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The Global and Personal Shift

This is the first time I have been back to this sight since I joined in February, 2011. Much has happened in that short year.

The world seems more harsh, yet so much more hope is present. People are becoming re-charged and enlivened. They are more willing to get involved and stay engaged in finding ways to live a more fulfilling, meaningful life. They are coming out of their isolated selves and connecting with others who share their vision for the future. They are opening and awakening to the truth that we can no longer continue to be as we have been, and that change is mandatory.

We are evolving as a species, standing taller and connecting with our higher selves without illusions and fear.

No longer can we allow ourselves to be "dumbed-down" and kept small in our thinking and belief systems. It is time to fully accept 100% responsibility for our lives, to take hold of the reins and let go of blame and shame. Every choice is ours to make in each moment, and only we can make the decisions that will impact our lives and those connected to us... which is the entire planet - we do nothing in isolation.

I am proud to be a woman in these times. Proud to be an overcomer - a survivor of abuse and the very harsh reality in which we are living. Every trial and tribulation has given me strength, no matter how much pain was endured in the process... it is up to each one of us to recognize that pain is relative, and often we are the ones inflicting the pain on ourselves simply by what choices we make. That is the most difficult truth to face, that we, ourselves, are our own abusers.

Facing truth with courage is the very first step. Unflinching honesty with ourselves is a must if we are to awake from the dream of illusions that keep us down and keep us from being who we are here to be. Then following that courage with yet more and more courage, in every step we take to correct our past mistakes, to release ourselves from old stories about who we were or how others defined us to be, and to set our lives back on course - resetting our vision, our beliefs, and what makes our hearts sing.

I am filled with joy to be on this side of that struggle within... not that more challenges won't come, but that now I have the strength to face them openly and honestly, recognizing that the human drama and suffering are my choice rather than imposed on me by others. Adversity is there to teach us important lessons about life, and it is up to us to be open to seeing that and stepping back from automatic, reactionary and emotional responses to everything that comes our way. That step-back allows us the space to see more clearly what is in front of us, and to make a Conscious Choice instead.

It is in making those choices that we are empowered and we exercise true freedom. Only we can choose the ways in which we will act and respond to events and to others. Only we can decide to freak-out, to gnash our teeth and fall apart or spew rage... or to simply see the truth and be the calm in the eye of the storm - the life-preserver that others swim toward in order to save themselves.

Be happy. Be love. Be peaceful and calm. EnJOY every moment in Conscious Choice, recognizing that this is who we are here to be - Highly Conscious Human BEings.

Thank you for caring and sharing the best of who you are for the betterment of our world.


You are so very right, Dodger. We must be responsible, not let ourselves be "dumbed down," so many have given themselves to willingly in hyper-consumerism and following of latest trends and more.

I watch with sadness as most of my family members race around chasing the latest gadgetry, compete even with each other in goods and services that they don't need, chemical laden services that have consequences for all living beings; accept defunding of schools and programs for people, but never question the vast sums given to the military or destruction of the very earth that sustains them; diminish their lives with blinders that keep out information and experiences that enrich and connect us to the world.

If and when I speak up at family gatherings (as I most often do, unable to hold my tongue), fun is poked at my ideas. In fact any information to another viewpoint or perhaps a resource is dismissed. And the little ones are following their parents in the constant buy this, buy that. And on it goes.

I was happy, however, to know that some consciousness has been achieved with my eldest granddaughter, who at age seven, heads up a fundraiser at school for children with cancer. She also asks questions, reads constantly, i.e. her mind is not boxed in and probably given her empathy beyond her years, it won't be. But she is 1 out of 7 young ones in our family............

dodger87's picture

Thank You Bonnie

It is so nice to share with others who understand - this is why the hope is coming closer all the time. More people are connecting through this wonderful technology, finding those who are like-hearted and like-minded, as you and I have now connected too.

Yes, the same patterns I see within my own family too, as well as with friends and other acquaintances. We pass along the programmed thought systems to each generation, but always there are a few (like you, me, your granddaughter, my daughter, etc.) who "get it" and step outside that perspective. Today there are more young people out there who see it too, as in my own generation, when we were young. Sadly, as we age and the necessities of earning a living and being members of a society focused on money and consumption, many are overcome with that reality and their ideals fade.

No worries for me however, on that score I worry no more. I see where we are headed and how it will become more and more necessary (unfortunately due to crisis) for people to recognize and renounce this old way of living and being.

My name is Nancy - nice to meet you Bonnie. I am a novice at utilizing this system and when it asked for a name, I thought it was a username sign-in, type thing, but now it is attached to me and I don't know how to change it - do you by chance?

It would be nice to connect elsewhere - I see you have posted your facebook page, so I will go there. So important for us to build these networks of those who share this broader perspective.

Thanks again for responding to my post. My very best to you and to yours Bonnie.


Nancy Lyn Cotter
Founder & CEO
Self Worth Coalition - A Global Initiative
ReDefining Ourselves in a World of Change

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