
b) These individuals had/have little regard for the feelings or rights of others. They suffer from Antisocial Personality Disorders (ASPD).
c) People with ASPD syndrome have difficulty with- lying, impulsive, repeated criminal acts, and irresponsibility.
d) These people with ASPD are narcissistic and unable to learn from experience.
They lack empathy or remorse and are cold, cruel, and callous people.
e) They are psychopathic and sociopath people. Such type of people created the
phenomena of prostitution and all associated words and activities.

This is an UNNATURAL PHENOMENA, leading to -
disrespect for human life,
disregard for human life,
ill health,
crime and Drugs,
absence of human dignity,
absence of love,
absence of family,
and finally the ruin
and destruction of those lives engaged
in this service called 'PROSTITUTION' more

This is a very ancient UNNATURAL PHENOMENA that persists to this day.
Who knows what type of people existed during those ancient times?

Not to be existing in any dictionary in any language in the world and in the universe.
Why do societies require services of some humans (a subset of the population) in
a way that those services on implementation leads to aforementioned conditions.
Does woman really seek prostitution by her own choice?
Does a woman feel that she has realized her potential by engaging in prostitution? Is it really a worthwhile profession?
Ample opportunities should be available at any point of time for people to earn livelihood.
Why do societies want such type of services?

Sex is and strengthens human survival. It is also a well known fact that it is not advisable to have sex among blood relatives due to genetic reasons - future progeny gradually become biologically weak.

Sex should be conducted only as per the precise laws of nature and any body who willfully by whatever means intends to inflict injury and harm to the biological process of human reproduction should be given maximum punishment under the international laws.
I want you to take note of the following-
Lives of these people are sacred and precious to humanity as are the lives of other/regular citizens.

These type of women at the age of 16,17,....20, not know what to do in life. For them, future life appears like a blank screen.
Nothing to look forward to and no one to care for their lives.
No one to create natural families with them.
No one to love them.
No opportunities for them to make a honest living.
No one to motivate them to have their own self respect.

Give these women (or men), proper education.
Help her to avail honest and proper livelihood opportunities.
Treat her with dignity and respect.
Understand her problems in life and be supportive.
Settle her with sound and healthy men for having proper family natural life.
And finally make my dream of seeing my sisters happily married and living happily with
her sense of human dignity.
She should have intelligent and strong children.
So, do away with this concept and find sound solutions to human sexual needs.

Females in the natural world roam all round the place without fear, any time, during 24 Hours of any given date.
So then, what’s wrong with humans?
How to solve this unnatural problem?

Obviously, there is a sex gap, as mentioned earlier, which is a rigid divergence from natures expectations, and so the problem.

The following are the effects and consequences of this meaningless term on human civilization.

Women were often not allowed to learn a trade and to own property. This is one big mistake.

However, nature did make exception for her and so; she had to sell her body. So now it's become a way for quick cash for addicts or women that have no real belief in their ability to earn a decent living legitimately.

Prostitution has negative effects on society and the world. Legalizing prostitution would be a huge mistake on both society and the economy due to its effects on society.

Prostitution affects our society in many ways. Prostitution is more than just a sexual related crime and can actually lead to more crimes and violence on the streets.

Prostitution began in the very ancient times as a way for women to earn money.

Also saloons used to be known for their beautiful women and liquor. Over the years prostitution has become a threat to our society.

Prostitutes are seen for the ability to give men and women a good time by offering sexual favors for money or gifts.

Prostitutes used to be women selling their bodies for money. Today there are men and women prostitutes.

Drugs are becoming a common currency for prostitutes. Trade drugs for body selling.

Unfortunately, when purchasing a prostitute, many buyers don't think about the serious consequences that come with street sex. Sexually transmitted disease, infidelity, violence, thefts and many crimes take place with the average prostitute exchange.

Many men and women who have received have passed along sexually transmitted diseases without knowing and some without even caring.

It's not always the prostitute that does that passing of the STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) either. Many people with and STD feel that they can't have a sexual relationship with the partner in fear of passing the disease to them.

However, they find it acceptable to find a prostitute on the corner that they will never have to meet again, and pass the STD along in order to relieve sexual frustration.

In return he or she will sleep with several other people before even knowing they have an STD. Then the STD gets passed on by those people as well.

