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'Ma Armastan Sind' .........


‘MA ARMASTAN SIND’… this is the Estonian way of saying ‘I love you’

How can you say‘I love you’ if you don’t know the particular words to say it properly? Can’t you say it finding another way? How do you learn these words? Why do you really need words? What can you do with words? What do you learn first at the kindergarten? What are these words, the ‘love words’?

Words have no bars or barriers I believe. NO TERRITORIES or borders , You can learn the language you like and say it to the one you like.

S’AGAPO’ (Greek way of saying it)

You need to know some words to express your love towards the person you adore. How can you say it in ‘French’- JE T’ADORE – ‘I adore you’

I need some words to tell you how important it is to know some words to show how much you love or care about the near and dear ones of your life. Words are words they are not letters but to write ‘a letter’ you need ‘letters and words’. Agree? You can not use any sign language to express your ideas on a page of a book or to write a letter. Please correct me if I am wrong here. But I know that you need words to share your emotions and feelings and to live. …..

Is this word ‘word’ originally an English Word? How easy it is to write ‘sword’ and ‘word’ have you ever mistakenly wrote the word ‘sword’ instead of the word ‘word’?

I am sure you have not. At least I like to assume that you don’t. ‘The uses of words’ I don’t think that I need to tell you or write but just think a moment ‘the uses of a’ sword’. Can you name any uses of a sword? You don’t use a sword to embrace someone but surely for kill one that you don’t like or that you hate or to take revenge. I don’t understand how many words that I will have to use to explain the uses of ‘a sword’ and to understand the meaning of the word ‘word’.
You need three words to say how much you care your lover. ‘I love you’ is the world famous mostly used words ever in the world? Have any doubts? OK fine let me find out then.

You can go say the following set of words if you love any Arabian Boy ….
“Ana Behibak”
And my friends latter is up to you. I m sure you do not expect a ‘slap ‘from him but in return a good response. Let me wish you good luck! :)

‘Honey’ is this a love word that the lovers love to use? ‘Better study about these love words before telling others about these ‘love words’ that is what you think right now right?

Don’t forget to tell your ‘AMOUR’ how much you care and love and you can say it in French way and ask her/him if you like….
“VEUX – TU M’ E’POUSER’- ‘Will you marry me?”

‘Cutie’ or ‘Sweetie’ doesn’t forget that the word ‘sweets ‘the children of your world love this word more than you and I do. This shows some difference compared to the word ‘sweetie’ so do you think that only the ‘cuties’ know to use the love words in a very attractive way?

How about the bad words? Can they really compete with the words called ‘love words’ with the words ‘bad words’ any ideas opposing to mine?

I am sure that you have your own personal ways of addressing your loved ones ‘your better half’ or your ‘honey’ no!!! not bee ‘honey’. Do not entangle with wrong or in correct words.
Do you believe in ‘love at first sight’? ‘LE COUP DE FOUDRE?’
I love words but I love ‘love words’ more than I love ‘words’. Who else love these ‘love words’ Women men or both ‘children’ or ‘ALL’?

Why do you NEED TO USE WORDS to show how much you hate or angry with a particular person can’t you use a ‘sword ‘Yes you can but ‘words are mightier and stronger than swords’ (shall we keep that in our minds?) NO! This is not that popular phrase ….. ‘Pen is (truly) mightier than the sword’

You really can play games with ‘words’ both children and adults enjoy solving word puzzles. People may have different puzzles to solve.

Following are some ‘Bengali’ words… so can you try to create one meaningful sentence using the words given below?
‘bhAlobAshi’, ‘ tomAy’, ‘Ami’…. Let me help you only for this time.

‘Ami tomAy bhAlobAshi’ ….. Ok try to find the meaning of this sentence and let me know. Agree? First learn the words before you go and tell anyone OK?

We all love ‘love’ not only the words. People of Great Britain, the people of Maldives, the people of Malawi, the people of Nigeria, People of Alaska, People of Cambodia, I am sure they all love ‘love’ and they have their own ways of expressing their love towards their loved ones. But I don’t know all the love words that they use to show their love to the ones they love.

This is the ‘Mongolian way of saying ‘I love you’
‘BI CHAMD KHAIRTAI’. So tell me have you ever tried to say this to your Mongolian friend that you love so much? Try it and see and let me know the result if you will.

The Vietnamese don’t say one particular set of words to say ‘I love you’ they have different words for different ‘gender’ categories.

If you are addressing a woman you can say….

And if you are addressing the man you like and if you wish to use their language here is the set of words for ‘I love you’

I know few ‘Hindi’ words as well …’’Bol Radha bol’….and I know that there are many who don’t have ‘time’ for their ‘pyar’ in this very busy and in this world full of words and people who love to use ‘love words.

And please don’t say ….this woman only knows to use the word ‘love’ more than explaining the words ‘love words’
Who can live without love? Love of your children, love of your grand parents. etc.

Some love to use the words they know mixing with other languages when they use ‘love words’
‘Mere sweetie’…. ‘thumhara cutie’,‘kohomada darling’ ….
Interesting and amazing? What do you really called this way of using language ‘Sinhalish way’ or‘Hindlish way’I don’t know you tell me.

How can you avoid thinking the importance of using words in a much disciplined way or in a very respectful manner? YOU NEED WORDS to express your ideas or your love, anger, hate, patriotism, tenderness, towards some people or to a special person? Even to express ones own views about ‘words’ you need words. Even to disrespect someone’s ideas you need words. Even to letdown someone you need words you need words, words and word … right?

One should never ever use a single word against their teacher who taught you to ‘write’ and ‘read’.I like to take this opportunity to respect one of my teachers who taught me ‘A’ and ‘Z’ for the first time of my life she is Ms. Prema Wijayawardena lives in Gampaha And I m not forgotten all the other teachers but I have a huge list so forgive me.

‘I love you all’

So my dear Sir’s Madam’s and Children I like to beg don’t use your words to disrespect someone. Use your words for the benefit of the ‘public’ use your words for the benefit of your ‘children’ please use your words to express your true needs and the needs of the entire country. Use your words how much you love the one you love. And show how much you want this small island free of terror and say how much you like to see the faces full of happiness and love.

This is an incomplete and a never complete ‘note’ about ‘love words’ because I don’t know enough of words to write about ‘love words’ and the love words that all the others use across continents. How can one say that he/she knows all the words of all the languages? Am I right?


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