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Inspired by Allen Ginsberg’s “howl”. I think imitation plays a significant role in our ability to perfect our own writing.
-Dedicated to all women across the world -

I saw the best mind of my generation destroyed by
seclusion, pain, starving for a new season,
burning fire in the somber cottage of shadows
Who were drowned in self-alienation and stopped by hearing eternal voice
Who passed seclusion, pain, gloomy clouds
With eyes unable of recognizing colors, seeing white, calmness, peace among the fire rains
And the huge land of roses
Who buried their stolen shadows,
broke the ice, boundaries, walls and the huge masses of prejudice
Who were expelled from people’s mind, who were stoned for raising the voice for change
Who were chained to historical madness, compelled to obey their fate,
spending nights awake, staring at the black sky, seeking for a little light
Who were innocent souls’s of God, in hand of calamity hours of running,
hiding in unstable moments of life, raising voice, we are holy, and Soraya* was stoned,
Who were victims of ridicule laws and wished to die with every breath,
Who could not finds their place among these animals with human masks,
but still were trying to spread the lights of their hearts,
the light of humanity, like Soraya
Who climbed the Korikh* mountain and tore their shells in to hundred pieces, but still are here,
now I am safe with a sob remaining in my throat, they are gone, my heart is beating, this sob will never
leave me until reciting their pain on the mountain that hugged all those innocent souls
Who knew about a small obsolete home in a jungle,
about a river, that now is a pathway
about a rancher who had lost her goat, In a mountain, under this wide sky, this blue color
Who lost her shadow under this wide deceptive blue color,
When the sun skirt had covered all the earth
I am with you in the mountain,
Where you felt the pain of being a woman,
I am with you in the mountain,
Where you realized the laws, which were nothing more than collected garbage,
I am with you in the mountain,
Where you silently out cried the oppression and your innocence and purity
I am with you in the mountain,
Where there are thirty-nine other slaves of history with you and me
all together watching the last sunset of our slavery

I am with you,

I am with you

*Soraya: Soraya refers to the movie “Stoning of Soraya” she was a women living in a Muslim community and was stoned without committing any crime.

* Korikh: It is the name of a historical mountain in Afghanistan. During war, forty girls who had lost their family climbed that mountain and jumped down in order to die and escape from the pain of being rape by enemies who were searching for young girls and women.

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