Wives, husbands and innocent sexual partners become victim to the STD. Many of which are severe and even life threatening. In addition to passing on diseases, many men and women pick up prostitutes not caring about how their wife or husband at home may feel if they ever found out.

Today, society is dealing with a higher divorce average than ever before.
Having the ability to go out and pickup a prostitute for sexual favors will only encourage that number to continue to rise.

Society is threatened by much more then diseases and divorce related to prostitution. Violent crimes are one of the most severe effects on society. Many prostitutes have been raped, beaten and killed over many decades and the number continues to grow. Prostitutes are seen as weak, vulnerable, and an easy target for men to get their sexual favors and then to kill and dispose of.

Since the prostitute is in a bad enough situation for need to sell their bodies, therefore, chances are that there is no one close enough to help or reach out to them.

This, making them less likely to be missed and be reported missing. What help police will give? These people die of disease and hunger.

Prostitution is slowly taking over streets and many cities. After a few prostitutes set up and stalk a corner, before long that whole street is nothing more than a prostitution ring and is filled with crimes to include violence, rape, thefts and many more heinous crimes.

Law enforcement needs to step up the regulations and penalties for prostitution in order to bring the numbers down.

If prostitution is legalized, other crimes will be brought up. Before you know it, selling cocaine, crack, and other drugs will be an issue. Do you want them legalized and on your streets?

This mistake found a very strong presence and a silent, cold, and dominating presence in human society. And the negative impacts that it silently registered upon the human society over the ages.
Ok, the rationale behind it, firstly, there is nothing new about it, but I am only trying to leverage a specific development pattern of human society -
Further whatever I write is only for purpose illustration and not to hurt any ones feelings.
Also the percentage figures mentioned herein are hypothetical and only for illustrating the concept.
From the very beginning, further advancement in human civilization happened - came about - occurred - became possible - due to some (very) unfortunate, (very) tragic antecedent events or happenings.
So, let us suppose that human civilization was say 35% AC [which means average 35% as developed as the most Advanced Civilization (AC) in the universe], at point in time - as good as the so called Advanced Civilizations - the most well developed human (humanoid) civilizations currently present in the universe (they are currently benchmarked at 100%(theoretically)).
Due to some reasons (causes) some (very) unfortunate and (very) tragic events occurred in a part of human civilization - World War I and World War II. Tremendous holocaust followed - huge loss of life and property.
Given the theatre of war and given nature of it, human AC percentage dipped to say 18% AC. So, the warring nations and the theatre of war was at 18% AC, and rest of human civilization at 35% AC.
At the time when wars were going on, there was also an urgent critical need to evolve new ideas, new technologies, new knowledge, new institutions, new products, new services that were required for logistical, operational and eventually for survival purposes and to win wars etc. So, the new ideas, new technologies, new knowledge, new products and services, new institutions that came into existence later benefited other nations and human beings across the globe.
Say, for example, after World War I, the United Nations was formed. UN today benefits humanity in a myriad of ways.
Say, for example, after World War II, new advancements in science, technology, knowledge(such as for example Operational Research Science), institutions, etc benefits humanity in a myriad of ways. .
So, let us suppose that, after several decades of development and advancement, human society is currently benchmarked at 55% AC.
It is clear that moving from 35% AC to 55% AC of with respect to Advanced Civilizations must have been a really very very difficult task and process that ironically was set in motion because a part of human civilization had dipped from 35% AC to 18% AC.
Now, the weight of every additional 1% AC advancement from here on will be much more than previously felt for unit percentage advancement. Because Advancement will become more and more difficult; may be having some extremely complex problems to solve in addition to others as can be learnt from the advancement patterns and trends for moving from 35% AC to 55% AC.
Now what happens is that, when we attempt to move up from current 55% AC to say 75% AC, my feeling is that women and planet earth have now sharply came into focus, especially given the negative manifestations from man - woman relationships, about which you feel deeply concerned, and you view them as really important issues. Why do I say this? In today’s world we have the best knowledge, technologies, institutions, products and services available to us, yet we are not able to marshal positive change in the manner in which we expect it to happen. Today woman feels there is a lot in the world that needs to change with respect to her life and feels that her causes are shunted to the sidelines, indirectly or politely – that sufficient attention and importance (was) is not given to her needs, expectations and desires, in the theater of human life. Woman is not just extremely important to human life but is human life itself. This, as I had mentioned earlier is due to the imbalance in the man – woman relationship that has existed since a very long time. We never realized, but the consequences of that have been extremely tragic, although we were not aware what the root cause (was) is. Nature takes its toll for violating it – so diseases, wars, crimes and long list of human problems get extruded from this nature’s imbalance, and manifests its effect in human life, and we do not realize that.
The reflection of what happens to women, their current state and how they are perceived can be seen on Planet Earth. There is a proportional relation between the two. As good or as bad her condition, so is the condition of the earth, percentage wise.
As you can clearly see, in rest of the living world (other than human), where the female condition is naturally sound, in all respects, her living conditions are equally good, however, only in her local environment - their actions and activities do not affect global conditions. And since she is perfectly sound in all respects there is no negative impact from her on Planet Earth. Also she is here since more than half a billion years with no negative effect on earth, as a result of her relations with her male partner. So, if we say that from 55% AC to 75% AC, is the further advancement that we seek from now on, it means that 20% AC deficit in human movement towards advanced civilization is due to lack of human female progress – the extruded negative impact that we have to solve.
One more important point to note is the, male - female relationship. It is an integral part of earth’s natural life system. Mother earth determined how life should live on her, and how it should propagate for each and every life form and their internal variants - the most precise and having mathematical exactitude, calculations for each living system, exists in her rule book for each one whose mother she is, and at the same time, giving each life form and their internal variants, the freedom to decide how it will survive, live and adapt.
In the case of humans, actions and activities have global impacts.
As I had mentioned, in my earlier mail, despite man phenomenal intelligence and advancement, men - women are still struggling to understand (figure out) the exact equations and natural balance that is to exist between them, as written in mother earths rule book.
Now the average AC percentage again is a composite of a number of individual percentages. Nations may be 61.3%, 59.2%, 56.4%................30.7%, 25.4%,…15.1% AC and their average comes to say 54.8% AC. Each individual nation has to determine how they are going to continuously improve and achieve a higher AC percentage. It is not a automatic process and will definitely involve great deal of hard work n a ongoing basis.
The extruded global negative impacts are as follows, that need to be solved.
The micro, macro, and global OBLIQUE IMPACT on human society is as follows –

AIDS/HIV and sexually Transmitted Diseases
Extent of usage Alcohol above normal
Tobacco usage
Broken Marriages
Manufacturing and Stock Piling of Arms and Ammunition (Instead the money could be used for human, social and infrastructure development)
Lack of respect for human life
Imbalanced social development
Lack of human dignity
Behavioral Problems
Glorification of Violence – False courage perceived in using weapons to kill, maim and destroy human life.
Beauty Pageants (All human beings can, and should look beautiful and attractive)
Deficiency and defect in human psychological (mental) and physical development
The emergence of the underworld and mafia
Psychopath mental conditions
Distrust and misunderstandings
Ruining human life
Inferiority / superiority complex
Child abuse
Human Trafficking
Global Warming
The orbits of satellites in the earth’s atmosphere now have about a million obsolete, damaged, broken, disintegrated and now useless, small and large components, going round and round the earth at very high speeds, endlessly. All these, each and every, needs to be brought back to the earth, and reused.
Female Feticide (Female fetus is deliberately removed using doctors services because girl is not wanted – boy is wanted)
Unnatural Behavioral problems
Imbalanced and Declining Male – Female Population Ratios:
Lesser number of females per 1000 males. Should be statistically
not significant difference, which is not the case.
Creation of Artificial borders between nations and states and fighting over them
Big Frauds
Extinctions of plants, marine and animal life forms due to severe exploitation, and being indifferent, ruthless and callous to their right to exist along side with humans.
Exploitation of natural resources without replenishment of the natural resource leading only to steady depletion of the natural resources
The emergence of the concept of prostitution
A disintegrated world (how tightly or loosely cohesive the world is - based on integration index)
Physical and mental Health problems
Lack of love and care
Psychological and personality disorders
Preventable Damages to the earth due to nuclear and non-nuclear explosions done only for Military testing, which is totally unnecessary and a waste of money and time.
Indian Caste System – What is caste? Why caste? Reasoning and justification behind it is unknown – most probably there is no justifiable rationale behind it, therefore, has only proved to be a cold-blooded, ruthless violators of human rights and dignity.
The planting of mines, hundreds of millions of them, in the earths surface, that were planted for military purpose, to inflict death and injury on humans, needs to be removed.
Pollution – that is beyond (or even much beyond) max allowable limits and governments and their municipalities are callous and indifferent.

And the list goes on …

As you can see no human being on earth is perfectly free from the fall out of the oblique impact.

The following conditions got implemented in human societies, to a lesser or greater extent. If we analyze the following on a 0-100 scale. Not a single human being achieved perfect 0 (which means perfectly unaffected from the oblique impact) during his/her life time. In fact the real time statistical average is dismal and a matter of concern.


There should have an 'Earth's Day' each year.

Humans have exploited and done untold damage to mother earth, to themselves and other life forms, whose mother also is.

Let us give her in return what she gives us. On earths day, let us review, how much we gave back to earth, what we took from her, as her children for our existence
in this world.

Let us do a yearly appraisal in order to ascertain how just we were with her and whether we respected her dignity or not.

Post review, the corrective actions and the need to improve ourselves with respect to our mother earth, who provides us all the means for our existence and survival, and raises us from the time our conception till our death - she does her duty with honesty, integrity
and sincerity.

As accordingly, the following needs to be done -

Complete elimination of AIDS/HIV and sexually Transmitted Diseases, globally

No Global Warming – Let us talk about how we go about cooling the earth to its natural level

Pollution should be reduced to the safest levels decided by international community

Corruption and corrupt practices, and such other impediments in human development; to be eliminated globally - huge amount of hard earned public money is siphoned out of development initiatives for personal gains – everywhere - globally. This should be stopped and accountability to public be made transparent.

Maintenance of clean and healthy environments all round the globe all the time.

Elimination of Green house gases

Restoration of earth’s Ozone layer

All nuclear and non-nuclear weapons be gradually eliminated globally, and the funds diverted for improvement of human life. Manufacturing and Stock Piling of Arms and Ammunition (Instead the money could be used for human, social and infrastructure development)

Elimination of the concept of army, Military, and aim to go for a borderless world – because actually there are no borders and all military personnel and hardware are useless to humans.

International crime rates to be reduced

Availability of Jobs and business opportunities for productive employment at all times

All harmful drugs must be eliminated – such as LSD, Marijuana, Grass, etc – completely banned. Their manufacture, a crime against humanity

Alcohol consumption, not above safety levels, or medically recommended levels

Tobacco usage for cigars should be eliminated, which is very harmful to health

Reducing man-woman conflicts that lead to divorce and other social problems

Improving the dignity and respect for human life

Restoration of natural health to humans, in the same way as other natural living beings have

Beauty Pageants – No requirement for showing your beauty, we want our beautiful planet back – Let all of us look beautiful, attractive and sexy.

No mafia and no underworld anywhere on earth

No Loneliness

No Child Abuse

No Human Trafficking

No Terrorism

No Female Feticide (Female fetus is deliberately removed using doctor’s services because girl is not wanted – boy is wanted). If this is found the persons involved will be awarded maximum punishment under the law –national and international

Restoring - Imbalanced and Declining Male – Female Population Ratios:
Lesser number of females per 1000 males. Should be statistically not significant difference, which is not the case.

Artificial borders between nations and states and fighting over them should be stopped

Restoration of Honesty and prosecution of people involved in frauds, Big Frauds

No Extinctions of plants, marine and animal life form. Exploitation of natural resources without replenishment of the natural resource leading only to steady depletion of the natural resources. Hopefully, genetically be able to recover their lives again.

Making arid lands and areas fertile for agricultural production and human settlement

Gradual elimination of deserts (sand) and making them suitable for growing plants and for conducting human activity.

Resolving human conflicts

Elimination of the concept of prostitution that leads of slavery –find a way that is good for one and all, definitely much better, safer and happier than this one

Find a solution for solving problems of un-natural sexual behavior, such as homosexuality, etc

Aim for increased co-operation and integration of world community – An Integration Index should be derived by applying which we can we can understand to what extent the world is integrated: 1.00 or 0.76 or 0.32, index values, and how to improve.

Re-forestation after indiscriminate exploitation of Forests and Forest Resources.
Preventing extinction inflicted by man on other life forms – plants, marine, birds, animals, insects, etc. If possible, recovery of now extinct species, if that is possible by any means.

Millions of mines have been planted in the earth across the globe. There is a need to remove all the mines, each one of them, from the earth - demining of the world – not a single mine to remain embedded in earth.

Satellite disintegrated components, obsolete satellites that are close to a million
in number and going round the earth at very high speeds, need to be brought back to earth.

What is required is to evolve the new ADVANCED CIVILIZATION MANAGEMENT (ACM) paradigm for evolving the highly intelligent and able minded human society for the future generations to come, that will be able to live on other planets in the universe.

Intelligence and investment / funding have to be done for building Advanced Civilization Machinery and Spaceships and not for making Military Hardware and Machinery.

Actually, only law and order has to be maintained.

There is no requirement for any machine guns, bullets, bombs, tanks, missiles, war ships, Air force planes, Military men (armies), etc.

Obviously, global oblique state should be made horizontal.
Micro, macro and global oblique states to be made horizontal. Setting straight the oblique condition.

Man -------------------------------------- Woman

From divisive and competitive forces to additive and collaborative forces, could be the new paradigm shift for future generations.

Additive forces: Every thing that humans created belongs to every individual. So, for example, all languages belong to all persons – internal obliquity to be solved.

So, then, how to solve and reduce global problems?

Classify society into three zones - The Social Spectrum Transition Zones (SSTZ)


GREEN - The percentage of people who are well placed in society - financially, health wise (physical and mental), self-esteem level, education, job, and human dignity. Their self-esteem levels are high because they are involved in the main stream activities (Key value adding activities), which demands a high extent of involvement (mental, emotional and physical) for making a positive contribution in which they succeed.

They do not have any major problems. They have solved them.

There could be grades in Green Zone, such as G2, G1, G0; G2 being highest.

YELLOW -The percentage of people who are regular citizens in society - have moderate to major problems when considered with reference to persons in Green Zone. They are also involved in the main stream activities, but their condition is relatively unstable.

There could be grades in Yellow Zone, such as Y2, Y1, Y0; Y2 being highest.

RED - The percentage of people who exist as non-integrated citizens in society -
With respect to GREEN zone citizens these people face extreme and almost insurmountable social integration problems in human society for their survival.
They enjoy very low levels of respect and dignity in the society in which they live, unfortunately.

People Red zone will include -
1. Trafficked Humans
2. Drug Addicts
3. Criminals
4. People living below poverty line/ Beggers
5. Prostitutes
6. Un-employed persons

and such other type of persons.

The National GYR Social Spectrum Transition Zones as well GYR Social Spectrum Transition Zones for groups of nations can be maintained, monitored and continuous improvements done.

There could be grades in Red Zone, such as R2, R1, R0; R2 being highest.

R2 will include those people living below poverty line.

The societies ability, motivation, commitment and dedication to transform and integrate persons from the RED zone into the YELLOW zone and also the ability of societies to be able to achieve a higher level of movement and stability of persons from YELLOW zone towards GREEN zone, at all times - for each and every specific society considered GLOBALLY is key to solve the problem of Human Trafficking and other human problems.

This requires a higher degree of integration between government, quasi-government bodies, private organizations and individuals in the society, which can be achieved by monitoring change.

This is a dynamic concept. The percentages are variables that are changing at any given point of time. GYR - SSTZ is for all human beings – each and every human being – not even one on earth left outside it coverage and access.
Ok, the rationale behind it, firstly, there is nothing new about it, but I am only trying to leverage a specific development pattern of human society -
Also the percentage figures mentioned herein are hypothetical and only for illustrating.
From the very beginning, further advancement in human civilization happened - came about – occurred - became possible, due to some (very) unfortunate, (very) tragic antecedent events and happenings.

for solving human problems.

So, across the globe, only the temperature, heat (Global Star (Sun in the case of earth) Burn temperature variations) and environmental conditions vary other things remain fixed. That is to say that uniform global standards, that are common factor to all humans could be formulated and implemented regardless of other considerations in order to gradually solve multi-dimensional obliquity conditions in human societies at micro, national and global levels-

Bench marking the best standards on the following factors to be followed/targeted/ aimed at by every human being, for every human being.

Conflicts management
Elimination of Weapons for Human Destruction that is Useless to humans and is nothing but waste of all managerial and human resources.
Elimination of Harmful Drugs to Humans
Elimination of Poverty
Handling Injustice, Exploitation and Crime
World Cultures
World Languages
Science and Technology for human benefit and solving human problems
Job Opportunities
Business Opportunities
Waste Management and Recycling

Kindly take a sincere and honest look into this matter.

Mr Sanjay Dixit

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